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  1. Tendaberry, I checked on the web interface, and I do have the choice! on => "The source is digitised, allowing access to Space Optimisation and Songcast" off => "The source is not digitised, preventing access to Space Optimisation and Songcast" I learn a lot of stuff in this thread :p It makes more sense to me to have that choice on a Linn product. Even though it looks like it's about to disappear. Once I plug my player (in a few months) I will test both settings. Although there's a serious chance it will sound better with digitization and space optimization... As far as SO is concerned: No, I haven't tried modifying gain and width. I'm flying blind here (or deaf?), and this is all quite new to me. But I will try learning a bit more about all this. Thanks again
  2. Nah I dont want to start a debate on my first day :p Sorry about the vocabulary. I know about all this, including the inadequate mastering / bad pressings of the records from the past years (decades?), but I like the idea of playing my old Pink Floyd records on a system that does not digitalize the input (and although it is not compression, I would not call it "lossless" either as there is a loss of information inherent to the process.) I agree to say that most of this is mental / philosophical. But it still makes me sad :p
  3. Thanks for your answers. I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed by this choice. I view turntables at the last real "lossless" audio format (I know it's not actually lossless, but I hope you know what I mean) Now if I understand correctly, my current Majik DSM - although sounding better than my old Sony system - is actually compressing and decompressing the signal from my turntable, which my former system wasn't doing. Although it does make sense to upgrademy system to Exakt knowing this, I am disappointed. I should probably stop asking questions now :p
  4. Something is still quite unclear to me though. If I understood it right, Exakt links handle digital data only. Which means one usually plugs a Linn network player to an Exaktbox which will decode and amplify the data in separate channels. The output is then of course analogical. But what if I want to use my turntable on my Majik DSM? I'm guessing Linn would never encode the phono signal to digital and then decode it, it would be absurd. So how can I use both digital and analogic inputs if I choose to upgrade to Exaktbox? Thanks.
  5. Great, I didn't know about this! I'll try it this weekend. Thanks.
  6. Also, Paul: I'm definitely going to try rethinking my cabling when I get rid of the TV and get my turntable out. Isolating the cables from each other does make sense. As for the quality of the Ethernet cables, I'm not denying it might have an impact on the amp device (mostly because of insulation) but it should be more subtle so I'll stay with my cat.6 for now As for your space optimization thread: it didn't make it much clearer to me, but I'll give it another try. However if you do come through Europe again, and wish to experiment on Linn systems, I'd gladly let you play with mine in Paris :p Cheers
  7. Hello Hans, I agree that my system is already very pleasant; I've had it for months now and I'm enjoying the music and the movies but I'm a little frustrated because it did sound even better in the shop. The only difference was thicker cables (I have K20, they had K200) and the room acoustics. So I'm guessing my main problem here is acoustics; and even though I'm already happy with it, I'm starting to look for long-term ways to improve my system. (I don't have 5000€ right now anyway :D) It wouldn't make sense for me to change the positioning, because : The room makes much more sense with the sofa in front of the bookshelves. I also have a discreet but huge trans-acoustic projection screen whose case you can see above the shelves, and a projector perfectly placed in an alcove above and behind the sofa. I'm more into older movies, so stereo is fine for me. The speakers wouldn't look good anywhere else anyway. Also, that's why I chose bookshelf speakers :p My sub is an "old" Velodyne SPL-800 I found in my father's stuff, and I find it complements my system well. Finally, how can I get space optimization v2? Thanks to all of you for taking the time to answer me, and cheers!
  8. Hello Paul and thanks for your answer, I was not very clear about the setting: both speakers are against the wall on shelves, but the left one is in the middle of the wall. Here's a picture of part of my living room : (The TV wrapped in a blanket will soon go away so I can get my old record player up and running!) I am using space optimization (IIs this v1 or v2?), but I'm pretty sure I could do even better... Cheers!
  9. Thanks a lot Timster for your clear explanation. So that's what I had missed, the channels of amplification. I did notice a difference on the product specs but I didn't exactly know what it meant. I don't exactly know my budget, but 5000€ is already a stretch for me so that's why I didn't actually think about upgrading my whole system to Akurate DSM. Additionnaly I have no idea what to expect in terms of sound improvement between Majik and Akurate, or between Majik and Selekt, or between passive Majik and active Majik... Also, I don't know if the Majik 109 deserve to go active... So I guess my best bet is to save some money until The Exactbox-I with Katalyst gets out, and then try and listen to the different options at my local Linn store (I live in Paris). Cheers
  10. Hello to all of you, First of all I'd like to apologize if I don't do everything by the book, I'm completely new here and I came to this forum because of all the dead links on the old Linn forum (which I never actually knew). I'm pretty sure I could have found my answer on the old forum without actually posting... I'd also like to add that I'm new to audiophile HiFi, I come from an old Sony system on which I played mostly mp3s... I'm in need of advice here, and maybe some of you will know exactly what to answer me. I'm the happy owner of a Majik DSM/3 and Majik 109 bookshelf speakers, in a room that's not ideal (both of the speakers are on my shelves, but one of the speakers is 20cm from the wall, the other is in the middle of the room, I can't do better than that because the rest of that wall is mostly doors and closets) and I was was wondering which would be the best way to go next for an upgrade: Should I save up to get an Exaktbox? Is it gonna make a big difference with my speakers and my setting? Or should I go somewhere else completely? Also, which would be the best Exatbox for me to get? It seems to me the best one could be Akurate Exaktbox 6 with Katalyst (damn expensive by the way), but maybe I'm missing something... Thanks for your help! Start new topic
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