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  1. badgerchap

    Hard copy / download / stream?

    I have to disagree - I’m a PhD student (mature, apparently) and spend a lot of time with undergrads or ‘proper’ PhD students. Music is definitely still there, but it’s taken for granted a little. Just think, they’re born into a time where the Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Queen, MJ, Elvis, etc etc etc..... have already happened. They’re not talking about it feverishly because it’s history. Look instead at what is new and “exciting” (cough). They hardly have much to get excited about! I think that for kids there is SO MUCH music, and it’s everywhere at the flick of a finger, they don’t need to talk about it in the same way as previous generations. Why bother talking, when your phone will choose for you?! Mad world.
  2. badgerchap

    Hard copy / download / stream?

    This didn’t used to bother me as I only listened to artists who didn’t really need any more £££! These days though I find myself listening ever further from the beaten track (ba-dum) and small artists really must be supported - otherwise they may never get the chance to be in the position not to care!
  3. badgerchap

    Hard copy / download / stream?

  4. badgerchap

    Hard copy / download / stream?

    Ah, cassette tapes! Now that was an interesting medium. There are still tracks that I hear from my youth and wonder where the big bendy noises have gone! Damned CDs and their lack of stretch 😂
  5. badgerchap

    Hard copy / download / stream?

    Today in the news (or yesterday) came the perhaps unsurprising revelation that CDs were plummeting in sales, along with downloads, and vinyl sales were plateauing, with streaming dramatically increasing. I don’t know why, but I really dislike streaming. I do it, but only to try stuff out before I buy it for real. I’m happy to download, as long as I’ve paid for it, but I just seem to have an in-built dislike of anything I don’t really own. I felt the same about dodgy pirate discs as a kid, and stuff taped off the radio. I just don’t enjoy listening to music if it’s not actually mine. Does anyone else feel like this, or am i just weird?
  6. badgerchap

    Newbie Intro's

    Thanks for the welcome wino2020! My main ethos is budget - we’ve just had twins, so there’s not a lot of spare for kit. Currently using an iPad into the Rotel, alongside an Aiwa PX-E850 turntable which I acquired at the local tip for the princely sum of £3! May not be top of the range but at that price I’m delighted. Speakers are Sony SS-CCP1s (also from the top for £3), which will be the first thing to change! I have my eye on some missions or mordant shorts. Want a graphic equaliser next, but haven’t looked into it yet. I’m really here to learn. I’m a physicist by day, but have had very little to do with electronics. I’m interested in kicking around with custom FPGA based gubbins, and perhaps speaker design, but that will be a way off yet!
  7. badgerchap

    Newbie Intro's

    Hi all, Complete audio noob here. Sick of tinny sound, rubbish bass and not being able to hear all of the Floyd’s widdly bits. Just waiting for delivery of my first amp (£30 Rotel RA921) which may not be about to make headlines, but will beat the pants off the early 2000s powered PC speakers I am currently forced to endure! Hoping you guys don’t end up persuading me to spend too much money (but not hoping that hard!). Thanks! Badgerchap