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  1. Wickerman

    Tanny xtf6

    Well. I have had some good speakers Art Emotions. Living Voice. Harbeths. But these cheap Tannoys are amazing. Imaging is fabulous sound stage is jaw dropping
  2. Wickerman

    WTB £200-£300 standmounts

    I have a pair of acoustic energy 301 doing nothing as have too many speakers but would need to deliver as am in Hants. Great condition in black with grilles. There is a review on what hifi PM me if interested and will send some pics
  3. Robbie010 - Not sure if you are getting my messages, could you let me know what is happening with the speaker cable i bought from you on Tuesday as i haven't anything since



  4. Wickerman

    2 x 4 metre speaker cable needed

  5. Wickerman


    Email sent pecker
  6. Wickerman


    What is it
  7. Wickerman


    Anyone got a wee dac. Only needs to be optical. Maybe a £100? Cheera
  8. Wickerman

    Looking for advice on bookshelf speakers that can be wall mounted

    I have a couple of pairs available Acoustic Energy AE301 (Front Ported) AVI PRO NINE PLUS (Sealed Box) Pm me if any interest Cheers
  9. Wickerman

    RCA Interconnects .5m

    Anyone have a decent pair around £50? Sorted now - Thanks Ta
  10. Anyone got any speaker stands near to Alton Hants they want to move on? Around £50ish? Cheers
  11. Wickerman

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

  12. Wickerman

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

  13. Wickerman

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?