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  1. Thanks all for the suggestions! I was hoping not to need a separate box to do this, but will take this solution into account if I don't get on with the mentioned amplifiers. It is weird that this arrangement used to be normal in vintage hifi and is now so uncommon. I already have the speaker wire in the walls and ceiling, so my preference is to use one amplifier for both sets of speakers. Adding active speakers and a separate preamplifier is not my preferred option as I am trying to get the boxcount down. Thanks for the suggestions, if anyone has more, keep 'em coming! I stumbled upon the Marantz PM11 series yesterday, now discontinued but might be found somewhere ex-demo...
  2. Hello all I am having a hard time finding integrated amplifiers that have two sets of speaker terminals. I would like to be able to drive two sets of speakers, one in the living room, another in the kitchen. Apart from Accuphase and Luxman (which are out of my pricerange), I can't seem to find many options. I now use a Marantz PM 6005 and wanted to start auditioning for an upgrade. My budget would be 3000€. Other requirements: - MM phono stage built in - Good power supply as I will run both pairs of speakers together once in a while I am actually pretty happy with the sound from the Marantz, but have not heard to many other soundsignatures. I will definitely audition before buying, this is purely to get a list of candidates. Speakers are Focal Aria 906's but might switch to floorstanders over time. Thanks for the suggestions! Casper
  3. A bit too late now, but for anyone in the future with the same question: - -
  4. I use the Aria 906 with a Marantz 6005 amplifier and have always been very happy with the result. Though to be fair, it is my first setup and I have not heard many other setups. When I bought them I found them much more lively then the B&W 685s2, which I found very dull in comparison. Bass for a speaker that modest is good as well!
  5. Do the different filters have an impact on this? I would expect there to be one filter that would be less tiring on the ears?
  6. I have been doubting getting me one and just pulled the trigger, hope I'll be happy with it!
  7. Hi all Still on my first setup: - Marantz PM6005 amp - Marantz CD6005 - Marantz ST6003 tuner (I still listen to FM radio a lot of the time) - Focal Aria 906 on stands - Analogue works TT1 with Jelco SA-750 tonearm and Audio Technica 150SA cart I really enjoy it! We recently moved and the setup is now in a very large room, speakers playing across so not filling the room with sound. I am therefore thinking of changing amplifier and speakers (later on).
  8. Certainly, you can't buy one of these (including arm and cart) for £1000?
  9. Analogue Works TT1 + Jelco SA-750 + Audio Technica 150 sa/mlx Oops, this goes in the £2500 category!
  10. I understand that wireless speakers are another way to go, but I already have the wires in place. They are in the ceiling corners. I was therefore mostly considering more conventional speakers.
  11. Hi everyone! New to the forum here, but I used to browse the WhatHiFi-forum before that closed down. I was hesitant to join a new forum, but now I have a question worth asking! My girlfriend, newborn daughter and I recently moved to a new house. The living room is a lot larger and my speakers (Focal Aria 906) are not able to fill the entire ground floor, including the kitchen. This is one big open space btw. Because I value my life, I will not try to convince my girlfriend that I just need bigger speakers as she's already starting to question the positioning of my current standmounters. One of the previous owners installed audio cables in the walls and there are two places in the kitchen in the ceilingcorners, which could be used to hang new speakers for sound in that part of the space. I however have no experience with wallmounting speakers, but suspect that the speakers need to specifically designed to function properly. Two questions: 1. Could you suggest good wallmount-speakers in the sub 500€ category (per pair)? I like the Focal sound, but am open to all suggestions. 2. I now have a Marantz PM6005 amp. Will it be able to simultaneously feed sound to two pairs of speakers? Or can I only play 1 pair at a time? If not, will another stereo amp be able to this? Is it a matter of power? Impedance? What should I look out for? Thanks for the suggestions! Casper
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