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  1. I have driven my 140s with a Majik DSi and a Majik 6100. The uppgrade from passiv to aktiv was huge (but not even close to going Exakt).
  2. Oops.... That would be kind of 40% of the retail price of a new sub... I found the problem, someone did a pisspoor job when they replaced two capacitors... two bad solder joints... One had solder all over the place (on another circuit than it was supposed to) and the other one was a cold soldering that didn't hold up when the sub started to play properly (I heard one BluRay, just one - but it was a good one). Toto - Live in Montrauex, from 1993 with Jeff Porcaro on the drums, just a year before he passed away. Anyway - I think that I will look at other options, and one alternative is to make the Linn somewhat of a bastard with another amp attached to it.
  3. And then there was problems. To cut a long story short - the amplifier in the sub need replacement..... I bought it from a person WHO had it repaired but it didnt hold up.... so - what the damlage to replace the amp in the majik126 sub 😫
  4. Yup. Have read that you were pleased with it so thats why I dared to buy the 126 and the 112s to try... So I should actually say thank you timster for the advices in the thread 👏
  5. A couple of weeks ago I got my hands on some used speakers. A Majik 126 and three Majik 112. All in White... As I have White 140s I couldn`t resist it. Drove 400km to get them, and then back home again. Just got my hands on a secondhand Pioneer Sc-1223. Sending center, sub and surround from the AV receiver and the fronts to the aedsm (via Exaktbox and 140s). Very happy with it. watched/listened to ”the dirt” on Netflix yesterday. I`m very pleased with it. Later I played Joe Cockers Live in Dortmund....pity that the neighbours were home. now it seems I need to reorganize the living room, not everyone likes cables all over the room.....🤔
  6. Sony SRS-X9, and a Raspberry Pi3 as Roon endpoint connected to USB.
  7. Ah... have to try it then. I have an older pioneer reciever upstairs, but it doesnt have pre out.... missed an earlier sale on marantz nr1508.... but I will look at what my lokal stores have in stock after the new year. happy new year to all of you!
  8. I have been looking for a solution to integrate Linn Exakt fronts (AEDSM, MEI, M140) and non-linn center and surround. My understanding is that you have to be able to set a delay that is 0 ms for the fronts and then 40ms for the center (which is the time it take for the exakt engine to process the sound), and additional delays for the surround channels. 40ms is roughly 12m distance and I have just found 1 manufacturer that will allow you to do that - and that is Rotel. And they will not let you do it on the latest versions of hardware..... I have just found a used receiver for sale and wondering if I should buy it or not.....
  9. Hi, I did just that last year - moved from a MDSI with the inbuilt headphone amp to a AEDSM with no headphone socket. I was very pleased with the sound of it through a pair of Sennheiser HD650. In the end I bought a Schiit Jotunheim (for the possibility to drive it balanced) and a Modi2 multibit dac. I liked the Modi2 better than a Project Dac (with better specs from a technical standpoint... ESS9038 etc...). There is something with the little Schiit that makes it sound so, so good.... The sound from AEDSM--> Modi2 --> Jotunheim is very, very good. Can't say that I miss the old gear...