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  1. lostwin

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Re the Vida. Yes, would be interesting to get thoughts with and without the SUT. I read in one review that the Vida does its best work in the LCR part of the circuit but it was possible to improve on the gain circuits.
  2. lostwin

    DIY Townsend Seismic Speaker Platform

    Useful feedback, thanks. I will take a look. Forgot to mention that I have not tried the damping yet. Will use heat shrink first and if this doesn’t work try the bike inner tube suggestion.
  3. lostwin

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Very striking finish for the plinth, did you have it commissioned and built for you? I take it that the Vida is new as well. Would be interested to get your thoughts on the difference with and without the SUT in the chain, assuming the Vida has an appropriate loading for your cart.
  4. lostwin

    DIY Townsend Seismic Speaker Platform

    Ok, had some time today and now that the springs have finally arrived I could start fabricating my own version of a seismic speaker platform... First job was to route notches out the hardwood planks I am using for the platform itself. This will allow the brackets to sit flush as the strengthening pressing on the angle of the bracket is raised. First time with a router so not especially neat, but what a useful tool! Next, the two brackets (one 15cm x 9cm and the other 9cm x 9cm) where riveted together to make an 's' shape. Then a tricky bit, how to attach the springs to the brackets. I had been giving this some thought and found some small bamboo saucers which at 6.5cm across and with a small lip were just a little bigger than the diameter of the springs. By drilling into these and using size 4 dome headed screws I was able to pin the lowest coil of the spring between the head of the screw and the base of the saucer. 5 screws used in total and it seems to hold tight. A layer of cork was added and then the bamboo saucer with spring attached was bolted through and attached to the bracket. A similar saucer / cork sandwich was attached to the bottom of the spring, also secured with screws to act as the foot. After repeating for the second spring assembly, the 15 cm remaining part of the s shaped bracket was attached to the underside of the wooden platform with 8 screws each side. This is what the finished platform looks like. I have made it about 4cm longer than the depth of the speaker to allow for some flexibility in positioning, particularly as I do not know if the centre of gravity of the speaker is exactly central. Pretty pleased with how it has turned out. The brackets don't flex and the springs appear to have the right amount of give. Once the speakers are on top I would expect the bottom of the platform to be about 2cms off the floor. Bit concerned about lateral wobble, the springs are probably a bit longer than ideal. As I still have another 3 platforms to make based on what I have done so far, any thoughts as to design changes I should consider or even if they are likely to work?
  5. lostwin

    DIY Townsend Seismic Speaker Platform

    Got my springs as well this week after calling them on Monday. Pictures to follow later today when I start to put all the pieces together.
  6. lostwin

    Amplifiers for bass

    Hopefully will be having a Vitus class A coming over for a visit soon so this will give me a good opportunity to compare. My Snells have an unusual driver array in that the 12” bass hands over to a 4” mid. With the 4” picking up at just 200hz careful matching is needed to flesh out the first few hundred hz otherwise the sound can be too thin leaving the upper mids exposed.
  7. lostwin

    Amplifiers for bass

    Ah, but I have heard the Snells on the end of solid state and the mids are too forward for me. Valves give a much better balanced presentation. I am agnostic, even leaning towards SS for bass.
  8. lostwin

    Amplifiers for bass

    I like that, even has valves by the look of it. No RCA input on this model so would need converting.
  9. lostwin

    Amplifiers for bass

    Some great feedback so far, thanks. There seems to be some consensus building around DSP as giving the best flexibility but, however irrationally, I am not keen on adding digital to the signal. comments on quality of the amplification stick in my mind but also we have fans of class D. If I am doing this using the existing crossovers it looks like I will need to get an amp that matches the gain of my valve amp. I am a little way off though at the moment, need to get a pre as well as well as converting or changing the integrated valve amp. So more exploring future possibilities. This is taken from the Sterophile review of my speakers in 1984. They describe the bass (using a Mark Levenson amp) as follows: “The large drum...causes an amazingly percussive sound, percussive in the true sense of the word: a steep wavefront followed by a sledgehammer sensation of solidity and impact” Now that’s what we are aiming for folks!
  10. lostwin

    Amplifiers for bass

    Appreciate your thoughts, that’s helpful. might adjustable attenuation be possible in the RCA cable?
  11. lostwin

    JBL K2 9800

    I am sure I have a hard copy of the review of the 9800’s done by Paul Messenger in HiFi + if that is of interest. He was very smitten and as such they have been on my radar for a ‘would love to hear’ for years.
  12. lostwin

    Snell Speakers

    Yes, let’s do that. I’ll see if Gabriel and Ian are up for a session as well. I’ll send a PM
  13. lostwin

    Amplifiers for bass

    I would like the bass power amp(s) to have an adjustable gain - not only in order that I can set the ideal amount for the valve amp/speaker/room combination but also so it can be dialled down for late night listening / to give neighbours a break etc
  14. lostwin

    Amplifiers for bass

    I do indeed!
  15. lostwin

    Amplifiers for bass

    Posed this question in the Owners Clubs, but as it is more general in nature thought I would ask here too. I am looking to bi-amp my speakers using a vertical configuration. I will need an amplifier purely for the bass drivers (12”, sealed boxes). The crossover point between bass and mid is 200hz. The mid/treble will be driven by valves but considering solid state, maybe class D, for the bass (200W should do it). The question I have is, how concerned should I be about the musical qualities of the amp used for the bass? Does it matter as much as for the mids and treble? Also, at what frequency does the tonal colour of an amp become more important? 100-200 hz I would assume is starting to get into the area where bass ceases to be just bass and I may need to consider amps with greater musical subtlety to give a closer match to the valve amp presentation. Thoughts appreciated 👍🏻