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    Twonky Rebuild

    Thank you Brian. You did give me the address on the old Linn forum. My Grand daughter "lost" the book marks and I couldn't remember them. I do use Twonky occasionally but it still has it's problems. It's very rare I rip a CD but when I do they tend to go into the Various folder no matter what or who the artist is. It decided some time to place about 40 albums into the various folder and I cannot fathom out why. So I have just put it down to Twonky. I do a rebuild about once month out of habit really more than anything else. I've cut and pasted your reply onto a document to save on the cloud so I don't lose it again. It also shows how good the old Linn forum was, I would have found it on there no problem. Thank you once again.
  2. Scooter

    Twonky Rebuild

    Thanks, it was Brian some time back on the old Linn forum. This forum has tumbleweed blowing across it doesn’t it, nothing like the old Linn forum.
  3. Lost my bookmark for doing a rebuild on Twonky can anyone tell me what it is please. If I remember I think Duggie gave it on the Linn forum some time back. It's something like
  4. Scooter

    Twonky Help

    Sorted, found this page after much searching
  5. Scooter

    Twonky Help

    Been here before, asset, Minim, etc. The question is about Twonky. Hopefully Brian will be able to help. All this info was on the Linn forum. I have also emailed Linn help.
  6. I've tried to update to the new Twonky in the apps centre of my QNAP253 but it won't accept it. There is a page of Twonky downloads some where does anyone know the address of that page or how to install the new version of Twonky onto a QNAP?