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  1. For me the CXA60 sounded flat compared to the Rega and a little less detailed. The demo took place in Richer Sounds and was less than ideal - despite booking they weren't ready for us, the salesman connected the CD player to the first input on the Rega, which is the phono input, the left and right channels were connected the wrong way round, just not a good experience. One thing though, we were given a lot of time and tried various types of music and did a lot of back and fro testing between the amps and I was so disappointed by the CA I asked for a different set of speakers to try but with a similar result. I brought the Rega home to make sure I was happy with it on my setup before making the final purchase and I've been very happy with my choice.
  2. When I was looking to replace my aged NAD amp at the end of 2018 I auditioned the Rega Brio against the CXA60 and much preferred the Rega. We tried a couple of different compact speakers (Monitor Audio Bronze and Dali Opticon if memory serves) although not the Q Acoustics. Using my Rega with KEF LS50s and really enjoying them.
  3. It's these sorts of threads that are dangerous to my bank balance I currently have a Cyrus Stream Xa and whilst I like the sound, their Cadence app is a bit clunky and is limited to Tidal or Qobuz streaming services. I have a CCA connected via optical to stream Spotify but the Cyrus isn't MQA compatible nor will it cater for Amazon HD which would be of interest to me. I had been toying with a Node 2i but wasn't sure how it would compare to the Xa (fairly significant price difference) and as the only dealer local is a Richer Sounds it isn't going to be the easiest to audition properly. Is it worth a punt on a "pimped" version from Fidelity Audio?
  4. A friend of mine recently purchased a set of LSX and I agree pretty much with what you've said. He has a Cyrus setup in his main room through a set of Tannoy Eyris floorstanders and there are definitely bass notes which are missing on the LSX compared to his main system but, for what they are, the LSX speakers sound rather good.
  5. I don't have as high end a set of headphones as the HD800s but have tried the Mojo on my Soulbyrd in ears, Grado SR80, and AKG K550 and a mates set of HD560. Compared to the Cyrus Soundkey I was using with the in-ears the Mojo has a bit more bass control and sounds a bit more balanced. I felt the Mojo also worked well the K550 and HD560 'phones but I didn't like the sound through the Grados. I also ran it as a DAC through my main system and compared to my Cyrus streamer/dac there wasn't any notable difference that I could discern. So, in summary, I would say the Mojo sounds good, I'm just not sure it's enough to justify the hype.
  6. I got mine and have had a listen both on my main system and from my iphone through my headphones. Curious to see what you think as so far I'm a bit 'meh' about it tbh.
  7. Thanks for the kind offer. I have an RCA coax and I have an adapter but just wanted to make sure the mono adapter was correct and wouldn't cause any issues. If it doesn't work I will take you up on the offer.
  8. I've ordered one of these more out of curiosity over the hype than a real need (A Cyrus Soundkey currently serves my portable needs) and would like to give it a try in my main system. Given that my Cyrus streamer only has RCA coax digital out has anyone else used the 3.5mm coax input on the Mojo? I assume a mono 3.5mm to RCA adapter would work (i.e. ground and signal) or is there an alternate easy and cost effective solution?
  9. I run the LS50s from a Rega Brio and for my relatively small room they sound fantastic. I have them on Atacama Moseco 6 stands filled with Atabites and the bass is good if not quite reaching the depths of a good floorstander. I home demoed a Linn Sekrit streamer which I really didn't like. My mate brought his Cyrus Stream Xa and we compared the two and I much preferred the Cyrus so that's what I'm using as my main source. The same mate has all Cyrus kit (pre/power amps, cd player) through Tannoy Eyris 2 floorstanders and he really likes the sound of the LS50s too.
  10. I auditioned the CXA60 against the Rega Brio last year. I really wanted to like the Cambridge Audio, in fact I was sure that would be my purchase before auditioning, but I really didn't like the sound of it and much preferred the Rega.
  11. Just a minor point, but the Chromecast Audio does have a digital out. It's 3.5mm socket doubles as an analogue out and as an optical out (via mini tos-link).
  12. I made some fairly significant changes this year. I've long been wanting a streamer but decided I needed to change my old NAD C340 amp for something a bit better so sold it and bought a Rega Brio (after auditioning against a Cambridge Audio CXA60) and this made a significant improvement to the sound of my Marantz CD6004 through my Tannoy Revolution DC6 speakers. The hunt for a streamer began and considered the Cambridge Audio CXN V2 and Azur 851A as well as a Marantz ND8006. I wasn't sure about the CA gear after being unimpressed with the CXA60 (as well as a less than ideal audition in Richer Sounds) and hadn't heard the Marantz so off I went to a HiFi shop to enquire about the Marantz. Unfortunately they didn't have one but after a bit of discussion and some persuasion from my mate I ended up listening to some KEF LS50s which I ended up buying . I also auditioned a Linn Sekrit DS as a streamer and wasn't overly impressed. In isolation it was ok but my mate brought over his Cyrus Stream Xa and we compared them side by side. For me the Cyrus was much better than the Linn and I was able to pick one up for less than a grand so very happy with my current set-up.
  13. I know I'm new here but thought I'd share my recent experience. A few weeks ago I upgraded my speakers and bought a Cyrus streamer and got a set of Rega Couple 2 interconnects thrown into the mix too. I tested the Rega interconnects (retail price of £126 for 1m) back to back with my Chord Cobra Plus (originally retailed at £65 for 1m) and found the bass a bit less boomy with the Regas so have gone with them. During auditioning of the Cyrus I had opportunity to try out a set of Chord Clearway (£99 for 1m) cables so was able to compare them side by side with the Regas and could not tell any difference between them. The Cyrus has two analogue outs so connected the cables side by side on the amp and was able to switch between them and couldn't discern any difference at all. On more than one occasion I checked the amp had actually switched inputs My friend, who has the Chord Clearway cables, has a Cyrus set-up (pre/power amps, psx-r, cd player and streamer) and changed from an unknown but supposedly expensive set of interconnects (inherited from his late father) to the Chords and there was a noticeable difference. I much preferred the Chord Clearway, as did he. Not sure if any of that is any help but just my experience.
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