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  1. This is a special live album on 2CDs or 3 LPs. The recording and SQ are outstanding. Co Album. Released
  2. Like I said Its a expensive Cash Cow Release for people with more money than sense. I would of bought it a few years ago as a completest But have more sense now and hate getting up and down after two tracks to turn a record over. Ive done nearly 20 miles this year just getting up and down to turn records over according to my Apple Watch.
  3. Brilliant Classic Film. It cost less to make than the model shark cost to build for Jaws. Just Incase it ever gets asked on a quiz show!
  4. Love this album and band. Big thanks to who ever it was on here that first posted about Soup.
  5. Anything Can Happen In the next Half Hour.
  6. How/why does one half speed remaster a digital recording? Totally Pointless exercise.
  7. My favourite live album and band find of this year 2019. Still a few weeks to go tho'
  8. Thing about that brilliant album is It was a digital recording only ever put out on CD for years . Then a couple of years ago AP released it for the first time ever on vinyl. It sounds really good but not worth the extra money if you have a quality CDP orTransport or DJB. 4x 200g Half Speed LPs is a cash cow. Half speed means fook all Its a digital recording. No tape was involved.
  9. Really good album. Dont expect a quality book though. looks better in your picture than in reality. Same goes for the CD that keeps going up and down in price from very expensive to normal to very expensive again . Dont understand why because it's just a cheap thin cardboard sleeve slot for CD and slot for pamphlet aka booklet ????
  10. Two of my all time favourite British Reggae bands and two of the best Live reggae albums of all time. Hard pushed to choose between these two .
  11. Ive got all except 7 and 4 sir. 8 No 6 is right out.
  12. Another exceptional sounding live album. John managed to record three really good quality Live albums before it all went a bit Pete Tong.
  13. This is a exceptional sounding live album on vinyl and CD.
  14. This is my most played and favourite Live album from my favourite live band. Probably being at the recording of it on a Saturday night in May 1975 at Hammersmith Odeon has a lot to do with it. I was at Led Zeppelin concerts at Earls Court on the Friday before and on the Sunday after. The SAHB walked it.
  15. The best ever is a hard to fill option. Good and great is easier. This is still up there and J B's best IMO and he's probably done more live albums than most. Live From Nowhere in Particular Limited 180gram 2LP Set by Joe Bonamassa Release Date: 10 November 2012 Format: LP Double Vinyl Label: Provogue £14.99 Add to Wish List