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  1. Rayymondo

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Space is and issue but shouldn't be prohibitive, just means a bit or research and finding products that fit. I live pretty much in one room now which is why I have small bookshelf speakers that work well near a wall, and have only an integrated and a streamer that sit side by side on top of a wooden chest. My "shelf space" is full. I lived in a static caravan for 10 years and even there I managed to get a system in place, again using streamers and smaller sized products (Linn Sneaky in main room and Linn Classik in the bedroom) and had Audio note ANK speakers on the little built in shelves in the corner of my main "room". I often wondered how many other people have such relatively high quality systems in their caravans or if I was alone!
  2. I've never looked at any measurements and probably never will but in my experience well designed MOSFET amps can be lovely sounding, with some of the lushness and warmth of valve but without the hassle (unless of course you like and enjoy valves then it isn't a hassle of course) I have a wonderful sounding SS MOSFET amp by Perreaux , and if the EAR sounds similar then would definitely be worth a punt. Can you return it if you don't like it?
  3. Yes they do, I recommend their 4 star products - they're a much safer bet
  4. I always prefer the components where WHF deduct a point for product being "too polite" or " not quite lively enough"; they suit me just fine
  5. I once had a job soundproofing peoples houses (or more often flats) by spraying some material (can't quite remember what it was but it) under the floorboards. It's a relatively easy job but not sure you can do it yourself as there was a big pump and blowing system to get the stuff into all the corners. Although probably not that cheap it could be worth doing if you are the owner or if the owner doesn't mind. See if there are some soundproofing contractors in your area. Providing of course you have floorboards and a void below......
  6. There is likely to be a Bow Technologies Wazoo XL amp on the second hand market in the next couple of days. Don't think you would ever get bored again with ones of these, you will find details that you never new existed, can rediscover your collection . Will be well under budget too.
  7. Many thanks for the replies I would suggest maybe that DJK could create a separate SO for doors open and doors shut, it's only a case of saving as..... and easy to load when you want to change from one to another Ray
  8. Hi guys Does anyone have any advice in adding a little bass in SO apart from the obvious bass shelf option? Being small bookshelf speakers I always think they could do with a little boost in this area, but not to the extent of adding a sub, which I really don't want to do ( tried one before and could never quite get it dialled in!) I am wondering what frequencies to play around with and guess this must be dependant on the speakers in question. I am talking about bass guitars and the like and not sub bass that I know they aren't capable of anyway My speaker that most of you probably won't be familiar with only go to 58 hz but have a bass port apparently tuned at 60 hz. Does this mean I should be looking at adding a lift in this frequency area or below or above? My lowest room mode is 39 hz, much lower than they actually go - should I even be worrying about these frequencies? Also I am a bit confused If you add or takeaway with the values in the room modes, why are they all showing as minus values when the bass and treble shelves are in positive values! If you have a mode at say -30 db and you adjust it to -20 for example, are you adding (boosting) or subtracting? It's probably obvious to those in the know but after messing around in SO for a couple of years I still don't really know the basics (I have tried reading the posts on SO but they do get a bit complicated!) So I guess I am asking should I be reducing numbers in the calculated room modes or adding them on custom filters / bass shelves? Its not that obvious to me...…
  9. I listen to the vast majority of my music on random / shuffle with my DS streamer. I like not knowing exactly what track is coming next and it means you get to hear the ones at the end as often as you hear the opening tracks. I have found some gems this way that were hidden away at the end of a 20 track compilation. When I have bought a few new albums ( which is quite often) I lob them into a play list and click on random play, love getting to know music this way . Rarely listen to whole albums in their proper sequence . Works for me, that's what I love best about streaming
  10. Class A/B to the best of my knowledge
  11. Thanks Billz , I see the button now ( couldn't really get to it when it was in situ and don't recall ever noticing it before!) Think button was in out position rather than the in position. I have disconnected it now and moved out of system as I feared the worse. Hopefully that was the issue …. if so phew :-). Maybe I'll try it in the system again tomorrow just to be on the safe side ……….
  12. Not sure what I've done but after recently swapping amps around I plugged this one back in to find it's gone very quiet! I checked it through a pre amp and direct to DS and it's the same with both set ups. Have I blown something up?
  13. In my experience people want to modify things to improve upon them. The aim of Hifi as I see it is to get the best sound you can to enjoy your music on.
  14. 2 positive and 2 negative feedback in 12 months isn't a great track record!