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  1. glenhb

    Bug bears in hifi

    Record stores that cram albums so tightly into the racks that it is impossible to flick through them.
  2. This came pre-fitted to a brand new Pro-ject 2 Xperience turntable bought directly from Henley audio. I replaced it with a moving coil phono cartridge, so although I don't have the original packaging the cartridge is brand new. I have also downloaded the user manual from Ortofon's website which will be included. Located near Doncaster. Asking £75 including UK postage (normal retail about £95)
  3. Julian, Can you suggest a supplier for the graphite molybdenum disulphide oil you mentioned above please. PS, the Graham Slee Phono amp I recently purchased from you is doing a great job. Cheers Glen
  4. Yes shame, , looks like it has been bought. I bought one of these when Peter Tyson first reduced them from £299 to £149. For the price it is excellent. It's actually a re-badged, re-engineered Sansui unit Mitchell and Johnson decided to shut up shop so theyre being discounted at various places. This place here has some in a silver finish but they're asking £179 :-
  5. Open box clearance at Peter Tyson £85
  6. I've subscribed to these two magazines for a long time using the 3 for £3 offers. All you have to do is keep an eye on when the Direct Debit goes out of your account and cancel straight after that. I cancel the Direct Debit via digital banking. Then just re-subscribe with the latest offer. Only misjudged the timing twice, but even paying full price for 1 issue until the new subscription kicks in averages out better than the cover price.
  7. I've got this available. Bought from Maplins some time ago but never used. Yours for £25 including postage. Cheers Glenhb
  8. Hi and thanks for the invite. I'm not that far from Kegworth. I'll check the other halves diary and see if I am allowed to make it 😁.
  9. A couple of weeks ago my brother gave me a bag with about 40 albums in it ranging from Led Zep to Bread. The discs were filthy but there were some rare items in the mix. I don't have a professional vinyl cleaner and wouldn't normally buy discs that dirty but thought I'd have a go at cleaning them up, but with what? After a couple of hours I remembered that I'd recently bought something called "Super Clean". Basically it's a gel like the stuff kids play with but it's sold as a way to get dust out of small spaces. It's great for cleaning keyboards, remote controls, speaker grills etc. So I wondered if it would clean the dust off the vinyl I'd been given. It does the job brilliantly, just rolled the gel over the playing area and lifted the loose dirt off. Played the vinyl on a spare system, sounded ok, probably needs a wet clean but as a first step I'm impressed. Since then I've discovered that it is used by some people to clean stylii, just drop the stylus into the gel and lift it out a couple of times. This is the version I got (other versions are available). Cost less than £1.50 per pack.
  10. I use the Really Useful boxes as posted by Kernow. Bit of advice if you do go for these, get the 35XL version because it comes with a deeper lid. The standard 35L has a shallow lid that won't go on the box when your albums are stood upright. The deeper lid also allows the boxes to be stacked. There is also a 9LXL with a deep lid that is perfect for storing 45 rpm singles I buy mine from the local market which works out much cheaper that the high street retailers
  11. Don't suppose you have 2 of these by any chance. I need a pair. Glenhb
  12. Hi, I'm interested in buying this. Is it still available? Regards Glenhb