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  1. Marantz = Honda, great engineering, flashes of excitement but inexplicable commitment to the mainstream
  2. There is a game to be played here.. how about; B&W = Audi, techy but a bit conservative Arcam = Ford, for the masses but moments of inspiration Michell = Lotus, various interesting but unsuccessful forays but ultimately relies on one core product Linn = Bentley, traditional but upto the minute tech, expensive Any more?
  3. Re the Vida, if you check out the Owners Club thread then I give some more detailed views on the gain challenges. The main issue is not the MC input, it is the MM. But of course this comes into play when using an SUT or head amp with an MC cart (and also depends on your pre amp sensitivity). Get it right and there is a sprinkling of fairy dust in what a Vida can do.
  4. Yep, happened to mine too - rotted foams. The is a link earlier in the thread where you can source replacements. Foams are also damped on the originals so I had pva layer added to my replacements. If you don’t find that the new pair you have bought sound quite right then you always have this option with the originals.
  5. Interesting that you say the mids are sticky - is that just to the touch? Mine are sticky too which is due to the damping applied to treat the paper cone. i certainly deliberated hard on the crossovers but I’m very happy with the result. Many of the cap specs had drifted by up to 30%. Even if you don’t go as far as I did it is certainly worth replacing the wiring to the drivers, the stuff that came out of mine looked very much like bell wire. Also, the inductors are badly laid out which results in crosstalk, both are fairly easy fixes without getting too drastic. How long have you had yours and what amps have you tried with them? I prefer valve.
  6. I think on here we are all generally closer to hip-reps than hipsters!
  7. Yep, makes sense. What is the weight of these carts normally?
  8. No direct experience of Decca carts but I have been fiddling around with arm effective mass and cart compliance over the past few days to ensure that my set up is firmly within the calculated sweet spot. As I understand the Decca's have a very low compliance, so you will need an arm/cart combination with high effective mass. The Nima has an effective mass of 10g, you need to add the weight of the cart to calculate total effective mass. The chart in the following link is then very useful to see if the combination is getting you within the target area. From a search I can't see what the compliance rating is for the Decca but if it is very low compliance then likely to be less than 10um/mN, you may need to be aiming for effective arm mass (incl cart) of 25-30g. https://www.ortofon.com/support/support-hifi/resonance-frequency/ If you need to add mass then brass mounting screws or headshell weight are typical methods. I have been trying something different as well by applying a collar to the arm tube itself a la Vertere and Funk arms. Apologies if this is teaching you to suck eggs!
  9. Depends how cheap and how cheerful but check the classifieds on here, I’m sure there were a couple being offered recently under £100
  10. Thanks, it is half term week but maybe able to get there for the morning.
  11. What date is this? I have been wanting to go to one of these but they always seem to clash with the kids’ half term.
  12. I think I am right in saying that this seller has very mixed feedback on delivery of this cart. Worth reading up and deciding if you want to risk it.
  13. IRO the second link for the washing machine pads, these are made from a hard foam like material. Different materials have different vibration reduction properties and different impacts depending on the installation and equipment being supported. Rubber I find can make things a little dead sounding, for instance Sorbothane is a little different. Loaded correctly, the surface acts similar to a liquid hence it’s effectiveness compared to more conventional options. Whilst most equipment can benefit from additional isolation, I find TT’s are the most sensitive to the material used. I think it is often better to isolate under the shelf the TT is sitting on that directly under the TT feet themselves (suspended decks), almost as if the TT likes to have a reactive surface to work from.
  14. Maybe.... just seems much easier to blame ‘er indoors doing the hoovering again