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  1. Yes my friend, be patient. You want Exakt at some time in the future. If you don't get it this step, you'll need another step. Somebody here recently recounted how he traded up, and then back to one of the "K" speakers. There is a guy in the "show us" thread running Klimax Kat into Ninkas. Our generation of speakers are pretty dang good, and have a need for less channels of amplification. The 2K and (I've heard) 3K reveal gobs of detail, but to get the k speakers bass you've been talking about recently, you're going to need to spend ten times the cash. Exakt and Kat source first should be your spend. Once that's done maybe passive Akudoriks will be two grand....but you'll still be a channel short of amps.... Hearing Ninkas AND Komponent 104's exakted on the end of my "Majikurate" electronics proved it's the right path, at least for me.
  2. I can't see what country you're in, but I just did all Shunyata Venoms with North American style plugs, including on my Majikurate Exaktbox-i. One of the features of them is they are UL listed. I don't think they made my molded style receptacles in schuko or UK style however? I'm certain any reputable aftermarket cord will not pose any hazard as most are higher gauge, hence higher current capacity.
  3. Many of us have a NAS that we can "roll our own" cloud and access our collections from anywhere in the world. That's one of my digital projects over Chinese New Year's. Sorry to thread jack.
  4. I just searched the "hifi" thread with the search term "Netgear" and the playground thread returned many hits, but there were others. This idea goes back a couple of years. https://www.lejonklou.com/forum/search.php?keywords=Netgear&fid[0]=2&sid=8e46ef4ccf29a3da48b99e61f53ecfef
  5. Yes, my Asus AC 88U has two switches. Or at least two separate boards in it for it's eight ports. I think Paul has one of the Holy grail switches.
  6. To all those who blew arrays, what were you doing, and in what configuration? Just curious as I drive my system fairly hard.
  7. The folks over on Lejonklou have a fairly extensive thread on this, and have a favourite (I think) Netgear switch. They consider a switch to be absolutely musically necessary.
  8. There is/was a black pair for 3Kish euros on eBay from Germany. Warranty Shmarranty.
  9. I've always wondered song those lines too. Can a 2k/3k array be repaired? Are they glued or press fit together, so if one driver fails the whole k unit needs to be replaced?
  10. Hca5, is this setup the one in the other thread? The computer desk? Do you sit at the desk, with them firing 300mm from your melon, or do you sit further away? Also, I'm guessing your speakers aren't measured in SPACE, so those things made v1 difficult, but yet another feather in the headdress for v2.
  11. Could you squeeze a pair of Komponent 104's in there? They'd be cheaper second hand than your existing speakers. Given the amount of cash involved here, I'd be widening the cabinet for a speaker upgrade.
  12. I need more detail. Are you aktiv with kardz in your 6100 and MDSM? Do you have two sets of K400 per speaker? Were the speakers sounding pretty excellent before trying SPACE? I was in your same boat, but I'm glad I put in the effort to get the tunedem positioning correct. It took me about three hours over a couple of days. Take your time get close to perfect, then rest for a while and come back to it the next day. I used Paul's recommended test tracks listed in the space thread. I haven't even tried to go down the version 2 road yet. Same as your trepidation, but Chinese New Year is coming and I've blocked off time to organise this next massive free upgrade.
  13. Your doubling of your bases makes it difficult, but I move my speakers to the ideal position when listening, then stow them out of the way when not in use. I use a framing square lined up with my grout lines to get it to the exact position quickly. Shouldn't the speakers be equidistant to the listening position? One component to SPACE, the time of flight, could be scuppered by the angles and distances involved? One of the best tricks Paul taught me is to put a blanket over the tv. When I do that the image really sharpens, and the bass tightens.