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  1. C4Y Elletto “Custom Ultimate Edition" RCA interconnects with GALLO/JET™ conductors and Distubo™ dielectric system. This is a “Custom Ultimate Edition" release! Very organic and three-dimensional sound! Personal pick up and sound demonstration is recommended! Lenght 1 m. Superb condition. Complete with C4Y package and certification. Retail new: 8.190€ Price: 2.800€
  2. Audio X-treme XS “Limited Edition" is a next generation audio loudspeaker cable with Dissolid™ dielectric technology that delivers a full three-dimensional sound spread capable of reproducing natural acoustic space with an ultra depth, richness and the dynamic range of the fully organic sound. Personal pick up and sound demonstration is recommended! Lenght 2.4 m. Very nice condition. Retail new: 3.290€ Price: 1.850€
  3. Petrik Audio Specialties K.O. One Class A stereo power amplifier with integrated Mixys™ P.A.H.Q. circuit (don´t need a preamplifier to play it). This is a very audiofile release! Sounds superb and very organic. The Audiophile Edition of P.A.S. Class A amplifier could be the most natural sounding audio amplifier you've ever heard. Personal pick up and sound demonstration is recommended! Power output: 2 x 40 Watts class A Dimensions: 170x430x470 mm Weight: 31 kg Retail new: 26.800€ Price: 6.800€
  4. Audica

    Cardas Cross

    Cardas Cross interconnects, Cardas GRMO RCA plugs factory terminated. Very good condition. Lenght 0,5m (pair). Comes with original plastic bag and manual with serial number. Retail price: €800,- Price now: €450,-