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  1. akamatsu: Which Woodsong plinth did your order and did you get it fluted? From an aesthetic point of view I can easily vouch for the beauty of my Woodsong plinth (Madagascar Ebony). It was well worth the wait to get it for my new LP12 that was delivered in June of this year. From a build quality it is cream of the crop. Really you will not get any better. My dealer commented on how everything was so precisely perfect that all the Linn parts went together better than Linn's own plinths making setup one of the easier builds he has performed. From a sound quality point of view I can say I am very happy with the entire rig. Akurate Radikal | Akito 3B | Krystal | Kore | Trampolin 2 . I tend to feel the build quality of the plinth, along with the density of the wood and the Kore sub-chassis gives this LP12 a very solid framework to build upon. The entire audio spectrum is represented very well and the vibe of sonics just feels right. Even one of my anti-turntable friends feel it sounds awesome. Downsides? The project grew over the course of a year and feature creep resulted in it going beyond the initial budget but I figured just be glad you can afford it and be happy. Does one need to invest in a custom plinth? Not at all. I just chose it for my project because it spoke to me and because it would be easier to just spec it this way for a new build than having to do a tear down sometime in the future. Post pics when yours is finished or arrives.
  2. Agree with the other here. Being in the US we do not have as many dealers and I had to travel some distance to my nearest dealer. I bought my 1st LP12 this year and considered a preowned LP12 from either Audiogon or E-Bay. Ultimately went with my dealer and a LP12 between Akurate and Klimax. I have found it to be a worthwhile investment and enjoy playing vinyl every day now. The plus side of performing research and learning about the different models and revisions over the years is that it will prepare you for your LP12 journey. Also, look at 3rd party parts for almost any of the core components as well as Linn's own parts to understand what they all do and how it all goes together. There are also some interesting videos on Youtube about care and maintenance along with setup videos as well. With a little knowledge, research, and patience you should be able to put together a great LP12 with your dealer that will be a platform you can grow with for years to come.
  3. For what is worth "my" in the thread title really means yours as well not just "my" literally. If anyone would like to chime in on cool discoveries or all time favs that would be great.
  4. Thought it might be fun and interesting for the forum members to share what is playing on their LP12. I have only had my new LP12 for about a month or so and have been getting used to how it behaves and presents itself in my system. I must say it has been quite interesting to compare a CD version of a given recording with its vinyl counterpart. So here goes my first mini review. Artist: Moby Album: Play Label: Vinyl Me Please | Jan 2018 Format: 2LP | 33.3 | translucent turquoise Type: Electronica After learning about this release I was able to order it off of Discogs for a fair price. I have been listening to the CD release since it originally came out in 1999 and it definitely has a lo-fi vibe but infused with all sorts of cool synth sounds, percussion, and unique vocal tracks. Somewhere along the way Moby had lost and then regained the rights to the album. He decided to rerecord and remaster the album which apparently became the source of this release. Release notes cite Moby was involved with the approval of test pressings and wanted to make sure it was done correctly. How does it sound? On my system I have been quite surprised how organic this album sounds in comparison to the original release. From top to bottom the the albums plays with an authority that I had not heard until it took a spin on the new LP12. For me one of the most impressive things is just how solid the low end is. Tight and well rounded without being flabby. Contrasting this is a top end that is is crisp, clear and well defined without being edgy in any way. Spatial cues are better than ever with wonderful front to back details. While I did not know what to expect when I bough the album, I was more than pleasantly surprised with the quality and vibe of the recording. Good for light out listening. The quality of the vinyl I received is top notch. It appears and plays close to perfectly flat. There are almost no pops and ticks in my copy or what is there will hopefully be removed by an ultrasonic cleaner and not physical damage to the groove. I find I like colored vinyl and the one chosen here is very cool - especially for the type of music offered. If I had to ding the packaging in any way it would have been to include a nice dual gatefold. As it stands it is a single sleeve. The 2LPs are packaged individually but when placed in the main jacket it feels a bit on the tight side. In conclusion if you like Moby this is an album worth checking out. Very creative and interesting and does not get boring on subsequent listens. I feel the album never sounded better and find the CD hard to go back too after several complete plays of the new mixes. Worth the effort to get a copy for fans of the genre. Your turn...what would you recommend to check out?
  5. +1 on getting it from your dealer. Has everything you will need for the LP12 itself. Even though my build was very custom, Lawson got me the packaging I would have gotten from Linn. Also retained all the other boxes for the Kore, Akito, Krystal, and Radikal.
  6. I have been researching and watching a number of videos and reading a number of threads on this subject of record cleaning machines - specifically ultrasonic cleaners. The following thread goes into quite a discussion with very differing opinions on the subject. The relevant content starts at the entry New US Record Cleaner and has creator of the Kirmuss and the creator of The Degritter having a series of lively and informative posts. Starts about 5 posts down and goes on and on. Beyond the core approaches to cleaning. it is interesting to see forum posters getting in on the discussion and their responses as well. While I have not ordered a new US cleaner yet - I know which one I am going to commit to. Would be interested in reading others reactions to the information, content, and tone of the exchange. Worth the effort.
