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  1. MartinC. Thanks for the help, beers are on me should we ever meet. Somewhat inspired by all this I have spent a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon reseting the shelving controls on my speakers, with particular attention to the bass. At the moment I am running the main speakers without subs but with the bass carefully tweaked, not at all bad. I am not a bass head by any stretch of the imagination but I am quite fond of Portico Quartet, who are not shy in that respect. The weight is substantial but any hint of bloat has me reaching for the controls. It is close to beer o'clock so this has to come to an end for today.
  2. Most obvious example that I can remember was a few years ago. It involved a Tact Millennium amplifier with Red Rose floor standing speakers, pretty much as simple as you can get. The owner had taken a number of readings to provide an average and set things up so that the 'correction' could simply be switched in and out. It is hard to describe the effect in words, all the character and 'artifice' of the system disappeared, the resulting transparency allowing an insight into the music and the recording that is very rare at anything but serious high end prices. It is the prospect of achieving something like this at relatively modest cost that is really appealing, I think my speakers are pretty transparent as they are but it is clear that the room is having an effect. As an experiment I set the speakers up in a position where I was very much in the near field, the improvement was very worthwhile but not actually a 'liveable' solution, also the balance 'darkens' somewhat as the volume is turned up and the bass becomes a bit 'one note' as the room nodes start to have an effect. Thinking about buying on try it and see basis, it would be interesting to see what it would cost all in, Dsp, mic, software etc. I will need a stand and cables, but I know what they would cost. Any thoughts?
  3. The Artist 6 is a thoroughly conventional analogue design based on the Adam AX series compact monitors, dressed up as a rather elegant, compact floor stander, in this case finished in piano black with grills. My room is decent sized and somewhat irregular in shape, the speakers are about 8ft apart and I am about 10-11ft away. The speaker has simple bass and treble 'shelving' controls and a tweeter level control that subjectively has a different effect to the treble shelving. As you say, there is no control over the bass bandwidth, that is implemented in the matching subwoofer that i chose not to buy. My preference is to use the main speakers full range and to use the sub to fill in at the very bottom, subjectively I prefer this method. I have tuned everything by ear and, generally speaking, I am very pleased with the results, so much so that I have decided to get a better, more flexible streamer. Was going to leave things at that but I do recall a couple of dems where dsp was used and on those occasions I found the extra clarity provided by the dsp to be very worthwhile. The 'what if' bug has bit, hence this thread.
  4. MGTOW

    Is a passive preamp right for me?

