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  1. mentt

    Harbeth or Revel

    Also like Tannoy Eaton more than Harbeth speakers that I use to owned (hl5 plus and 30.1)
  2. mentt

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    My tip for demo in this price range is Kralk tdb-6. Excellent speakers that will surpass many “3000 euro” speakers
  3. mentt

    PS Audio anyone?

    I own and like many components and speakers with different sound signatures and different measurements. Personally I think it is stupid to buy new expensive gear that sound similar to one that You already own. When I am seeking new gear I audition as many units as possible. You never know when You “by mistake” find gear that you love , but on paper you wouldn’t consider(for example because of different/bad measurements :-) ) That is why I won’t bother with measurements. But that’s me
  4. mentt

    PS Audio anyone?

    As my friend often says “measurements are for deaf people or for people without own opinion”
  5. mentt

    Kralk Audio TDB Range

    Idlewithnodrive can comment regarding small room and tdb-2 vs tdb-6 . Per hifi pig review tdb -6 has more bass than tdb-4. I think tdb-6 should be still ok in your room
  6. mentt

    Kralk Audio TDB Range

    What tweeter setting is your favorite?
  7. mentt

    Kralk Audio Speaker Club

    Tdb-8 were per Alan voiced specifically for Rock music. Maybe you would like neutrally voiced tdb-6 more...
  8. mentt

    Monitor Audio Platinum 100

    Monitor Audio Gold 100 are excellent(but still like Kralk tdb6 more) so platinum will be most likely good too
  9. mentt

    John Darko appreciation thread
  10. mentt

    Harbeth or Revel

    Somebody likes his Harbeth :-) (and why not :-) )
  11. mentt

    Harbeth or Revel

    Yes, and there’s nothing wrong with that Be aware that each Kralk tdb model is voiced differently(check hifi pig review of tdb-4 model)
  12. mentt

    Harbeth or Revel

    Harbeth hl5 plus weren’t that good for low level listening for what I remember. Yes, tdb-12 are not designed for low level listening On the other hand Kralk tdb-6 are excellent for low level listening. For sure better in that regard than Harbeth 30.1 that use to had. Harbeth 30.1 work also very good for low level listening, but tdb-6 do better job
  13. mentt

    Harbeth or Revel

    If you want “little oomph” try Kralk tdb-12 if you have big enough room(if you are considering Harbeth hl5plus you have). Had Harbeth hl5 plus around one year before I have sold it. My 22m2 room wasn’t enough for hl5...
  14. mentt

    Hi-Fi is out...

    No regrets here also But I bet that big boxes and speakers in 1984 were for significantly different money :-)
  15. mentt

    Hi-Fi is out...

    Already have big boxes and speakers :-)