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  1. I am no Luddite myself but is this not just another case of HI-FI getting over complicated ( as per cars/microwaves/TV /etc.) which is all well and good when they work...........but ! I am sure lots of people on here started by getting an LP out of its sleeve, putting it on the deck and listening. It went through three stages (deck/amp/speaker) so trouble shooting was essentially quite simple. With Hi-FI now I suspect you might be going through 6/7/8 separate stages/software/hardware before the sound comes out of the speakers. And it only takes a glitch in one stage/process for it all to go terribly wrong. Things are only getting more complicated so the trend is not going to stop. Just food for thought before you think of investing 20 or 30 grand in a shiny LINN system. And before the criticism comes along I do not advocate a return to us all buying a Dansette for simplicity's sake.
  2. IBOD..........................Our posts crossed, good luck.
  3. .......................last digit different, but might be interchangeable ? Not sure what you are willing to pay either ?
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LINN-KABER-BASS-DRIVE-UNIT-SPKR007-4/254289387518?hash=item3b34d41ffe:g:p9kAAOSwaMtcnKfd
  5. HI SUNBEAM.....................Its called AMAZON (and other similar companies) where there is normally a 100% FREE RETURNS POLICY. You do the demo yourself on the coffee grinder. That is not what the companies set up the facility for, but its what everyone does. As an aside there is an expensive Bed Mattress advert on UK TV that sends the mattress to you by courier and you "test" it for 100 nights. If you do not like,it you return it at no charge.This is another "demo at home" product, but my query would be, what happens to the "pre-owned" mattress on its return to the seller ?? Not a pleasant thought IMO. Even EBAY would struggle to sell "Pre-owned bed mattresses".
  6. PETER.................So the future is here faster than I postulated. I suspect it will not be confined to one supplier/product. A bit like a Mobile Hi-Fi Dealer, that comes to you, rather you having to visit him at his shop. This is the trend in every other market, so I see no reason this sector is different.
  7. TIMSTER .................SO is specific to LINN products and I was alluding to all the market. Lets assume 5/10 years down the line you have shortlisted 10 possible Speakers, 10 possible Amps and 10 possible "source" products (different manufacturers).............................thus 1,000 possible combos. At present impossible to compare physically (however great your Dealer is ! ). My possible future is a "pick+mix" solution via the Internet where you can "test" the sound of any combo remotely. That's just off the top of my head, the future may bring anything. But IMO it will not involve bricks and mortar Hi-Fi Dealers. And remember, 99.9% of the Market is not looking for "amazing" sound, especially @ LINN silly prices.
  8. MARTIN......................Not now.............but who knows what will be possible via the internet in 5/10 years time ? Hundreds of posts on this Forum prove that people cannot agree how sound/music can be categorized in any standardized way. Its mostly down to individuals hearing and tastes. But in the future who knows if some Algorithm via the Internet will emerge so that people can "customize" the sound they want remotely and this can be programmed into the software of the equipment. Just a thought, but who knows what is possible ?
  9. And...................If you do venture into a High Street Hi-Fi Dealer today, its middle-age/old men, trying to sell products to middle-age/old men. The demographics and gender bias also point to the end of the road for the present economic model.
  10. I see no reason why HI-FI DEALERS (High-End or not) are a special case from the shift in consumer behavior. Two possible possibilities that will replace them : (1) Equipment bought to your home, and set-up so you can check in-situ if if its for you. (2) If you are only interested in the SOUND QUALITY of different systems/components some form of HIGH QUALITY INTERNET BASED listening/audition capability so you can check the differences in sound of different components. Might be a bit radical for this forum but who predicted even 5/10 years ago STREAMING would be top dog now even in the audiophile segment. The days of making a special journey to a shop and going into a room where components are changed around for you are numbered. Simple economics show that paying to own/rent a shop are a last century concept for all but a special few niche markets.
  11. Within a few years all High Street Hi-Fi Dealers will be culled along with 90% of retail outlets. The Internet will gobble them all up. Only "destination outlets" will still trade from bricks and mortar sites, I suspect Harrods will be one of these survivors.
  12. And for those who never thought of SEAGRASS from IKEA : Especially good for those who are more interested in numbers, than the actual sound coming from your system, there are lots of graphs and numbers to study.
  13. ...........Strange that you place so much emphasis on the actual sound coming from them both. I assumed that from recent posts the sound was secondary to the electronics involved. I am sure you will soon be inundated with replies from people saying the iPhone is far superior due to some wave formation emitting from some wiring. But each to there own I guess.
  14. I see that the first bid is already in. Might be worth having a sweepstake for the final price. I reckon it might finish around £550