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  1. I agree and Jeff is a lovely and helpful guy to deal with
  2. There is a Avi power amp 2000 on ebay for £400 starting bids Item number 123901228101 Postage seems abit high though
  3. I know you are bro but it's yours to borrow if you need it while you wait. May I suggest nordost cable. Also search maze audio on Ebay google as they do very good cable.
  4. I saw a item at a very high price and I sent the seller a message and was informed the price was to put off buyers, when new stock came the price would be set to the real price.
  5. I have some Atlas Equator Bi-Wire It has bananas one end and bananas the other. Is 2 plugs one end and four the other. Each length is roughly 2.5 meters Asking just £45 If you want you can try it out Chris and if you like it then pay me or if it is not your cup of tea just return it.
  6. may i say it has one kick ass solid looking remote and front plate
  7. coming with the turner and lead for 150 this is a great deal
  8. i love the name, voodoo fire dragon.