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  1. Rayymondo

    Anyone used red hill audio?

    I can recommend Fidelity Audio for upgrades and modifications. I bought my pre amp from them, they make them to order, but also do other mods to amps and things. https://www.fidelityaudio.co.uk/hifi-upgrades--tuning-32-c.asp
  2. Rayymondo

    Amp for MA Gold 300 series4?

    Just to throw in a curve ball ……... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Claymore-Amplifier-New-Stock-Inca-Tech-EWA/332676107711?hash=item4d750a8dbf:g:V1oAAOSwRdNbFpuD
  3. So after recently recommending these to someone on a post here, I thought I'd take my own advice (as I doubt no one else does ) and purchase a pair for myself to decouple my standmount speakers from their stands. I was previously using some sorbothane gel pads to secure them. The stands are hand made from solid hard wood ( procured from a local reclaimed timber yard ) and were originally made for me to fit some Audionote AN-K speakers ( so a bit short for my current needs ). The results have been very positive but not exactly what I was expecting. I was only really hoping to tighten up the bass a bit and also raise the tweeter up to more of a level with my ear. So the results so far have included the aforementioned and hoped for tightening of bass, but not necessarily more of it, but more definition and slightly cleaner in presentation. The treble is now also a bit more pronounced with a bit more air and detail. The main difference, that I was not expecting is in the midrange, here there is more detail / information coming through, with an increase of space and separation around instruments. Another layer to the mix has been unearthed, or presented in a way that it has become easier to follow particular instruments or voices. Maybe the biggest bonus in using these platforms is that I can and do now listen at higher volume, with no harshness coming in ( whereas before I sometimes found myself turning down when the mix got a bit congested and shouty) They are not cheap at nearly £200 a pair but for me it has been money well spent and they will certainly be remaining in situ for the foreseeable future Proves to me at least that good isolation / decoupling is definitely worth experimenting with, there are obviously cheaper alternative ways of achieving this but these platforms have taken my speakers to a different level, they have given more than I bargained for . Result
  4. I'm not saying it's easy, like any addiction it's hard to kick. Something we can all aspire to though maybe
  5. Rayymondo

    Blank Canvas

  6. Rayymondo

    Bass gone south

    Or these https://www.primacoustic.com/recoils/
  7. Rayymondo

    Bass gone south

    I'm not claiming it will make a huge difference but I would definitely be using some isolation under your electronics as well as speakers, either a "proper" isolation platform or a DIY job with sorbothane and wooden chopping board for example. Also some sort of risers to separate the two components. Not a miracle cure but might help a bit. Has this issue got worse or always been there? You mention holiday & return, so was it a gradual or sudden deterioration?
  8. Rayymondo

    To preamp or not

    Townshend gear is expensive but does seem to be of very good quality and well engineered ( I have their supertweeters). I would like to here the preamps but won't change mine as am very happy with it. I did look at them at the time but were a bit over budget. Very nice products
  9. At what point do we listen to the music instead of the hifi ……...
  10. Rayymondo

    Wanted - bloody good speakers for little dosh

    Agreed. Put your hand in your pocket man, spend a bit more and you will almost definitely get something better
  11. Rayymondo

    To preamp or not

    Listen with your ears instead of your logical brain would be my advice
  12. Rayymondo

    To preamp or not

    The above may well all be true but you wouldn't want to drive a car with no suspension just so you could feel all the bumps in the road …. No preamp = riding bicycle, feel all the elements on you and every bump in the road. Some will enjoy the excitement of course and relish in the fun element Preamp = driving a car with a roof and suspension, not as exciting or as much fun (arguably) but much more comfortable, especially on a windy or wet day* *(bad recordings for this analogy)
  13. Rayymondo

    To preamp or not

    Hi @Gizza I don't really know what you mean. There is a built in digital volume on some of the Linn DS. I would obviously vary the volume to taste and mood and time of day etc. I guess you are suggesting at higher volume it will sound better due to no bits being "chopped" ? This may be the case but with a 200+ watt amp I couldn't turn the volume up very high without a certain harshness coming through. Some may see that as purely accurate of course and like the immediacy but I found it lacked a certain warmth that I prefer. It also sounded a bit leaner via the digital volume, a bit beefier with more bass via the pre amp. I definitely prefer it that way. Softened the edges I guess so may not be to everyone's taste but I find as I get older I prefer things to sound a bit mellower and easier on the ear. I think the overall balance now tilts a bit to the warm but after living with leaner "cooler" systems previously this comes as a welcome change.
  14. Rayymondo

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    https://www.audiosmile.com/kensai Bit over budget but work close to wall.
  15. Rayymondo

    To preamp or not

    For me, using only a single digital source , an active (analogue) pre was much preferable than going direct from streamer to power amp. Added warmth and body and the boogie factor (musicality if you will). Tried passive ones and found them a waste of time (in my system at least) Wouldn't go back to digital volume now.....