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  1. ivayvr

    Dali Oberon 1 opinions

    Thank you for your response TheFlash. Dali speakers are also available here in Canada and sometimes offered with free shipping. I started dreaming about Dalis when I read a number of very positive reviews of (Mentor) Menuet. Unfortunately they always were out of my price range. Even today, with a VAT they are close to GBP 1,000. Surprisingly Oberons are sold at almost no premium compared to what they go for in UK/EU. Opticons are around GBP 650 with the tax and still a bit steep. With my degrading hearing Oberons may represent the best value for my current situation. I hope you will enjoy your Opticons!
  2. ivayvr

    Dali Oberon 1 opinions

    Based on what Dali claims they are very flexible position vise and they should know what they are talking about. Some thirty years ago I used to have Pro Ac EBT (Extended Bass Tablets) and was not too impressed. It could be that the combination of Cyrus Mission 1 (both Mk 1 and 2) and EBTs was not ideal. The sound was on a dry side. I like the fact that the Oberons are not genre dependent. I had a few speakers that were quite uneven in that regard. My current system has the following ingredients: Powernode 2, Amphion Helium 410, Oppo 980H universal player, REL T Zero and Schiit Modi 3 DAC. The Schiit is playing a role of the switchboard. Powernode has either optical or analogue input using the same physical hole. By adding the DAC I can connect both the TV and the DVD/CD. Most of the time I am streaming from my own library and recently I added Tidal to the list and I really like it. I had a two month trial of Roon and there was a significant improvement in sound quality. One day I will hopefully have it on a permanent basis. Thank you for your input!
  3. ivayvr

    Dali Oberon 1 opinions

    Engine, thank you very much for your response! I am slowly getting the picture of how they sound. The best part is that there is nothing so far that I do not like. Despite a very positive reviews of the Spektor series I never seriously considered them and I am so glad you compared them to the Oberons. Unfortunately I have no way of using the stands (no floor space) but they should retain their basic sound signature.
  4. ivayvr

    Dali Oberon 1 opinions

    Thank you guys! I have a REL T Zero taking care of the low end. I am just worried that they may be a bit too bright. A friend of mine used to have a pair of Dalis (don't remember the model name) with their hybrid tweeter and they were a bit too revealing and bright.
  5. ivayvr

    Dali Oberon 1 opinions

    rabski I totally agree with your statement about partnering equipment. I used to have Focal Aria 905 driven by highly acclaimed British amp. That amp should remain anonymous otherwise I am risking a lifetime ban on all HiFi forums. The sound was less than foot tapping, immersive, engaging, musical ......The amp was simply inadequate despite the high efficiency of the Focals. I switched to Powernode 2 and that made a huge improvement. Oberon is sold at almost identical price you mentioned and that makes it quite attractive. When Zensor 1 was introduced it was almost 50% more in North America compared to the prices in Europe. I was pleasantly surprised to see a reasonable price for the Oberon. Trying new equipment is so much fun and as you mentioned, if I don't like it I should not lose too much.
  6. ivayvr

    Dali Oberon 1 opinions

    I briefly had a pair of Dreamcatchers and they made most lower quality recordings totally useless. For Verity Audio I am currently short slightly over $ 10K and they are waaaay too big!!
  7. ivayvr

    Dali Oberon 1 opinions

    Ever since I read a number of very favorable reviews and opinions about Dali Mentor Menuet (currently Menuet) I was hoping to get a pair. Unfortunately, they were always a bit above my price range. I am hoping that the Oberons 1 could be the next best thing that I could afford. Size is very important, smaller the better, and they have to be relatively close to the wall. According to Dali most of their small rear ported speakers could be wall mounted so they should be fine 10-15cm from the wall.
  8. ivayvr

    Dali Oberon 1 opinions

    Thank you Nopiano! No Richer Sounds here on the west coast of Canada. No Dali dealer either.
  9. ivayvr

    Dali Oberon 1 opinions

    Just looking for owner experiences with Dali Oberon 1. The only on line review I am aware of is by What HiFi and they are not always too reliable. I like their size, appearance and the price is not unreasonable.
  10. ivayvr

    Triangle signature theta

    I own a pair of Triangle Esprit Titus EZ and as Speedracer, I hate bright & forward sounding systems. Mine are powered by Bluesound Powernode. They are well balanced, very detailed and they have exceptional level of micro dynamics. French or no French-they are spectacular!
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