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  1. Jail4CEOs2

    Linn C6100 with Dynamik in black

  2. All four RP mixes. More importantly, the ability for DSM owners to manually add (I still want the CBC)/modify the preset stations in konfig or the new SO v2 interface. A search function that allows users to find stations and apply them follows from the above. Wouldn't that be a gee whizz feature!
  3. It's a minor hack, but you go to: https// and download the Windows version. When you click to install it nothing seems to happen, but look in your system tray (on the bottom right). This gets a sign in/password/snoopware free version of Songcast running on your PC. On REM020 there is a dedicated Songcast input button at ten o'clock on the input ring. Then you have to use your computer's browser to toggle between the four RP mixes, but this does allow you to select the lossless stream. ...but these should all be native on the DSM/remote!
  4. I can't believe this is in any way a contentious ask. Smartphone platforms that had more apps sold more devices, ones that didn't have as many apps/features withered on the vine. Many people here are not savvy enough to do what it takes to get Minimstreamer working. The streams it would enable would not be labeled and thus not intuitively clickable on a remote I think, even if one could fiddle with Minim's minimalist UI? My audience at this point in this thread is Linn, not forum members. While a valid argument, not having to remember another password and user name for Tunein is almost beside the point. Since they've freed up manpower from the forum, this would be a good little project to tackle. All three RP streams are targeted at the majority of Linn's target audience. Given one stream already is supported, Linn have figured out RP adds value, now add the others. My CBC request is a bit more niche, but this is where user customisable settings would make sense. More features, ease of use, and customizability makes it better for users, but more importantly, a more desirable/saleable product doesn't it? If this makes sense to you, future readers, email the helpline requesting it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  5. Thanks Peter, good point by point. I want to not have to provide zee paperz everywhere I go. RP is open source, so why can't I add a line of code, or something in my DS and simply add it myself, without asking a third party? Begging Linn to push a fix is stupid too if they have to pay licenses per device, whether or not the user ever uses the station. Let users add stations themselves in their own fancy audio computer thingamajigs! Linn always crowed about open source, well my suggestion is about making my device open.
  6. Tunein requires a sign in though.... Has anyone ever found a way to add radio urls directly into a DS a la the way some folks are hand coding their SO profiles (it seems that's what they're doing)? Has anyone asked Linn to add stations? What was their response? Does Linn have to pay licensing to these stations? Maybe I read somewhere that Naim is doing radio better? What are they doing that Linn isn't? Does the community think their approach would be more costly? I'm taking the view of a rooted Android user. My DSM is my computer, not Linn's. I want to add functionality, but not mess deep into the licensed codecs (but frack them all to heck for this too!) which I grudgingly cede authority to them for.
  7. Due to the loss of the Linn forum this must be replicated. How should the kardz be arranged internally, and the external RCA jumpers be cascaded when aktivating 109's with a 6100?
  8. Can Minimstreamer be installed on my NAS and run from there? How would the various stations show up when simply using the remote? How do they show up in kazoo, as these mystical pins?
  9. When I original got my MDSM in 2017 radioparadise would not play in the preset radio stations, and I put it down to being geofenced here in Taiwan. I noticed other folks here talking about it here, and it now plays in my MDSM. Doing further research I see they have 3 different streams which I'd love to be able to toggle through on my rem020. I'd also like to get the CBC natively if possible. I notice these things called "pins" appeared in kazoo with the introduction of the buzzing Selekt. Maybe these are designed to do what I want? My goal is to: a) Not need to have a PC burning to make things happen. b) Not have to use software (Songcast, etc) that requires me to give emails, passwords, DNA samples, Apple devices/services, or subscription fees to get "open source" streams to work from my remote or kazoo. Do users have a way of adding internet radio stations to the dsm directly?
  10. Yes, sorry, I'm reading on another thread about it. I completely didn't understand it, but am starting to understand.
  11. I'm using MDSM/2 analog outs> blacks> Aune X7s amp. No need for a DAC. Can you repurpose some of those RCA jacks in software to outputs? I think that is what I'm doing. I thought the aedsM had analog output to an amp, not just via Exakt link. Was this analog out sacrificed to accommodate the Exakt outs?
  12. Oh sorry, I reread that Exaktbox-i was suggestion two. Je suis desolé.
  13. So do you think bi-aktiv Ninkas, in either Majik or Akurate trim, are better than an Exaktbox-i? I'll say I eventually plan to Katalyst....