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  1. With the title leading with bake-off, I assume there were "magic" (or should that be majik) brownies involved. They work wonders with perceived sound quality making iPhones sound better than anything you have ever heard... Thanks for the laugh Paul.
  2. I streamed this song many times after losing a loved one.
  3. I do love PNW native artwork. I'm not sure I'll be able to attend the Definitive Audio “Music Matters” event this year. A lot going on at work and home just now but I have registered.
  4. Thanks picknight. The Strat is surf green which is hard to tell from my photo. I have found that it’s extremely important to have the Ninkas as stable as possible to keep the deep bass clean. I used to have them just in front of the hearth until Space Optimisation helped with the room modes allowing me to control the increased bass with them so close to the wall. How far from the wall are yours?
  5. Thanks Paul but my explanation was not very good. The tiles are part of the hearth grouted on top of brick work. I will try the Gunstigs under the skeets. I’ve much enjoyed you posting your various tweaks. They have made interesting reading and caused me to make improvements to my system 🎶
  6. The Ninkas are actually sitting on tiles in front of the hearth. I have been meaning to try your Gunstig suggestion but have yet to make it to Ikea. I’ve also been planning to try some thin cork mats. Have you found the best benefit using just the Gunstigs?
  7. The piano does double duty holding the “now playing” album cover. The album is “The Culprit’s Blues” by Nick Culp. Unfortunately the piano gets little use nowadays and only plays along when someone much better than I has a go.
  8. I should have taken a clue from Kelly and dusted...the piano hasn't been used in over a month!
  9. My system, tight fit in the corner!
  10. Yep, hunkered down listening to a lot of albums I haven't listed to in years!
  11. I finally received my LP12 with Lingo 4 and am very impressed. The sound quality is even better than anticipated
  12. Worth a shot but disappointing. It certainly seems that Linn should just replace your Lingo 4. Best of luck.
  13. I only just got my LP12 with Lingo 4 so don't have much experience but did have an issue strait away running at 45. Called my dealer in a panic thinking of your issue as described in this thread. The guy who built my deck said that they actually returned the first three Lingo 4 units they received thinking them defective as they would not lock on 45. The solution he provided was to run the deck at 33 for at least 3 hours or over night. He said this will calibrate the Lingo 4. I took his advise and ran at 33 for about 5 hours then switched to 45 and ran for another 3 hours. It has worked flawlessly since though that is less than a week. I thought I would share my experience in case you hadn't tried running it in yet.
  14. To throw another variable into the equation, was the DSM or an Exakt component restarted during the evaluation process? I have often noticed over the years that a restart of my DSM results in an improvement in sound quality. It’s not huge but noticeable. I've taken to restating at least once a week. It is a computer after all. I did hear a slight degradation between 67 and 68. I increased the absorption of the partitions that I use for a hallway and opening to another room by one notch in SO v2 and am happy with the result. Installing the latest Konfig version did not change the sound as far as I could hear. Happy listening 🎶
  15. It looks like you really take care of things! Philips GP 390?