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  1. I owned an identical looking pair a few years ago, bought locally via an advert in the local paper! Early drivers with the orange dustcaps, allegedly the same cones as used in the Silvers. The cabinets look lovely but they don't do the drivers any favours, being made of very thin and lightweight materials. As an experiment I put the drivers from mine in some 70's Tannoy Devon cabinets and they definitely sounded a little better in those. At the time of buying my pair I already owned a pair of 12" Golds (RS) and quite simply I preferred the Golds by a hefty margin. This did surprise me a bit as the earlier Tannoy drivers are so sought after that I'd expected them to be pretty special. Perhaps the years had taken their toll, I don't know..... So anyway I lobbed the Corner Chatsworths on ebay and off they went to Japan for £2.4k (2011). However yours have family history and they are really rare and desirable things, so you might want to think twice before cashing in on them. If I were to have mine back then I'd be using a small valve amp to drive them, maybe a little el84 affair.
  2. No worries Graham. Dave (legacy member previously known as la toilette)
  3. Thanks for that. Yes it would have been interesting to compare between the Glasshouse TVC and my Khozmo. A few years back I went from a diy 'pot in a box' passive to a Promitheus TVC and I found that a surprisingly noticeable improvement. I suspect the Khozmo is a fair bit better than my old diy effort so perhaps the difference would be less pronounced, but I'm sure it would still be worthwhile.
  4. Tempted. Anyone know how would this compare to a standard Khozmo passive? Would you be prepared to post this Graham (UK)?
  5. Croft Series 5 power amps in the house (mk1), sounding fab. Lots of valves, bonus effect of helping to warm up my chilly little cottage at this time of year.
  6. Using a late pair of Kef Reference 103.2 here, had wanted to try some for ages after reading many reviews that made me think that I'd like them....and I really do! Terrific speakers.
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    Thoroughly flushed, and I've washed my hands of it in fact.
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    Thanks. Good to be back and to see lots of familiar names still on here, including yours .
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    Hi All, former member just re-joined the Wam after being away for quite a long while. I used to post under the name 'la toilette' but in order to standardise my forum monikers I'm gonna leave the old name in the past and use this name which I also use elsewhere. Hope this is acceptable! Dave
  10. Hi calorgas,

    A very warm welcome to THE WAM - MUSIC & HIFI FORUM, you are now part of a fantastic group of music lovers and HiFi enthusiasts.

    We are very excited that you have decided to join us. It is packed full of interesting reviews, news and pictures of great HiFi systems and other tech gadgets for your enjoyment.

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