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  1. samd

    Favourite female singers

    Adna, Kristina Train, Eva Cassidy, Beth Rowley, Fenne Lily, Our Nora, Elkie Brooks
  2. samd

    Random image of the day 3

    Yes, it does look a nice place!
  3. samd

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    Truly brilliant catch!
  4. samd

    Do your “standards” go higher as you upgrade?

    Straight answer for me is 'Yes'. Very similar in many respects (for me) to increasing standards for car purchases. As earning power increases over time, better cars show better performance and that becomes the new benchmark to improve on. Still looking for a car capable of cornering on 2 wheels.
  5. samd

    Help needed in USA.

    Another long shot may be someone here with a 3d printer?
  6. samd


    Very useful - thanks. Did you notice I said tow-in - that's the caravanner in me!
  7. samd


    Fred Drift but hey ho! How much have you messed about with tow-in please? I've tried a few angles but still keep coming back to firing straight ahead which, for me, gives a slightly better sound stage. Maybe I should re-run room correction after every move but I have little time left over after turd-polishing
  8. samd


    That's interesting and a darn good job we're not all the same! Big is certainly the case but the style was a clincher for both of us - I water at the mouth without turning them on (or me!). A negative I have not mentioned is their ability to identify poor recordings more readily. I have tried re-flac-ing and pushing the cd through Oppo and neither work. Luckily only on a few Cds and none are favourites.
  9. samd


    500's are excellent! I, in a previous life(!), spent hours and far too much money in mainly a duty-free environment chasing hifi excellence with a divorce putting an end to all that but left that era with a bit of knowledge of speakers. Determined this time not to step on same treadmill but have gone through the QA range (3010s, Concept 40s and now 500s) and I think they are all real value for the cost. I also recognise that my Anthem Room Correction has helped significantly.
  10. samd


    Very much like yourself in space etc restrictions and have sold off 2 channel amp, previous AVR etc in favour of current setup taking on both duties. I also have the 20s as rears but no atmos. No regrets whatsoever and the clincher, for me, is that I have no desire to do any further upgrades (at the moment!!)
  11. samd

    No 1 single when you were born

    Correct but this site will give you the popular one's before that: Here's mine!
  12. samd

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    The oldest man who ever lived, died before his father.* *Biblical 'fact'
  13. samd

    Genres not usually associated with a artist

    Jim Reeves - Funk me!
  14. samd

    PP's weekend quiz

    Bakelite but clearly wrong. Given your 'tradename' could it be from the B & Robin TV series
  15. samd

    PP's weekend quiz