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  1. marktjp

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    Quite! It seems to me that high end hifi is very similar to religion... lots of belief without any way to substantiate, and loads of dogmatism and snake oil... I'd rather say "a load of old bollocks" without being sexist though Men talk as much crap as women, as you can see here Anyway, it's all fun and games. Mark.
  2. marktjp

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    Hi. I listened on Slow. It is not remotely fatiguing.
  3. marktjp

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    Hello all. I've just spent a lot of time doing AB comparisons between the RME ADI-2 DAC and the other DAC I was seriously considering, the Chord Qutest. I previously had a £100 generic Chinese DAC and as I'm selling my CD collection and Musical Fidelity A5, it was time to get a better DAC. I got the RME from an online store, incredibly the chap at PuritéAUDIO let me borrow it without taking any card details. The difference between the RME and my £100 box was very apparent, so then went to Richer Sounds to compare the RME with the Qutest. The salesperson there set up some Monitor Audios and a Roksan Caspian amp similar to mine. Digital signals were taken out of the CD player to the two DACs and I switched between them with the Roksan remote. I was quite shocked at how almost imperceivable the difference in sound was, and not only that, but it was impossible to say that one was "better" in any way. The sound was almost identical. The sales person there agreed and said I would be wasting 4 or 500 pounds getting the Chord as there was no noteworthy difference he could hear either. Both were effortless with superb separation. I took the salesman's advice and did not buy from him! I now own the RME and am delighted with it... at the moment really liking tweaking the loudness function, which is unique as far as I know, in that you set the range for the loudness, for example from -35db to -15db and also the amount of bass and treble to be boosted at low listening levels... Then the magic where the RME ramps the loudness from maximum (according to your settings) when listening at -35db and gradually reducing the loudness to nothing at -15db... this emulates the reverse of what we hear at varying volumes, so in effect you are "hearing the same relative sounds" through the volume range. Love hearing the right amount of bass when listening at low levels!! Anyhow, the point is, this is a fantastic DAC, up there with the best. Mark
  4. Hi Yes it is, I had a time waster from Vietnam wanting me to mail it to him! I also bought a new Musical Fidelity remote for it as I had lost the previous one. Tx Mark
  5. Ok, I am sure the peeps left on this tread are well into the diversion it's taken, but let me make another. NVIDIA tech support say the Shield Android TV box doesn't output HD audio from the USB, only via USB and an optical adapter(???) "The audio support is available through the USB port. However, the HD audio support works only with the optical output through the USB to optical adapters and may not work on the direct USB audio devices." And he recommended an adapter like this cheapie I wonder how this could make sense, how would the output via USB suddenly support HD if one had this adapter attached, is that nonsense or possible? tx Mark
  6. Ah come on guys. No need to make things personal. I am finding this interesting and didn't find anything overtly promotional at all... Thanks all for sharing your diverse opinions and experiences.
  7. Ok cool, I think I have all the answers I need, thanks Keith. I'm glad not everyone here is taking advantage of my thread to make some personal point, like I just did... Cheers.
  8. Hi Keith, So would a good DAC filter out any RF noise coming in from a USB cable?
  9. Thanks Fourlegs, So and optical cable is less susceptible to RF noise than a USB... ok. I am not sure yet what bitrate/frequency the Nvidia Shield Android TV box can output via optical. I don't have many HD audio sources anyway at the moment. It would be great to be able to live switch between Optical vs USB but I doubt the Nvidia can churn both out simultaneously, and I also don't know if most DAC's allow you to live switch either. I find comparisons i've made that take a few minutes to switch between gear to be VERY inconsistent.
  10. Beobloke, I am not sure what you mean. How does it matter whether the source is an Android TV box or a Samsung Phone or a 20k audio streaming server...?
  11. Hello all, I want to get a better DAC to convert the USB digital signal from my Nvidia Shield Android TV box to an analogue signal for my Roksan Ceres amp and B&W speakers. SO Does it matter (at all) where the zeros and ones come from. My thinking is it does not matter at all, and it is the conversion of those bits of information into analogue which is the crux of the matter, right? If that's not correct, please explain, I know I'm able to output up to 32-bit, 192kHz using KODI on the Android box. see here and it's just a bunch of 000 and 111s... so surely the info is either there, or not? Thanks! Mark.
  12. This is one of the best sounding CD players ever made. It not only up-samples 16 bit CD to 32 bits, but then outputs through a VALVE to generate it's open, articulate, natural sound that is unsurpassed. It would usually cost around £2000, and has had rave reviews since it came out. Disc format: CD Digital converter: DSD1792, Delta Sigma 24 bit, 8 x oversampling CD Mechanism: GH6C005B Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz Signal to Noise Ratio: 113dB Channel separation: 105dB Total harmonic distortion: 0.003%Line output: 2.15V Digital outputs: coaxial, optical Dimensions: 436 x 125 x 387mm Weight: 10.2kg
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