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  1. I live in an apartment, so those are porcelain tiles over concrete, so yes, I probably don't need much other vibration control. They were originally sitting on the plywood contraption above them, and just putting all componentry on the floor made a big difference by decoupling them from vibration. Putting them on the Aptitligs was also to allow moving them for cleaning, and potential flood protection. Paul uses Subdudes under his Akubariks, to mostly spare other residents in his apartment, but they also probably slightly protect against vibrations in the floor getting to his components. I'll let Paul tell his own story though. All I have, and I think you can see them, is Soundcare Super Spikes on the Ninkas which have felt on their bottoms. They were mostly bought to facilitate moving them from "stowed" position to the tunedem sweet spot. Also, please note the custom steel bases I had made up in lieu of the Linn Kustone upgrade bases. I still have the CAD file for them if anyone would like to have a set made. I posted it on the Linn forum, and emailed it to one guy there, but I'm happy to share it with anyone. This is applicable to any speaker, and cost effective compared to factory options. This tweak started when I upgraded a pair of flimsy speaker stands, by putting steel plates top and bottom, when I was using Katans/109's also, which improved those speaker's sonics significantly.
  2. No, they're on my list of things to do, but going to Ikea is such a PITA as you have to circumnavigate the whole five floor store to get them. It's just felt on the Aptitlig's bottoms right now, and the stock feet onto them. My first Diamondback Venom arrived today and I just can't believe how much of a difference it makes. There's another one on offer I'm going to try for, to run the amp. P.S. Two Against Nature has wormed it's way into my brain. I'm not able to mute it, but I'm ok with it
  3. Yes, I haven't added any extra modules or packages. I only use Minimwatch to reboot it if I've added new music I want to listen to immediately. The NAS reboots nightly, so touching Minimwatch is rare. I definitely don't see anything about transcoding as I'm looking at it now. Win 10, all packages up to date.
  4. Are you editing this file on the QNAP in that directory? Sorry I wasn't clear, I run Minimserver on my QNAP TS-451+. I've never thought about where the system files reside on my NAS....
  5. How, what code, do you use to do this in Minimserver?
  6. Looks like we have another Aptitlig lover in jazzy Paul! I just got my first Shunyata Venom. I plugged it into the Dectet, and then put that other beefy cable on the 6100D. I think I'm doing a good job separating the cables. My next step is Ethernet cables. It seems the folks on Lejonklou advocate Blue Jeans cables, does anyone have any opinions on them? I certainly like the pricing! Jazzy, I've read about various DIY cable makers, I think there are good deals to be had on both Cardas, Oyaide (?), and Furutech power cable by the meter if you look around a bit.
  7. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't really out there. I'm just trying to encourage a DIY spirit.
  8. Guys, I just read the last page. Are you saying that when using v2 your DSM is dropping out when playing music from a NAS on your LAN, or are you taking about changing SO settings? This would make me never use SO v2 as my LAN/WAN is often saturated. Does v2 need internet connectivity to play locally stored music?
  9. Paul, I'm ready to pull the pin on a Digiplug, and another well priced Shunyata power cord has just popped up! Can you please add more pricing details for the various kit in your first post. I guess I have a ring topology as sadly my hifi circuit hits my hifi receptacle (recently changed to a Porter Port, which is a reworked Hubbell HBL5362) and then goes to other plugs in my apartment. Someone above alluded, as a spur, to what I did recently, another hifi obsessive electrician called it pigtailing. He said this is best as then all the downstream load isn't passing through the receptacle. I Marretted all wires together, and then created a spur from that bundle to all my receptacles. I'm sort of lucky here in Taiwan that each strand of wire is 2mm, pulled as single strands in the conduit. This works out to a little over twelve gauge wire, so my ring is carried in heavier wire than that used in North America. They provide a ground wire, but don't connect it to any receptacles. I now have everything grounded and pigtailed and have a PS Audio Dectet power bar (all because of you) and I have realised significant sound improvements. So to everyone reading this, I did all this fairly cheaply. I found the Dectet used (pre broken in!) for $329 on eBay, normally new $499. The Porter Port was $40. Boxes, wires, Marrettes etc were another hundred to change my whole apartment's receptacles. This is not much more than my second hand Ninkas cost, or a little less than my silver RCA and K600: wires no one would scrimp on. I have no doubt this stuff works. You can see my before and after work in the photos. The open decora hole in the two gang box will be where the Digiplug lives. I hope there is room for it and the various pigtails in there! Environmental Protections seems to be a Taiwanese or Japanese company, so I'm hoping I can source it locally. Note the sockets originally installed directly into plywood. Super safe!
  10. Could you please expand on this a bit, or Paul could you chime in? I've recently gone passive from bi-aktiv. I also added a PS Audio Dectet power bar, redid my wiring grounding everything correctly, and adding a Porter Port receptacle. These power tweaks have really improved all aspects of the system, almost making up for the lack of aktiv, but the low end of my Ninkas isn't as deep I feel. Paul, you had me add a custom filter one as shown in the attached photos. I'd love some advice on attempting this bass reclamation hack!
  11. I would agree with the above quoted dealer. Put less stress on the MDSM allowing it to do it's music making job, and let an amp do the heavy lifting of bass cones.
  12. ...so it's probably best to turn stuff off of it might not be used for several days?
  13. I miss my Katans. Originally driven passive from a Linn Classik. https://www.stereophile.com/cdplayers/307/index.html Later I went aktiv with an AV5125 which made them immensely better. Three fifty is a good price. Only your ears can decide, but the Katan is an excellent musical speaker that improves as you improve your front end. Make sure you get some good stands, and take the time to position them correctly.
  14. The actual connectors inside the speakers are connected tightly, and you are at a difficult angle coming through the woofer hole. You really need to pull hard to get them free. I think there is a locking clip that needs to be pinched open? Be careful removing and replacing the sound absorbing wool too.
  15. My MDSM/2 has improved as well. After the upgrade I replayed some stuff I was just listening to, and yes, there is something better happening.