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  1. >> From sunbeamgls: Yep. And DC motors are rubbish, CD is a lemon etc. etc. Ah, I remember this. I think this was tweaked out of context. In fact, it was just a test involving putting an ADC/DAC in line with an LP source and no one said CD was lemon, what was actually said was that the implementation onto CD was deficient, but Ivor mis-stated the convenience and benefits of CD.
  2. Just keep it simple, go with Linn recommendation, they design and make the world-class Linn Klimax so they know what they are talking about. I myself would not accept snake oil... Linn Recommendation We recommend CAT-5e or CAT-6a cable, (UTP/FTP to your choice) with Linn DS/DSM & Exakt-Link This is designed to work at a minimum of 100Mbps used in the Exakt-link and Linn DS Ethernet link. Using higher spec cables will make no difference in the sound quality, but may be useful if the local network cable installation is going to be used with high bandwidth video streaming devices. CAT-7 patch cable is not required and classed as OTT for Linn DS or Exakt Link operation. Qualification Any cables used with the Linn DS / Exakt-link should be tested to the required Qualification levels (100Mbps)
  3. For a newbie, it is best for you just use SO v2 as intended, the UI is very user-friendly and straightforward, and the calculated result is very positive.
  4. I know the OP, "Paulssurround", wrote a lot in the previous Linn forum and this current forum, but I do not subscribe to his views, I think things usually happen the opposite to what he has been saying... PS: No disrespect to the OP.
  5. Thanks, that is what I concluded. "I think this is what would do. I would have thought it was possible to change it on the fly, but apparently, no one here knows."
  6. I think this is what would do. I would have thought it was possible to change it on the fly, but apparently, no one here knows. Plus someone even gave me a bizarre answer, which is related to DIY.
  7. Konfig (SO v1) does, but SO v2 does not allow me to change, it shows "Double Glazed" button but insensitive.
  8. I am using SO v2, and I am not going back to the bad, old Konfig. The calculation of the SO v2 algorithm is much better, and I understand why Linn do not allow you guys to fiddle around with it at the moment. But I think that it might be a good idea to give the users some leeway to adjust it in some way.
  9. I guess that you do not use or understand the SO V2? What a bizarre answer with respect to the SO v2 configurations. When you configure your SO, you can add windows, floor, ceiling materials, dimensions, etc. and I notice that I cannot alter the window material from double glazed to single glazed using the SO V2. However, I can with the old Konfig. Unfortunately, the configuration files generated by SO V2 is not compatible with Konfig, so I just cannot download the files to Konfig and make changes.
  10. I am happy to see Linn is Roon compatible, and I think it is Roon's job to make changes to their software such that Linn become Roon ready.
  11. Is there any way to change window glass from double glazed to single glazed?
  12. In 2015, they produced a rather interesting white paper on the subject. Thanks again, I read this white paper carefully, and I think Linn only mentioned the Klimax DSM as a pre-amp? Maybe the ADSM Katalyst achieves more or less the same level of performance as the Linn Klimax with respect to the DCV and Linn should update their white paper?
  13. @DavidHB - Thanks very much for the comprehensive explanation, and this puts my mind at rest, now I think I can link my ADSM directly to my power amp.