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  1. lostwin

    LP12 custom armboard

    Exceptional! How long does it take you to create the design / coding for the cnc for something like this?
  2. lostwin

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I guess you don’t mean an LP... It’s a home made record weight made from a wooden door stop drilled out and filled with lead shot
  3. lostwin

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Thanks Tarzan. Yep, that’s my much loved S500 with BP supply. It’s doing a good job driving the Snells considering it’s a challenging load, more grunt may be on the cards in the long term though.
  4. lostwin

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Sounding fabulous Rick, thanks. Took me 3 coffees this morning before even contemplating extracting them from the car.
  5. lostwin

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    They are the Snell type A’s from the classifieds - the picture actually makes them look smaller, I had to stand a long way back just to fit them in!
  6. lostwin

    FS: Snell Type A mk3

    Turned into a game of 3D Tetris getting them into the car, haven’t even attempted to try and extract them yet! Great to meet Rick, a pleasure to deal with 👍🏻
  7. lostwin

    FS: Snell Type A mk3

    (Profile updated)
  8. lostwin

    Arcam 2 speakers

    That is what I was thinking too, that and checking / replacing resistors and capacitors in the crossover as they are now 30+ years old and may have degraded.
  9. lostwin

    Acoustic Energy AE2 + Atacama HMS 2.1

    I really enjoyed these at Kegworth and not at all what I was expecting sound wise thinking they would be a bit on the aggressive side. In fact they were quite understated but with sonics and balance that really drew you in after a few minutes. They are not for my set up right now but a cracking pair of speakers for somebody out there. GLWTS
  10. lostwin

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    When you say ‘relatively simple’ is that in comparison to quantum physics? 😀
  11. lostwin

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    Beat me to the draw by a few seconds there!
  12. lostwin

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    What about a Charity Shop challenge- best system you can put together bought from charity or second hand shops for less than £100?
  13. lostwin

    great show!

    yes, I have perfected that ‘who me?!’ shrug as well
  14. lostwin

    great show!

    Well said Ade and I believe your speaker search might be taking an unexpected Quad shaped direction as a result...