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  1. samd

    No 1 single when you were born

    Correct but this site will give you the popular one's before that: Here's mine!
  2. samd

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    The oldest man who ever lived, died before his father.* *Biblical 'fact'
  3. samd

    Genres not usually associated with a artist

    Jim Reeves - Funk me!
  4. samd

    PP's weekend quiz

    Bakelite but clearly wrong. Given your 'tradename' could it be from the B & Robin TV series
  5. samd

    PP's weekend quiz

  6. A 500GB credit card-sized Samsung portable SSD is about £80 on offer with Amazon!
  7. Brilliant precis. The man has some gall but it's mostly bladder!
  8. samd

    Instant Kwoffee

    Fred drift but I have a bean to cup (love it) but manual says use dual wall basket for pre-ground coffee yet with the range of grind fineness/courseness available from the machine, somewhere in that range will surely be a grind equivalent to that of any particular pre-ground coffee when single wall is OK - why? Gee I've just re-read that - does it make any sense?
  9. samd

    PP's weekend quiz

    Sean Connery in all three films and Ricky Gervais comes from Reading and he's odd!
  10. samd

    Random image of the day 3

    Made me smile
  11. samd

    PP's weekend quiz

    Agreed but never doubted you. It was merely that (only?) the English could have a diminutive two letters (Mollie) longer than its source!
  12. samd

    PP's weekend quiz

    Ah the english language! 5 letters is a diminutive of 4 letters
  13. samd

    Cable question (groan)

    Gnome Guard? That's Mainwearing a bit thin!
  14. If flacced with dBpoweramp,using Explorer and hovering mouse over a track will show under the heading 'Contains' whether or not album art is present
  15. samd

    NAS me peeps!

    I have a CXN and Synology NAS and the two work 'in perfect harmony'! You are correct in that you can log on to your NAS through any internet connection and Synology, as others, have cloud services in addition. USB is an option but not one I have explored - I had the NAS pre-CXN. The CXN has its own app for accessing and playing music and it works well.