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  1. Southeast

    Wanted Goertz or electrofluidics cable

    You mean ?
  2. Southeast

    Wtd: cheap amp

    £14.06 Inc delivery Real binding posts, 50watta and built in Bluetooth. If it is any good no idea but for £14.06 not much of a risk You will need a pay like this one
  3. Southeast

    Wtd: cheap amp

    Best bet is gumtree. Also they have a free section.
  4. Southeast

    Wanted - Audio Analogue Puccini amplifier

    Will do Jake. The se version new price was around £1200
  5. Southeast

    Wanted - Audio Analogue Puccini amplifier

    I bought one from eBay but it arrived with a fault so in being repaired and services as I type. mine is a silver se one there was no phono only one, you switch from mm to MC via a switch inside so you have to remove the cover. The difference between the se and standard is the se is due mono so two round power things, it is damn heavy when I get it back I will demo it against my rega and sell the one I like the least. Their is a se one for sale on eBay, silver and they seller has the matching cd player in silver, the cd player is really good, sadly I can not afford it. just search on eBay and you will find it. It is 450 or best offer though the seller lists collection only and as he is in London you may need a wam taxi to help you. in terms of build quality it is very solid and we'll built.
  6. Southeast

    Your Brexit song

    Without using any words share a video or audio of a song that means Brexit for you.
  7. Southeast

    SOLD!!! . Usher Dancer Mini 2 diamond DMDs

    Maybe if you buy them their sexy owner may make you his famous chips.
  8. Southeast

    SOLD!!! . Usher Dancer Mini 2 diamond DMDs

    Yep they are sexy beasts. Just like their owner
  9. Southeast

    2 Behringer A500 reference amps

    bump for a cornish pirate. e rrrrrrr
  10. Southeast

    2 Behringer A500 reference amps

    Good price and if the buyer collected they could enjoy real Cornish pasties.
  11. Southeast

    Angle Audio Audiophile Phono Stage

    good price next to new price. uk made i believe, i would buy but i have a edward audio phono but had this one and it is good.
  12. Southeast

    Quad 303 power amp (Serviced by Quad UK)

    You have to post pictures with adverts Peter. :)
  13. Southeast

    WTB, Valve power amplifier.(Monoblocks)

    no harm is trying, i only also say as a friend has ming da mono blocks and they sound amazing. i am a bit of a fan of ming da as they produce some really good kit acoustic research pre he uses his with and as a combo they sound great so other brands can be matched. plenty of lovely stuff out there, try dealers too as they often have part exchange and second hand gear and you often get a warranty. a dealer may let you try at home on a demo and that could save you money if you end up not liking the sound after a week.
  14. Southeast

    WTB, Valve power amplifier.(Monoblocks)

    maybe as you have their pre amp stick with ming da, they have a uk dealer.