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    Linn LP12
  • Tone Arm & Cartridge
    Ittok LVII & AT ART9
  • SUT / Phono Stage
    Project RS&Power Box
  • Pre-Amp
    Roksan PlatinumPR15
  • Power Amp/s
    Roksan PlatinumST130
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    Proac Response 3.8
  • Headphones
    B&W P7
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade
  1. My friend has Advantage S2 pre and S150 power pre and had the platinums off me for a few days to get a feel fir them. He wanted to keep the Roksan's offered me more than I paid for them. His comments were 'I thought mine were great but these are phenomenal can I have them'
  2. Have you actually properly heard them? If you had you wouldn't be making such seemingly subjective and "I have my favourite names" outbursts I have these and have previously used and sold Exposure 3010s (same as 5010 just a little less powerful) they are decent and quite enjoyable but they just don't compete with the platinum series Roksan in terms of sheer scale, speed of response and their totally unflustered reserves of power. The top end Exposure's are probably a little more competitive if set against the Caspian pre and power. I currently still have a NAC 82 & Naim 250 power amps (Late Olives) in a second system and generally a fan of Naim but I never feel the need or desire to use mine in my main system, although they are a good partner to Linn and indeed Proac. I acquired these Roksan Platinum's second hand via an extended listen and have have used them for a number of years. Connected in balanced mode from Tone Arm to Power Amp via custom made Solid Silver Interconnects an LP12 Ittok LVII, Proac Response 3.8s and Lumley Reference continuous cast Solid Silver Speaker Cable. Believe me when I tell you there is absolutely nothing Mechanical about them. This Pre and Power Combo is however revealing and therefore unforgiving of poor cables and particularly of front end partnering equipment. I was forced to improve my Phono Stage and Cartridge but rewarded fully by these Roksan Platinum's for doing just that, which tells me that this combo works very well in a high resolution system and doesn't mask the inadequacies of some partnering equipment. The history of the platinum series is encapsulated in the brief, designer Touraj was given a free hand to take the Roksan Sound and apply an absolutely no restrictions in component choice and build quality approach. Take a look at some of the images of the build quality and components used, the meticulous dual mono design in both Pre and Power and you begin to understand why these were around 9K when new and can compete with some esoteric and much more expensive products. If I were anyone is still looking for these rare gems, if they become available and are in good condition, snap them up! you absolutely will not be disappointed if your partnering equipment is of high quality.
  3. Hi Anybody using this combo? any views about compatibility?
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