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  1. Wickerman

    Amp Tape In

    Evening Can the tape in phono input on an amp be used the same as aux, CD etc or does it have different spec? Cheers
  2. Wickerman

    Tanny xtf6

    Well. I have had some good speakers Art Emotions. Living Voice. Harbeths. But these cheap Tannoys are amazing. Imaging is fabulous sound stage is jaw dropping
  3. I have a pair of acoustic energy 301 doing nothing as have too many speakers but would need to deliver as am in Hants. Great condition in black with grilles. There is a review on what hifi PM me if interested and will send some pics
  4. Robbie010 - Not sure if you are getting my messages, could you let me know what is happening with the speaker cable i bought from you on Tuesday as i haven't anything since



  5. Anyone got a wee dac. Only needs to be optical. Maybe a £100? Cheera
  6. I have a couple of pairs available Acoustic Energy AE301 (Front Ported) AVI PRO NINE PLUS (Sealed Box) Pm me if any interest Cheers
  7. Anyone have a decent pair around £50? Sorted now - Thanks Ta
  8. Anyone got any speaker stands near to Alton Hants they want to move on? Around £50ish? Cheers