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  1. Southeast

    Cambridge Audio NP30 streamer in black

    Does it play internet radio and can it stream flac files from sites like drop box or sky drive?
  2. Why not wait til you got pictures before posting advert as adverts are meant to be listed with pictures?
  3. Southeast

    Monitor Audio Owners Club

    I love my ma MA5 mk 2. Such a beautiful airy sound and great bass.
  4. Southeast

    Q Acoustic 3020 Speakers

    I Agree.
  5. Southeast

    The Hi-Fi Pub (Cafe, Restaurant...)

    Why do you think it has become that way?
  6. Southeast

    The Hi-Fi Pub (Cafe, Restaurant...)

    Good points.
  7. Southeast

    Budget 2nd System

    Good ideas,as good as mine and cheaper but I do wonder why they chose the name nobsound.
  8. Southeast

    The Hi-Fi Pub (Cafe, Restaurant...)

    There is already such a place in london like that, here is their website
  9. Southeast

    Budget 2nd System

    Amptastic and smsl are great little amps. Temple audios cheap amp is better though but not much in it.I agree Wharfedale diamonds are good speakers And you can buy a new pair from richer sounds for £50 Also they have a Cambridge audio amp for £99 You can add a blue tooth receiver for around a tenner and stream radio or music from your phone.
  10. Southeast

    F S Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cable 5M length pair

    I agree about the higher prices which is why your price is a bargain taking into account the length. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Southeast

    FS chario Syntar 100 speakers

    Thankyou for that, yes they are.
  12. Southeast

    FS Luxman DA-06 DAC

    Anything Jamie owns is top notch stuff Anything he brings to John's bake off always gets my feet tapping.
  13. Southeast

    F S Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cable 5M length pair

    I have nordost gold flatline cable in my system. Really adds clarity. Beautiful cables.
  14. Southeast

    FS chario Syntar 100 speakers

    A lovely pair of Italian speakers from Chario, theses are beautifully made in Italy. The finish is walnut, they are ported at the base of the cabinet with single wire terminals. The speakers come with rubber screw in feet so that they can be used on shelves or units or with stands too. Please have a look at all the images as I have tried to show any points of imperfection. £250 delivered.
  15. You username should be Mr reel to reel because what you do not know about reel to reel is not worth knowing.