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  1. Yes, exciting news! My info was from a UK dealer, I didn't get any date, but obviously it's available as Fear is on it. How many boards will be replaced? How does this price compare to the various Exaktbox (non i) Katalyst upgrades (and how many boards are swapped in them)?
  2. 2250 in £. Does anyone know what will be changed? The photos I've seen, I haven't peeked inside mine yet, show three separate boards. I guess that's two amps and an Exakt board?
  3. EBay of course, but maybe not an auction, try a fair buy it now price to start. Lejonklou, here, and there must be a hifi site in your country. You'll save fees with those, but might not get a fast sale. As someone who has lived with both 520's 530's can you briefly compare them for us?
  4. It will be strange of the ADS is fine, and the KDS is not. Maybe the KDS wasn't in fact working, or something in it got seriously jostled as it changed locales?
  5. It looks really great, but do the sticks make an appreciable difference? I can't imagine them having much effect, and the glass vases could ring. What's the effect ratio of panel vs vases 70/30 or higher?
  6. Jail4CEOs2

    Linn C6100 with Dynamik in black

    Still available.
  7. Tin, you're advocating for the BK's. Someone here recently slagged them pretty hard. I remember you were "the" sub guy. Are they musical to your ears? Are they maybe tricky to dial in?
  8. Weird, I searched Google for Linn Uriks, and no result for speakers.
  9. When I emailed them directly about this upgrade, their answer led me to believe that it would definitely happen, when was unknown.
  10. Paul, I know you're waiting for the Exakt version to drop, but have you tried v.2?
  11. I was going to say what Kelley just did. Step away from the keyboard princess!
  12. Jail4CEOs2

    Linn C6100 with Dynamik in black

    Bump, still available.