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  1. ...........Strange that you place so much emphasis on the actual sound coming from them both. I assumed that from recent posts the sound was secondary to the electronics involved. I am sure you will soon be inundated with replies from people saying the iPhone is far superior due to some wave formation emitting from some wiring. But each to there own I guess.
  2. This phenomenon is universal on Internet Forums. If ignored they soon go away.
  3. I see that the first bid is already in. Might be worth having a sweepstake for the final price. I reckon it might finish around £550
  4. PAUL................While you have been wandering around IKEA over the years, purchasing various rubber and silicone products, perhaps you have bumped into this chap. He has used even more IKEA products (SKADIS/etc. PIN BOARDS) as sound acoustic diffusers. for very little outlay. In my opinion every version of acoustic panels have the same characteristics - they are OVERPRICED + UGLY................these have the advantage of being CHEAP + UGLY, but each to there own I guess. Who thought that the place to get you latest audio upgrades of all types these days would not be a flash High Street Audio Dealership.................but a big warehouse on an industrial/retail park.
  5. Lets say you would be happy with £400............Put it on EBAY with £400 as the minimum bid for the first week.............it might sell.................if no,next week put it at a minimum of £350.................etc................Whatever state its in its got to be worth a few hundred for parts.............or basis for a rebuild/refurbish. If I was looking for such a project I would be willing to pay a few hundred for it.
  6. Just had a quick scan of EBAY, plenty to look at............cheapest £280 (with three days to go of the auction) to £10,000 for mint one sold by HI-Fi store.
  7. HI..............You will get plenty of informed opinion from LP12 owners on here. Price will depend on cosmetic condition and if it works ! First port of call for possible price is EBAY to see if anything similar on offer. I have seen them from £400 to £20,000 on EBAY so its going to be worth something.............do not take it down to the tip !!
  8. if its an EBAY purchase you can get the money back from the seller via EBAY procedures, as its not working at all. Just out of interest was it one of those three that one seller advertised last week ? They all went at very reasonable prices i think. But not reasonable if it does not work I suppose.
  9. Yes, I had noticed them getting cheaper and cheaper on EBAY. Often sold in multiple lots, I think there was a lot of three for £100 the other week. I have seen them in the flesh and they seem sturdy and solidly built as all LINN stuff.
  10. Does seem a tad expensive. In the UK they can go for prices between £100 and £300, depending on condition. But less would have gone to the USA so prices may be higher due to relative scarcity.
  11. Just have a look what the EBAY prices are. This will give you a feel what the MARKET thinks is the value price. There are eight or so on there at present, a couple might be near the age/usage of yours to give you some clues.
  12. In relation to this subject i happened upon a video on the internet yesterday regarding this subject. The interviewer was a Hi-Fi writer/blogger and the interviewee was a top record producer. The record producer was of the opinion that 80% of the sound quality when you are listening, whether at home or at a concert, is down to the SPEAKERS. As he said, "its all really just about moving air about" and that is the job of the speakers. He was also dismissive of expensive HI-FI equipment (sorry LINN hi-end buyers on here). He said anything over a £1,000 system for home use and you are in the territory of "Snake Oil salesmen" (his words, not mine). This did not go down well with the interviewer who admitted to a £40,000 main system, and a few others of similar ilk at home.The Record Producers opinion was that all the rest of the equipment did was really "move electricity around". I suspect his views will not be agreed upon here, but it confirms the Speakers importance, which was reflected in many peoples previous posts on this thread.
  13. HI RONNIE..........Thanks for the link. It plays fine through my computer via CHROME. Good link as it shows track information on the page. This is the MAIN MIX stream. Are there similar streams for the other 3 x MIXES they broadcast in the same format ?.................Or, if anyone else has them.
  14. CABLETIE..............The LINN DS INDEX page...................pages seem OK............sadly 300+ pages to slog through as the SEARCH FACILITY will not work I assume. https://web.archive.org/web/20160326032026/http://forums.linn.co.uk/bb/forumdisplay.php?fid=3&page=303