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  1. Hello, I am new to the world of receivers and passive speakers. I did research for a couple of months and decided I wanted to listen to both music and movies through a receiver and speakers, versus purchasing a sound bar and sonus speaker. I recently purchased a Denon AVR-X2400H receiver and Klipsch RB-61 II bookshelf speakers during black Friday sales. Due to still deciding if this system was worth the money or if I should return and get a soundbar or powered speakers, I went to a local hi-fi shop to listen to Kef powered speakers. They had just gotten in a pair of used Linn Katan ch\1 speakers which I listened to in the store and took home. I have three questions. I am wondering as used, are they worth an investment of $350? I do not know how old they are, so I am concerned they might not work over time or if this is a good price for used speakers. Second, does the Denon receiver have enough power to get the best sound out of them? I have read they need a lot of power, work best with Linn amps, and I am concerned my receiver isnt a good match. I can't afford a more expensive amplifier. Third, are they a good speaker to use for watching tv, streaming movies through a roku? I have read some reviews saying they are not good for tv or movies. I could eventually get a sub, but I don't think I could afford another Linn speaker. I am loving the sound at home, but being new to this world of higher end audio equipment I am unsure if they are the best fit for what I want to watch and listen to, or the Denon receiver. I am also considering a different speaker, a Klipsc Rp 4000f. Then I would not need a subwoofer. I only have 4 days to decide before I have to return the original Klipsch speakers by the store refund deadline for a full refund. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you