  7. What I have found with the product I purchased is after gently placing the stylus two or three times on square of clear material you can clearly see little specs of dust. Sometimes these are quite large specs of dust. Close inspection of the stylus seems to indicate it is pretty clean. I have tended to use it at the beginning of a listening session and with few exceptions the albums play remarkably quiet. In fact I seem to get more occasion ticks or pops ( <3 on a whole side) than crackles and surface noise. So while I am just experimenting right now, this stylus cleaner does seem to have positive results. Also, it seems to feel safer gently placing the stylus on this material rather than bringing a hand up to swipe against the stylus and cantilever. But I am also being extra cautious as well.
  8. Being my first LP12 and Krystal cartridge I have to say I like it. Before committing to the Krystal I had given serious consideration to the Dynavector DV20x2 and the DV XX2 MKII. In the end for this go around I decided to do the whole Linn kit. Thus far I have been very happy. Much more low end than I would have thought plus the high end cuts through very well without being shrill - at least on my system which also also has a tube preamp stage and the ability to fine tune loading. For example, I was listening to Rush's Subdivisions the other day. The sound of the full bodied Oberheim analog synth is exactly as it should be with the the ride and splash cymbals cutting through with precise placement and level in the mix. Vocals of the day where a bit pushed back, but the overall presentation has the correct vibe to me. When the time comes to replace the Krystal, I will want to listen to the Kandid and perhaps it's Lyra counterpart - which is also a great Rush album actually called Counterparts.
  9. New direction: For general vinyl cleaning what do you all like to use? This far I have been pleasantly surprised that surface noise has been generally low on all the albums played thus far. There are occasions ticks and even less common a pop. Any experience with: Ultrasonic cleaners - especially a new one called The Degritter Spin Clean or something similar Vacuum based machines Something else Also I have read about a Turgikleen and Dow Tergitol (apparently used by the Library of Congress). Any experience with these options in combination with one of the leaning methodologies?
  10. Interesting notes on the sideways movement. I can detect some sideways motion in the stand if I purposely invoke it but it is not visually. detectable just waking around near it but the LP12 detects it. No issues if just sitting at the listening position. Perhaps a wall stand might be on order. or see other option. While the Ikea Lack might be light it seems like it could also suffer from introducing sideways motion but I have no direct experience so this is speculation on my part.
  11. Thanks for the info. Seems like it could wobble around but since there appears to be many LP!2 owners who like it I will give a try.
  12. Smokestack: Thanks for the info. You are spot on. Somewhat tall rack with heavy components in it. Would have though there would be minimal side to side movement but your description is exactly what the problem is. I am not sure what the floors are made of but they are not wood or hardwood. Probably some type of material put on top of floor joists. On the surface the floor does not seem all that bad. I do not detect any movement when I walk around. I remember reading about an Ikea stand folks seemed to like for their LP12. I could get something shorter for the TT. Any thoughts on ideal height, weight and materials for such a stand? Thanks
  13. If I have already asked this please forgive. Work has been a bear and the days have all run together... My system is in a room where it is somewhat subject to footfalls. The LP12 sits on the top of a Salamander Synergy rack system and has the Trampolin installed. Using a wall shelf is not an option in this location as there are no obvious load bearing walls to mount the shelf on. Two options I have found thus far are Project Ground It Deluxe 3 SYMPOSIUM Segue ISO Platform Any experience with either of these or other options? I have a workaround where I mute the output, start playback, sit down in listening position, unmute playback. This works fine overall but if an iso platform would work I would be willing invest. Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will get some of the original Silly Putty and also try to source the Bergeon Rodico 6033 just to experiment a bit. For what is is worth I also purchased the DS Audio version of the the Oznow Zerodust. Main reason was a review pointed out the height of DS Audio version was less prone to "accidents" Will also ask my dealer about the green paper. Being new to the vinyl after many years has been interesting thus far. I will have to adjust to some crackles, pops and ticks but thus far have not had too bad a go of it. That being said are products like the Milty Zero Stat worth getting or any of the carbon fiber brushes? Also would you invest in one of the better ultrasonic cleaners that also drys as well or something simple like the Spin Clean. Are there any solutions you like better than others for cleaning? Some users report some of the solutions leave residue and want to be sure I do not do anything that will damage the Krystal. For my initial round of listening I pulled out an naively edition of Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene trilogy along with an early promo of U2's Achtung Baby. The presentation of these albums on my system has been very interesting and enjoyable. I tend toward a description of laid back and not harsh or aggressive while not being dull or sleepy. The high end extension is very impressive and the low end is equally impressive. Since my whole chain is analog it is very "old school". LP12 Krystal -> McIntosh C70 (tube MC stage) -> tube driver and output stage -> solid state amp. Very nice. Have been listening to digital sources for so long I had forgotten the nice vibe vinyl actually has.
  15. As a new LP12 owner and having not been into the vinyl hobby for many years what do you all use on your cartridge for cleaning? I have read everything from Linn cleaning strips to a Magic Eraser along with a brush to clean the stylus. Any thoughts or best practices? Also - I believe it is generally accepted the Linn felt mat is the best way to go but does anyone use anything else? Just curious. Thanks -