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  1. It's a beta Linn, just listen. Read the room here. We're tinkerers: more information is good whether it's being allowed to name optimizations, or keep diagrams. To the participants, how long are optimizations taking to complete?
  2. Do you know why this happened, and in further detail? Linn, is this a known issue? Should Exaktbox-i customers be doing anything different?
  3. Yes, as he worried about distortion, maybe space might take some boom away, so it might deliver a clearer tune. No pressure though I know, and as I said earlier I'm wasting tons of the OP's money and not allowing him to shake the foundations of his abode.
  4. "the only compromise is its slightly reduced maximum sound pressure and ultra-low bass capability" Nobody has spoken to amps making more sound, but I don't think the lemon will yield any more juice given the above quote. If these speakers were measured for SPACE (or Exakt) this might help with filling your room? This however means spending shedloads of cash replacing everything except your inefficient speakers. Definitely not just a bit of polish, sorry.
  5. My 5125 drove Ninkas Katans and 109's to dangerous levels in my mid sized room. Are the speakers in question efficient, that would be more the bottleneck? Is Aktiv possible with this amp speaker combo? That would definitely tame harshness in my experience. I never had it Dynamiked, but most said it really helped this amp sing.
  6. Planned no, but probably aspired to for some time. Research was done by Russ, and my Googling, same as yours, returned the first two hits saying you're probably safe. I hope you got a good cord to feed it. I'm still lurking at used cable for my last needed one.
  7. Do the Chromecast audio sound good? Especially using 3.5 to RCA? Dunno how geeky you are but the next step up might be a Raspberry Pi with a Hifiberry or Allo DAC HAT?
  8. Ok, thanks again. 212's are back to my future. There was a twelve hundred euro pair of 242's on quoka, and my mind started to wander.
  9. Thanks guys, I read that, but it was only a few db on the top end of the frequency range with bottoms equal when Aktiv (40Hz), so I wasn't sure if it could be straddled. Would (could) I have to put Aktiv kardz in my MDSM' s two channels to get to ten channels? I don't think there is a way to get an MDSM to limit frequency output from it's amp with it's onboard Exakt thingamajig?
  10. Can an Exaktbox-i power 242's? Would one just bridge the two bass drivers with the fourth channel? Linn doesn't offer a solution to this on their wiki.
  11. Good journalism needs fact checking and editors which cost more money than can be generated by Pico cents per click. Watch to see if it's corrected, or even admitted to be an error.
  12. I saw Exakt Akubariks or 350's too? And a Devialet thingamajig. This was shot before series 3 was a thang. Speakers and two shots of a turntable, and maybe some kdsm on that shelf behind the speakers I note above, means they have the most placements of anyone in that spot if I'm seeing right (I guess you could count all bits on a turntable as upgrades and win big)?
  13. Interesting Paul, but that is a yanqui style plug? I think the OP needs a UK style plug? Do you use one of these? Do I need one with my EP Digiplug and Dectet? The Dectet has sacrificial MOV's I believe. I'm thinking I have dual surge/spike protection with those?