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  1. Selling my spare amplifier which was going in the spare room, but that is not happening now. I have owned it a couple of years and have used it occasionally. This Marantz PM-40SE Amplifier is 50w per channel and working, it has built in phono stage which is switchable for MC or MM. The Special Editions(SE) models are built with better components and Ken Ishiwata's subtle enhancements and sound better as a result, it is a smashing amp and has a good clean sound. Power output: 50 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms. Total harmonic distortion: 0008%. Signal-to-noise ratio: phono MM 87dB. Weight:8.5kg phono MC 74dB other inputs 97dB. Input sensitivity: photto MM 25mV phono MC 0.25mV other inputs I50mV. Frequency response: RIAA/IEC within 05dB. Stereo separation: 85dB. Dimensions (W x H x D): 420 x 118 x 280mm. See for gramophone review-marantz-pm-40se-integrated-amplifierIt is good condition overall with minor marks, the top of the casing is slightly pushed down slightly although I am sure this could easily be corrected. It will be carefully packaged and sent by UPS. Price £80, plus £15 UPS standard, signed for (it weighs 7kg) (UPS look after parcels better in my experience)
  2. This is a great amplifier that would grace any serious hifi system, it has excellent, clarity and is very musical. Just PM for more info.
  3. Surely someone wants a lovely sounding amplifier. you really would have to pay much much more to a get a better sounding amp than one of these, it is excellent value for money. PM me with any questions.
  4. I have for sale some valves as I have recently changed amplifiers and kept the better ones back to sell. If you are interested then just PM me. A matched pair of Psvane CV181-T/2 / 6SN7 Black Bottles (Matched Pair) £160 plus P&P. These are superb valves and have had only about 350-400 hours of use so are just about bedded in, they produce a very natural, musical and open sound, and will enhance any amp. Pair of EDICRON 5U4G valves about 600 hours of use £40 plus P&P
  5. Tisbury Mini Passive Pre-Amplifier in excellent condition un-marked £100 plus P&P I no longer need it as I recently changed my amplifier set up. These are great passive pre-amps, they are very transparent and do not colour the input. Do not be mislead by their relative low cost they are extremely good and high quality. Details are at Tisbury Passive Pre-Amplifier Please PM if interested. Thanks
  6. OK, I really would like to see these go, I have now reduced the to less that I paid for them and in my opinion are now and absolute bargain. You would find it pretty hard to fund a better pair. Just contact me with any questions. Thanks
  7. Thanks Phil, as I say I am open to sensible offers, and £1450 is quite close.
  8. I am amazed that I still have these for sale as they are really great speakers win exceptional condition. I am open to sensible offers, I am happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact me.
  9. Bump. As I said I am open to offers as I wan these sold so I can move on. Thanks
  10. Back for sale due to time waster. Please feel free to make sensible offers and negotiate a final price, but only do so if you really intend to purchase, a holding deposit will be required. Price reduced to £1750.
  11. Yes, it is extremely good, in fact as I have it at my home I have been listening to it quite a bit and to be honest unless you spent quite a lot more, and I mean 3 or 4 times more you would not get much benefit. It gives my rather expensive 300b mono blocks a run for their money, and comes a close second. Surely someone wants to upgrade to something rather special?
  12. These are truly a great pair of speakers, don't miss the opportunity to get a really good pair.
  13. Whilst the SV-234 is solid state it is designed to lean towards a valve sounding amp, I can vouch for this having compared it with the £9K pair of Renaissance RA-01 300B mono blocks. For the price the Vincent SV-234 it is an extremely accomplished amplifier and I suspect would surprise quite a few on it how musical it is. It produces some lovely lower end as well as great mid and top. Whoever buys this will get a great amp.
  14. I have amended the advert as above to make it clear where these lovely speakers are located for viewing and collection.