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  1. Rayymondo

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    It's actually replaced a Linn amp - the model that followed the Klout (but didn't look half as nice) It's about 3 times the size of a Klout
  2. Rayymondo

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    And Linn have Kazoo app which I could quite easily use with it
  3. Rayymondo

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    Actually mine is the XL version that came after the original , and is 70 watts. Plenty for my little speakers Not 100% sure if Class A or not...… hard to tell from reviews. I've been away since Friday morning so haven't had a chance to play with it yet. It didn't get particularly warm on thurs evening when it was on for a few hours... Will post some findings when I've had a proper listening session, but so far it seem neutral with LOTS of detail and lovely top end and great clarity and speed. All good so far
  4. I actually think the KDS/1 would be more than adequate for me right now. Better start saving ( enjoying the Wazoo so far but not going to sell my 2250/D just yet)
  5. Rayymondo

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    errr yeah, already connected!
  6. Rayymondo

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    Great news, I managed to get it out, with an almighty tug. Then nearly gave myself a hernia carrying 20kg of Bow Technologies Wazoo up my spiral staircase to finally get it in situ. All powered up and running, I've got myself a beer and am now going to sit down and have a listen Thanks for all your posts P.s this is what a Bow Wazoo looks like to anyone that doesn't know
  7. Rayymondo

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    I've sprayed a small amount of WD40 into the connection but so far it's still jammed! Yes it must be the jagged edge of the plug but so far can't shift it. It will turn in either direction but just won't come out. I now have a my replacement amp still in its box as as this rate I don't know when I'll be able to swap them over. I don't do DIY or have tools for stripping and terminating and things so worst case scenario all have to lop the cable off, that must be better than accidentally snapping the plug off!
  8. Rayymondo

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    Many thanks guys, I'll have another look later when I'm home. I'll pick up some WD40 and Deoxit if I can find some! It's moving about half way out and catching so not 100% it's a lubrication issue! If I didn't need to remove them I'd push it back in and forget about it but I have a new amp coming tonight. If I really can't get it out I'll have to cut the cable and get them re-terminated or maybe use bare wire, but I'd much rather get the thing out!
  9. Hi all, Went to remove my speaker cables from my amp binding posts to get ready for the arrival of a new amp and one of the plugs won't come out Very frustrating! Tried with pliers and bare hands and I can't budge it, I'm worried it will snap if I yank it too hard then I will be in trouble It's does come out a few mils and can wiggle it and even twist it but it seems to want to hang on in there. Seems to be catching somewhere! Any tips or ideas please? The plugs are the Hollow BFA Z type ones Thanks
  10. Thanks Bri That's really useful information. I think I will aim to get a Klimax/1 next as at least that will be a bit a move in the right direction from Renew and be a better aesthetic match for the Wazoo. Will also be a bit cheaper than the ADSM. Then I will work towards a ADS or ADSM Katalyst at a later date and when funds permit and when they appear used for an affordable price I have included a picture of a Bow Technologies Wazoo XL in case anyone reading this doesn't know what I'm talking about. Think a Klimax would be a great visual match and hopefully a sonic one too
  11. Thanks Brian, That's really interesting, hearing about the changes between the different Klimaxes . We have spoken before about attenuation and pre amps and things previously on the old forum. It will also depend on cost and what becomes available at the right price It's always good to know what your options are and what might give the biggest improvements Thanks to everyone who's contributed 😀
  12. I don't need digital volume as I already have 2 x preamps ( including the one in my new integrated amp ). So also don't need DSM ( plus Akurate Katalyst dsm will be way over budget) Guess I'm wondering if Klimax DS/1 in its fancy box will sound any better than my Renew DS/0 . My Renew already has dynamic, so was there a SQ improvement between the Klimax DSs apart from the power supply upgrade. If not I'd probably be better waiting until the Akurate Katalyst drops in price a bit (used of course). I understand that the aluminum case will make some improvement but the difference in cost between Renew and Klimax is quite substantial.... Or maybe buy a used Akurate and upgrade to Katalyst? Wonder how long this will be possible? Thanks Ray
  13. Hi all, What if any are the differences between these, is there a difference in sound. I don't have or plan to have an active system, just a very simple system of streamer (Klimax Renew/0) and amps (various including a Bow Wazoo that's on its way as I write). I don't need a DSM at this point. Has anyone actually done a DS/0 DS/1 comparison? Is the difference subtle or obvious? Or should I wait and get an Akurate DS/3 Katalyst (or buy one used and get it upgraded) - would this be better or equal to the above? Would I hear much difference in sound quality between Klimax DS/0 or DS/1 (in Klimax case) and Klimax Renew/0 Providing I keep the Wazoo I would like something that matches it better aesthetically so was looking for something silver and nice to look at but will also be a step up in sound (and not break the bank) thanks Ray p.s I know some of this has been asked before..... but there's no point having a forum if we're not going to use it
  14. Rayymondo

    To treat or not to treat

    My only (limited) experience with PMC is that the bass is good, but that's as far as it goes. I only had the little DB1s, but soon swapped them for something else ( Audio Note I think). The bass was amazing for small speaker but that wasn't enough to keep them, found them lacking in all other areas ( in my system and for my tastes)
  15. Rayymondo

    To preamp or not

    Sorry, just realised I was repeating myself so deleted post!