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  1. lostwin

    High End 80’s Kit - ‘Barn Find’

    I guess I’ll have to focus my attention on the old Ferrari he had in his garage instead, a 250 something or other. Will probably be as temperamental as those AR mono blocks though....
  2. lostwin

    High End 80’s Kit - ‘Barn Find’

    You are all such a sensible lot sometimes I guess I should stop measuring suitcases and checking Ryanair baggage allowances then...
  3. lostwin

    Gaggia Classic expresso machine

    A great machine - first step on the ladder of proper espresso machines as opposed to the usual domestic nonsense under £250. These older ones are much better specified than the latest version too and highly 'tweakable'. A bargain if you can put the switch plate back together - it's mechanical, not PCB - so should be repairable. GLWTS
  4. lostwin

    High End 80’s Kit - ‘Barn Find’

    Fantastic response Uzzy, much appreciated - I think I knew caution would be the byword. yes, I am assuming that the Classic 150 are the AR amps, the shut down issue sometimes resulting from pops and clicks on records. Like you say, price would need to be right to take the risk.
  5. lostwin

    Wilson Benesch Actor Speakers - No Knowledge, thoughts?

    Parcel, as your nearest Wammer I would be more than happy to come round and give you an opinion, I could bring my LV's as well to give a different perspective. PM me if interested.
  6. Well in a cellar actually but here’s the story... We are heading to Portugal next month for a holiday. This is our second visit and we are staying with a couple in their house as we did last year. At the time I got chatting music and hi-fi with the guy and he mentioned that he had some serious kit dating back to the late eighties bought when he worked in the Middle East in storage. He was a bit hazy on what it was exactly so it went no further. One mans ‘serious’ is another mans Sony tower system being my thinking. The conversation did lodge in my mind though so I have recently emailed him ahead of our visit as to exactly what he has stored in his cellar- it turns out serious was not an inappropriate phrase after all... the list; Wadia CD transport plus separate DAC Audio Research 150 mono blocks Acurus AV amps Madrigal labs Proceed 200w amp Apogee Diva speakers (speakers used to be driven by Mark Levinson amps but these were sold as too heavy to transport from Dubai!) He does have long term plans to reinstate some of this kit into a music room but is open to offers, particularly in respect of the speakers and AR amps. Can I get your thoughts on the following; The items have been stored in a damp environment for nearly ten years, that can’t be good, can it? The Apogees seem to be still very well regarded but would appear to need a room the size of a small cathedral. what experience do people have of these? I could not find too much detail on the AR amps from an internet search but did pick up that this model seems to be quite temperamental and would triple my electricity bill - any views? More generally, the ‘80s seem to be a slightly forgotten decade for hi-fi. Kit like this was a classic ‘yuppie’ purchase, how good actually was it and does it still stand up musically?
  7. lostwin

    An upgrade or sideways move??

    Interesting point on the damping system used in the Townsend deck - but if this is an ideal why isn’t it seen on other high end decks, is this a practicality issue or due to patented design perhaps? i have to admit I don’t know why the change from the springs to rubber suspension makes the difference it does to the Mitchell decks but for me - and others it seems- there is no going back to springs once you have tried it. There is a cleaning up of sound across all frequencies, most significantly through the mid band, and timing is improved hence my suggestion the impact of spring resonance and speed stability. whatever the reason may be my ears are happy
  8. lostwin

    An upgrade or sideways move??

    I can’t offer a direct response to the question as I am not familiar with the Townsend tt. What I can offer as a Michell user is that any discussion around the sound quality of these decks - Gyro and Orbe - now needs to consider whether the standard spring suspension is being used or has been swapped out with the rubber based version (think SME) known as Pete’s Pylons. The reduction in ‘smear’ - presumably due to improved speed stability and reduced resonance compared to the metal springs - lifts these decks a whole level higher compared to factory standard IMO.
  9. lostwin

    Dieter up my turntable!

    Thanks for the heads up - just ordered one
  10. Back on topic, it’s a simple trick but the stereo phasing(?) effect of the backing singers on Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side always makes me smile
  11. That’s a great read in the link you posted. Phill Brown is one of my favourite sound engineers- his work on the last two Talk Talk albums plus Mark Hollis’s solo follow up is exceptional. He has a rare skill in capturing the acoustic space in the recording environment.
  12. This is taken from Discogs; The running order: It remains unclear how this was intended to be released. On the rear of the LP sleeve the first track A1 is "Couldn't Love You More". But for some reason many issues have a reversed tracklist. Side A actually being Side B. Other issues have changed / reversed label colour sides. Usual "Day & Night" labels became "Night & Day". "The sleeve of One World was completed before the album was delivered, hence the odd running order on the back of the sleeve, with the sides in reverse order. For years, many loved the album beginning with Couldn’t Love You More and ending with Big Muff." Also from Discogs are details on the UK and US mixes which was new to me; The two mixes: On first release the album had two quite different mixdowns. They are often referred to as the 'UK' and the 'US' mixes although the reality is slightly more complex: Mix #1) known as the 'US Mix' appeared on the original US, Canadian and Italian vinyl pressings. Mix #2) known as the 'UK Mix' appeared on all other UK and European vinyl pressings. The differences are often subtle but all tracks differ in some way. There is an entirely different drum track on 'Big Muff'. 'One World' features no scat vocals from Martyn on the intro on the US Mix. Elsewhere the mixes feature different instrumentation levels, such as a very different emphasis on the percussion on 'Certain Surprise', L-R positioning such as the drums on the US Mix version of 'Dancing' being mostly in the right channel, central on the UK Mix, equalization where every track has differences with the same applying also to levels of reverb and echo. Overall track times also differ. Most notably the US Mix version of 'Dancing' runs 3:55 while the UK Mix version runs 3:46 and 'Big Muff' runs 6:15 and 6:28 respectively. The US Mix was not issued on CD until the 'Deluxe Version' 2 CD set in 2004 There is no release which states anywhere on the packaging which mix is used. US Mix versions of 'Dancing', 'Sweet Certain Surprise' and 'Dealer' appeared on 'The Electric John Martyn' compilation in 1982 and the US Mix version of 'Big Muff' also appeared on the B side of the 12" Single 'Johnny Too Bad' in the UK in 1977.
  13. lostwin

    What radio station are you listening to?

    Much love being shown for Radio Paradise - I will have to check this out. Shout out for two French stations; Best radio station I have ever heard for music is Radio Nova which must have been going for 30 years now. Unfortunately it is now full of ads, is there anyway of getting a stream without these? FIP is ad free though and consistently a decent listen.
  14. Now you have had me diving to grab the record to check... You are not going to believe this but the record labels are reversed on my copy! I can't believe that I haven't spotted it before but you are absolutely right, last track of side 2 which is actually side 1 is indeed Small Hours. I have been listening to this album for the last 20 years in the wrong order edit I can't hear the steam train though, is that a headphones only thing?