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  1. Robthechemist

    For sale very rare Proac Studio 3 speakers £2200

    Thanks, I tried to post pictures but there is a 2mb limit and every photo I had was 4mb, suppose I could try invidual pdf photos. How do you know if drivers don't work? They sound fine to me. My father in law used them daily for about 5 years then downsized and gave me all the kit and it just just got occasional use after that.
  2. Robthechemist

    For sale very rare Proac Studio 3 speakers £2200

    As I said, I don't know about hi-fi. Assuming that they can be replaced, so that would be roughly what about £300 for both?
  3. I am selling my late father in laws beloved HIFi system as it is not being used and apart from the money, I would like someone to enjoy the sound it can deliver. The speakers are in good condition but not mint, they are 1980s i believe. They sound excellent, listening to a CD on an Arcam Delta 170.3 CD transport (also for sale) and an Arcam Delta 110 digital preamplifier, with a cambridge A100 100W power amp. All the kit is for sale and the amps etc will be on other listings. I really do not want to post these speakers if I can help it, but do have a friend who delivers around the UK most weeks so if he is passing near you it could be arranged for a price. They, and all other kit, are located in Stoke on Trent. Please do not ask me any technical questions as I don't have a clue, they work fine and i've had them for over 15 years using them usually at Christmas to listen to a CD, I know it's criminal. I do not have the stands or any packaging. speakers and cab.pdf