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  1. Southeast

    fs Yamaha a-s301 and denon dcd510ae

    amp sold but cd player still for sale
  2. Southeast

    Wanted to Buy

    i am impressed how you guys were able to find out the track as i had no clue how to find that information out.
  3. maybe a bit budget for you guys but it has a great natural sound. i used it via optical connected to my tv and i used the phono stage connected to my turntable. it also sounded good with my cassette deck. it is well looked after and i have the original box still and remote so can post. i have misplaced the manual though. £125 also selling my denon dcd510ae cd player after buying a rega planet from this forum. it is in good condition, i have the remote but not original box. £70 payment via bank transfer or paypal is fine as is collection my location is portsmouth area
  4. Southeast

    Wanted "new" speakers 100/300£

    if you save up a extra 50 euro you can get a brand new pair of wharfedale denton for 349 pounds on ebay.
  5. please someone buy these as a act of mercy. it is torture as i can not afford such beauties but the sheer value for money and the build but out of my range but you know how it is when the itch grabs you. please someone take them out of my way. goodluck mate with the sale. maybe offer a come a listen night
  6. Southeast

    Wanted "new" speakers 100/300£

    hifi hangar have a beautiful pair of monitor audio speakers in their ebay store. they look as good as new boxed for 125 pounds shipping to Portugal 26pounds and you can pay via paypal.
  7. Southeast

    Finally come out of the closet.

  8. Southeast

    Snake oil

    but is it any good, i mean it is only £29.50, now if it was say £3500 and arrived in a solid gold platted tube housed in a wooden box laying on a bed of silk then reserve two.
  9. Southeast

    Finally come out of the closet.

    were you a swinger child?
  10. Southeast

    Finally come out of the closet.

    this made my day, what a laugh it gave me, just goes to show how the use of English has changed, lol
  11. Southeast

    Snake oil

    i agree, the mind plays a part in health, i read a book before named 'minding the body mending the mind' and i think it is the same with hifi. it is why i think at the low end you get often more features then at the high end which sometimes you do not even get a remote. but at the low end the extra features gives you a sense of better value while at the higher end the lack of features gives you the sense of a more pure sound. i do wonder if there is a book on the book of the psychology of hifi and listening.
  12. Southeast

    Finally come out of the closet.

    i miss my Roland rat album i had as a kid, i may go on ebay and see if i can find a second hand copy.
  13. Southeast

    Finally come out of the closet.

    this album is the reason i am a audiophile, so good it is i wanted to hear it at it's best.
  14. Southeast

    WTD: Xiang Sheng 01A DAC

    they ship from hong kong not us though they give the impressiomn of being u. I bought from hong kong dealers , bought a amp and never got hit with any fees but i guess it is a risk plus sending it back can cost alot if doa so i understand your desire to buy uk stock. i guess you could always try a bid on this tube dac. for me the idea of a tube dac sounds odd as in a digital dac with tubes. guess the tubes smooth the sound out. good luck though with your search, im sure in time one will pop up.