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  1. It would make sense, wouldn’t you agree? DS’es don’t have pre-amps built-in and I can’t imagine that Linn would advise customers to feed a DS into a non-Linn preamp. willem
  2. David, truth is, I haven’t dealt with the height difference at all... I’m not sure which height I have in my SO v2 profile - I’ll look into that in a couple of weeks once the speakers and cables are settled in. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Willem
  3. I agree with ThomasOK that a good preamp brings something, at least in my ears, that the built-in preamp in a DSM doesn’t. Don’t really know what is is so I just call it “warmth’. So I‘ll happily keep my KK/1. One thing I would consider though, is replacing my KDS/1 for a KDSM/1. Don’t know for sure if I have the numbering right; I am talking about the DSM with both the analogue, optical and HDMI inputs and both analogue and Exakt outputs. I can see the added value of hooking up systems like a TV and a computer to the DSM and still using my preamp. I believe that in later versions (DSM/2 ?) all non-Ekakt outputs were cancelled? Willem
  4. I installed the Akubariks a week ago and they have been playing since then. The dealer advised me to start with driving them single-wired and with SO off and I have followed his advise. Great guy, bytheway. Very open, friendly, knowledgeable and pragmatic. Thanks again, Ian! I bought some new K200 to replace my K400 that I had been using as a bi-wired cable (with one Neutrik speakon per cable). I needed to wait on some new Neutrik speakons. All in all, the sound is quite different.There definitively is more bass, which I like - this was my main reason for listening to Akubariks in the first place. Music seems more open in the middle regions. Instrument placing isn't quite there yet - I suppose the new combination of speakers and cables will take sometime to settle. Ian suggested that this may take a few weeks. I have placed the speakers at approximately the same spot as the 242’s and haven’t experimented with position adjustments yet. I will do that at a later stage. The Akubariks in walnut are beautiful to look at bytheway. My wife is very pleased with them, as am I, so we are two happy campers here Willem
  5. Yes indeed we changed our living room quite a bit. We wanted a larger living room - originally it was 4 x 7 meters and we felt that was too small. We had a kitchen room of 5 x 6 meters adjacent to the living, so we broke away the wall between these rooms, thus creating a new larger living room in the shape of an L. We divided our garage that was 4 x 10 meters and really close to the house into two separate rooms, then made a connection between the house and the garage, and made the part of the garage sitting closest to the house into our kitchen room. It turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself :-) The stereo is now firing across the length of one leg of the L which is some 4 x 7 meters. So the 242's have moved from firing across the width to firing across the length and that sounds way better :-) See the attached diagrams from SO v2. When Paul visited us last year in april, he adjusted SO v1 for the original room. It did sound quite nice, way better than it sounded before Paul's visit. After the reconstruction I have started using SO v2. I am open to comparing v1 against v2 with the new Akubariks but I don't think that would be an honest comparison, with both the room dimensions and the speakers changed. Still, it will be fun to do so I'll probably give it a go. Paul, thanks for your kind offer to assist in creating a new SO v1 but I don't think that doing this remote will be a succes. I'll probably just change the speaker info in SO v2 and start using that. I think I will need some time to get used to the new sounds but maybe later on there may arise a need to make adjustments. Willem
  6. I will be replacing my speakers in a couple of weeks. The current setup is Klimax DS/1 >> Klimax Kontrol/1 >> Klimax Solos >> Akurate 242’s. All equipment is Dynamiked. I will be replacing the 242’s with passive Akubariks in a couple of weeks and this has got me thinking what I need or want to change once I have the Akubariks. Cables Currently I am using Linn K400 as a bi-wire cable from my Klimax Solos to my Akurate 242’s. I’m not sure if I will be driving the Akubariks bi-wired; the ones I heard at the dealers were driven single-wired and sounded brilliant. I will probably want to experiment on that, but I am curious about others’ experiences in this area? If I do decide to use single wires, there is no point in using the K400 so I could eather buy new cables (K200 ?) or just split up the K400’s to create “old style K200’s”. Any thoughts on this? Space Optimization I assume that I will need to make changes to my SO configuration? I have the room dimensions set up in SO 2. Do I only have to change the speakers in Konfig for the DS, or do I need to change anything else? Anything else? Thanks ! Willem
  7. Kazoo 4.13.52 on iPad (latest version iIOS) doesn’t show what’s playing, neither in the lower section if the main view nor in the separate screen. Happens for several sources such as Radio and Playlist. Volume is shown. Same error in version Kazoo on iPhone (same version iOS). Can anyone confirm this? Willem
  8. Well, I don't know anything about Aktiv Akubariks. Or maybe that's not entirely true: I once heard them hooked up to an Exakt system and wasn't too thrilled about the sound. I believe that was more caused by the way the Exakt system was configured than by the Akubariks. I have to confess, by the way, that I'm not a big fan of the "Exakt sound" and/or the pricing of Exakt products. I have, however, heard passive Akubariks hooked up to a Klimax DS and was quite blown away of how good they sounded. So much blown away that I have ordered a pair of them - I will pick them up in London since we are going their for a short holiday end of September. Must say that I really am looking forward to hearing them in my home setting. My complete set of Klimax DS/1 >> Klimax Kontrol/1 >> Klimax Solo's >> Akubariks will probably account for a very big happy smile on my face :-)
  9. When I say "software", I of course mean software such as Linn Kinsky, Linn Kazoo or alternatives like Roon, Bubble and other software solutions that I'm not aware of, that is used for controlling our network players. I also mean software such as Linn Kazoo Server or alternatives such as Roon, Minimserver, Asset, Twonky and other solutions that I'm not aware of, that is used for storing and controlling the collections of digital music files on disks or NAS. I am aware that software solutions such as Minimserver and Roon do have their own forums; it just seems to me that it would be convenient to have a place within this Linn forum where Linn owners that use specific software to control Linn products can discuss problems or other topics regarding software... Let's not overthink this, people...
  10. I think that we had a separate category for Software on the old Linn forum? A place to post and discuss Kazoo, Minimserver and so on? Would it be a good idea to ask the kind people here at Wigwam to create such a category for us as a subcategory within the Linn Owners Club and Forum? Grtz, Willem
  11. I am in London, having a nice long weekend with my wife. We - of course :-) - visited Harrods and to my surprise there is a large Linn display in the Electronics department, with two salespersons. They told me they have been there for some 6 weeks now. They have a number of all-in-one systems on display; I noticed Kiko, Majik and Selekt. Speakers shown are mostly 500-series but als Akudoriks, Akubariks and even a set of 350’s. And even a number of LP12’s. They even have a acoustically neutral listening room. I had a short listen to a set Akubariks playing from a Klimax DSM. The room was way too small for the speakers. The salespersons are enthusiastic but not too knowledgeable. They seem to like to play really loud. All in all the area isn’t suitable for descent listening sessions at all. So why is Linn in Harrods, I wonder. I guess it is part of a Marketing strategy to give more exposure to Linn’s lifestyle products. I can imagine that Harrods customers are an interesting target group for Linn. What are your thoughts? Willem