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  1. Sorry, been on holiday. My 350s were Exakt Katalyst spec. G
  2. I replaced the 350s with a pair of 530s and yes I do still have the 520s in the other room. All works rather well actually😁 G
  3. Yes, that’s what happened when I upgraded the 350s I used to own. G
  4. I replaced a Kairn / Ikemi combination with a uni disc SC. The preamp of the SC definitely outperformed the kairn, my dealer demo’d The difference for me. The only issue with the SC is the reliability of the laser mechanism’s. Mine was a dynamik version. G
  5. I reckon I’m the odd one out. I own 530s and 520s, both of which I’m very happy with. I changed to the 530s from a pair of 350 Katalysts. Obviously the 530s are not as capable a speaker but actually, in terms of enjoyment I’m very happy with the change. The 530s are in my man cave so I got to choose the colour - blueberry. G
  6. If it is a similar vintage that you are after, I did run a “second system” consisting of a pair of Mk1 Kans driven by a Linn Majik integrated (the original one). The front end was a Karik / Numerik. I happily used this in a holiday home for several years. Everything seemed to kind of click to my ears. Greetings to all ex Linn forum members. I’ve been away for a while! G