    Hi Robbie010, There are a number of factors to your question, some discussed above, some not. First things we need to know are the output levels of your sources, we know that the Chord dacs output close to 3 volts, what about your phono stage? If you do not have a reliable figure for that, how does it compare, volume wise, with the dac through your existing amp? Make sure that the inputs you are using are the same sensitivity, if you are not sure, try them through the same input. If the difference is noticeable, you need to build your system to suit the device with the lower output. Output impedances are unlikely to be an issue, unless the phono stage is particularly quirky, given the manufacturer, I would not expect that to be the case. We know that the dac is fine in that respect. Next we need to know the input sensitivity of the power amp, any idea? Given your application I would think it would need to be quite sensitive, better than 1 volt would be good. Despite the amp being a bit off the mainstream I doubt input impedance will be an issue, anything above 20kohm should be fine. When using a passive pre, the output impedance of the pre, as seen by the power amp, very much reflects the output impedance of the sources, it may vary with the setting of the volume control, but in good designs this should be minimal. Finally, you can get issues with longer cables, usually treble roll off but you would need pretty long cables and a rather unfortunate combination of output and input impedances for that to be a real issue. In the end, the crux of this issue is whether your phono stage has sufficient output to drive the power amp to full output, this is the unknown, I am sure the dac will be fine. First up, check the output level of your phono stage!
  5. MartinC, thank you for your thoughts. This is quite difficult for me, the whole dsp thing is outside my hifi experience to date. The last time I performed room eq it involved a very simple spectrum analyser and 1/3rd octave Klark Teknic graphic equalisers. Pretty much stone age stuff. My speakers are Adam Artist 6, compact floor standers, twin 4.5 in bass drivers and the super X-Art ribbon tweeter. three 50 watt class AB amps in a fully analogue design. Nothing clever, just carefully tuned and shaped bass response that is better than you might expect. Never widely available in the uk, price in Germany was about €1300, but they were sold through pro outlets only. Sub is a BK XLS200.
  6. Thanks, The Abacus streamer looks like a serious unit but I think we are in danger of losing focus somewhat. Remember, I am going to be streaming Spotify here, a sub optimum format even at its best. I need it to be simple so that everyone can use it and it doesn't get much simpler than Spotify Connect controlled by one of our several iThings. If I can run a bit of room correction 'in the background' to satisfy my hifi sensibilities, then that is probably enough. My active speaker system, though quite modest in cost (£1500-2000), works to my liking and is elegant enough to be pretty acceptable in our living space. Like all Adam speakers they are pretty neutral and transparent, largely devoid of the artifice that (for me) plagues most affordable speakers, this gives the music an immediacy and presence that I value highly.
  7. Love to, but I'm afraid it is too far for me, I live on the south coast so not really practicable. To be honest, the 'hifi' is easy enough. I've put together a lot of systems over the years including some very serious ones indeed, it is just working out how the dsp fits into the system and making it work. The DSPeaker antiMode is interesting because it is a stand alone, largely automated system that requires no extra software and no computer. On the other hand it is strictly a 2-in, 2-out configuration so I would have to use the rather less flexible low pass filtering on the subwoofer and run my main speakers full range. This is usually my preferred option but it would have been nice to try the alternative. I am also attracted, mainly on cost grounds, to a simple Minidsp 2-4, using REW software. The crossover function would be fun and relatively simple amplitude EQ is probably all I need, having spent some fairly serious sums in times past, that is not a route I want to go down again. I have to remind you, my source material is not of the highest quality and I am not that interested in the 'hifi', just removing the worst effects of the room to enable a little more insight into the recording and the playing is all I want.
  8. OK, I am now looking into the DSPeaker AntiMode dual core, bit expensive new, but used might be an option. I have an idea of what it does generally speaking but need to look in more detail at how it connects and actually works. Being a self contained unit works for me, I am not really a 'fiddler'. I would need it to drive active speakers and a subwoofer, could that be done by simply using both sets of analogue outs and treating the speaker/sub setup as a full range model? Not looked at this in detail before so there is a lot to take in. Ideally I would take a variable digital output from the Node 2i into the AntiMode with the analogue output preset on setup. Everything then controlled from the BluOS app.
  9. Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm a real newbie here, how do I go about sending and responding to personal messages? The DSspeaker antimode is interesting to me but I can not work out how best to contact and discuss this with the owner. I am also concerned that I do not break any forum rules or established protocols regarding buying and selling.
  11. Thanks for that. So, in a very simple system using minidsp between my streamer and speaker system, how would I actually use REW and the minidsp to perform the duties outlined above? As i have said, it is important that, once set up, the system operates simply and seamlessly from one control app.
  12. Thanks again everyone. Bear in mind my original post, I shall, in all probability be streaming Spotify, it's breadth of catalogue, interface and seamless implementation of gapless playback make it the service of choice at this moment. Of course I understand that the bit rate is sub optimum and that there are some poor rips on occasion, but good recordings sound excellent and mostly, that will do for me. Similar thoughts apply to the dsp, simply integrating my sub and correcting for gross room anomalies is really all I want or need. A couple of thoughts though, adding a minidsp as we have been discussing does mean that it is the minidsp dac that is driving the system, any thoughts on this? Also the REW software appears to be 'free', I wonder what are it's limitations compared to Dirac in my rather simple setup?
  13. Thanks for the replies, bit late as we were out on 'The Quay' getting bit of live music, just pub band stuff but fun never the less. Gizza, thanks for the pricing and other info. As a less expensive option, what software would work with the non HD 2-4? Any ideas? I don't see myself messing much once I have everything set up, I really don't 'do hifi' anymore, no messing about, I don't fret about soundstage and the rest, just something that sounds open, out of the box and, ideally, as involving as possible. Kabayiri, The DSspeaker Antimode 2 has been suggested by the BK people who supplied my sub, but it looks quite an expensive option for what I need, that said it does include both a microphone and software. Originally I too thought about simply using a better dac, but given the modest differences that I hear between competent dacs I thought adding room correction would make a much bigger difference. I run a largely Apple household but know nothing about Auralec, is it simple to use? This is important as the setup has to be family friendly.
  14. This follows on from a couple of questions and answers in another thread but it was suggested that, rather than derail an existing thread, it would be best to start a new topic. so here goes. My aim is a simple system that streams from an online resource, probably Spotify, that makes the best of the source material yet remains simple for the family to use. By this I mean an effective, single control app for all everyday functions. To this end I want a streamer/dac/preamp that can drive my Adam active speakers and BK Electronics subwoofer. I considered a number of units, the Bluesound Node 2i being my preferred option but that could change. My budget is not fixed but I would prefer to keep costs in the £500-1500 region unless something truly exceptional comes along to change my mind. So, firstly is there any other suggestions that I should take a look at? I have considered the Yamaha WXC 50 as a cheaper alternative, the Cambridge CXN and even a s/h Naim UnitiQute..... Any thoughts? Also the other thread brought up the option of using a Minidsp (basic or HD) model to control the crossover between my main speakers and my sub and of course to provide room correction. I kind of understand how this would all connect together but, no real idea of what I would need to buy in terms of hardware and software and guidance as to what I would need to do to make this work. Ideally I would like to be able to set things up with a couple of settings, one that is nominally ‘correct’ and one with a little more warmth and body for low level listening. At this stage I think I am really looking for an ‘overview’, both in terms of what I need, what it would cost and how I would go about making it happen. If anyone can take the time to point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
  15. MGTOW

    A laughable improvement

    Thank you that is a massive help, should we ever meet the beers are on me! I am going to take the advice of others on here and start a new thread looking into the best way to achieve the results I want, there are a number of issues worth discussing and the help that I have received so far has been excellent.