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  1. For sure new models will be more expensive for no real reason
  2. Can’t speak for tdb-2, but I have just sold Spendor D9 as I liked Kralk tdb-6 more ...
  3. In general valve amps are warm sounding. NAD 388 is warm sounding and Teac 501 was warm sounding too. My pass labs xa25 is excellent match for tdb-6, but is bit expensive. My suggestion is that when you will have tdb-6 at home contact some dealers and have couple of amps for home demo. And/or order amps from seller with returning policy and return ones that you don’t like...
  4. TDB-6s have neutral sound signature so if you want warm sound you will need to get warm sounding amp/DAC. Personally I don’t find Yamaha amps warm sounding ...
  5. I am using TDB-6 in 22m2 room with excellent result. Teac AX-501is good match, 25w A amp xa25 from Pass labs is working even better. I think that valve amps will work excellently too.
  6. mentt

    Pre amplification

    Quality of pre amp makes difference, but if you like current pre that you have I would not upgrade. It is not question only of better, but mainly system synergy. Get system synergy right it is not easy so if you have it don’t “repair” something that is not broken ...
  7. mentt

    Streamer Q

  8. I had first version of your Naim streamer and sound from USB drive was better. In my experience Music played from USB SSD disk on all system I have owned was better than music played from NAS. Streaming services over internet sound even worse and it doesn’t matter if they are CD/HD quality or not
  9. TDB6 will do good with Music that you mentioned. Can’t comment on TDB8 as I don’t have read life experience with those. Per Alan TDB8 was voiced more for rock music...I can compare tdb6 with Spendor D9 and the level of performance is surprisingly very close. Yes, different signature, different format(bookshelf vs floorstanders) but when I listen to tdb6 I don’t think I am listening to inferior speakers and I don’t miss D9. Actually I enjoy music more via tdb6. Also can’t comment on your amps. I am using tdb6 with passlabs xa25/xp12, but they worked well with all amps that I have tried(Teac 501 for example)
  10. Any idea when new Kralk models will be on the market? (these days I listen to Kralk tdb-6 more and more and thinking about selling my Spendor D9)
  11. mentt

    Pass Labs int 25

    Per local dealer int-25 is xa25 power amp with integrated pre amp
  12. mentt

    Is HiFI Dead?

    HiFi will be dead soon due to insane prices that most hifi manufactures have nowadays
  13. Conclusion This is one of those puzzling instances where an objectively superb amplifier just does not seem to deliver quite what one would expect in the way of subjective performance. Every instrument test we gave the Futterman H3-A (response checks, squarewaves, IM distortion measurements) showed it to be one of the best amplifiers we've ever encountered. Yet its low end performance on every speaker we tried it on was less satisfying to the ear than was that of some other amplifiers that don't measure as well. We wish we could at least volunteer some educated guesses as to why this might be the case, but we're stumped.
  14. In this kind of small room I wouldn’t go beyond tdb-6. You can also wait for smaller models from new “30” range...