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  1. Rayymondo

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    When a system is revealing then you hear all those bits in a recording that you previously didn't hear (on your less revealing system) or were only discernible as some vague background sounds that you couldn't quite decipher. Also you notice what you thought was one guitar/ keyboard/ voice etc in the background you now realise is 2 guitars (or more). Extra layers in the recoding become apparent Anyone who hasn't experienced this phenonium must have only ever made sideways upgrades and not true ones For me, nearly every true upgrade I've made has resulting in more detail / information ergo the system has become more revealing. It's always been obvious for me, if I can hear MORE elements in the mix, then it has become more revealing, but someone else's even higher end system will probably dig up even more layers of detail ……… that's why we keep spending money
  2. Rayymondo

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    I tried the PMC db1i and although I would agree the bass is amazing for their size, I got rid of mine pretty quickly as found them lacking in other areas. Can't have it all I guess at that budget.
  3. Rayymondo

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    Yes, very good choice if you can find some. I used to have these, great sounding and looking, especially with the matching stands
  4. Rayymondo

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    As a general rule I find that the more money you spend the more revealing / detailed a system is. Although I don't imagine this is always the case but it has been that way for me. Upgrade your speakers: more detail, upgrade your source: more detail, upgrade your cables: more detail???
  5. Rayymondo

    Floor stander Virgin

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neat-IOTA-Xplorer/283412827822?hash=item41fcb88eae:g:D~AAAOSwXoJchj~g&frcectupt=true amazing speakers, look odd but sound great
  6. Rayymondo

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    If you like them get them
  7. Rayymondo

    Recommended Small Speakers?

    I've got the original (non plus) version of those AVIs on my window sill connected to my bedside radio (Linn Classik) They are good but no way worth £700, were about that when new 20 years ago. I would possibly pay about half that for them!
  8. Rayymondo

    Arcam 2 speakers

    Agree that supertweeters may be the way to go. I use the Townshend ones which are excellent but not cheap. Will give the top end a boost. Sure there are other cheaper alternatives (that said I don't do ANY DIY, so my advice is for people like me that would rather stick another box on top than start opening things up and modifying :-) )
  9. Rayymondo

    Laskys and Tandy

    I sure did, I bought me a pair of these bad boys . Had to buy them one at a time, as could only afford them that way so had to have the mono button pressed in on my NAD amp for a couple of months until I could afford to go stereo and buy a second one . Had to carry it home on the bus which was no mean feat as they were massive and weighed a ton (even individually) Obviously not really that good but I loved them as I was young and into reggae at the time! Thy did go quite low as I remember (12 inch woofers)
  10. Ooh did someone mention Bristol, do please let me know if this visit ever materialises
  11. I looked at these when they came out, interesting that they always seem to be at a sale / reduced price. Never actually seem to sell anywhere for their RRP.
  12. Rayymondo

    New documentary on vintage audio

    The only women at hifi shows I've been to have been with their male partners (I have dragged a few along over the years myself). I'd love to think they are out there somewhere though, we can live in hope unless of course it's the aforementioned women that have dragged their male partners along!
  13. Rayymondo

    Class A SET amp/ speaker match question

    Elsdon Wonfor Audio M-50 power amplifiers: Class A Push/Pull with unique sliding bias. https://www.abcaudio.biz/product-page/m-50-power-amplifier One of these might do the job, new amps from Colin Wonfor
  14. Hi David, I think it's the first version of the Renew. I don't have any intention of upgrading though as I went from Sneaky straight to Klimax Renew, after originally looking for a Majik! With the pre amp added it sounds lovely, somehow improved the bass as well, and with some tweaking in S.O it's the best sound I've ever had. Sounds very non-digital! For the money the Renew is a bargain, but I haven't actually compared to any later versions of course. I did hear the new Linn Selekt at the Bristol show which sounded nice, but hard to listen properly in those circumstances Ray
  15. I made my Linn system much smoother and more pleasant to listen to (to my ears at least) by adding an analogue pre amp instead of streamer direct to power amp. Also adding a mains purifying power lead and super tweeters helped with the overall sound. You can also make lots of adjustments in sound optimisation, I added warmth by increasing the bass. Not sure if any of this helps in your situation but I thought I'd share anyway. You really can make big differences with tweaks or changing / adding a component. Ray