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  1. Can I please turn this question on its head? Some time in the past, I must have ripped many CDs to flac (dbpoweramp) and used some dsp which when I now look at the tracks shows Album Gain amounts with different amounts even in individual discs of a set. How can I tell whether these were hard coded through Vol Normalise or through tags please and if the former it's a re-rip - lovely!
  2. Almost! WAV only has 3 letters - clearly lossy!
  3. Following for sale but as no packing would have to be collection in Chesterfield Derbyshire. BK Electronics XXLS400 Forward Firing subwoofer (see HERE) in matt black but without packing - bought Dec 16 - £200 ONO.
  4. samd


    J. I suppose gobsmacked is an oft-used and over-used word but it's accurate here as they keep revealing new passages in what I thought were well known pieces. I am really very pleased and am not missing my BK subwoofer at all. Good old Santa!
  5. samd

    Madness......on the BBC

    best ever version of Hallelujah and Lilac Wine not bad either.
  6. samd

    Madness......on the BBC

    Do you mean Jess Glynne? If so she sang 3rd track here
  7. The Denon can certainly do a good job of upscaling but common thinking is that nearly always best for TV to do that job.
  8. samd

    Blue Tooth Powered Speakers

    Bose Mini Soundlink II - I use one in our caravan - surprisingly good if you can stretch to £140.
  9. samd

    What's in your loft ?

    Couple of Morris Minor Traveller rear doors, some MG stuff and other spares and other stuff 'that'll come in'
  10. I have the following items for sale, all of which are in excellent unmarked condition and include original packing, manuals etc. 2 of Q Acoustics Stereo Speakers Concept 40 (see HERE for latest price) in black/silver - bought Feb 2018 - £400 ONO - Saving £400 1 of Q Acoustics Centre Speaker Concept 40 (see HERE) in black/silver - bought Feb 2018 - £100 ONO - Saving £100 Both the above collected from Chesterfield Derbyshire for £450
  11. Thanks. Yes you are all right of course! I'll have to buy a 10m Tosser. I haven't listened to the Oppo via analogue 'cos that would be stereo only and would add a third 'configuration' for Oppo to the remote control arrangements i.e. 'No TV and No SACD' along with currently: 'No TV for CD and SACD' 'TV for BD/DVD' The Treasurer already struggles with two!