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  1. Brook, are you using the low or high output version of the zyx? The low has 0.24mV output - very similar to my Ortofon- whereas the high has double that. I can see that your AR pre has adjustable gain settings although couldn’t see a minimum input sensitivity guideline on the spec sheet. Quite a few variables to play with so it will be interesting to get your thoughts after more listening.
  2. lostwin

    Subwoofer advice

    If those Magicos perform anywhere near to their specified capabilities I am surprised that there would be a need for a sub woofer. My feeling is that any deficiency currently would have to be down to set up in the room. I heard a system local to me for the first time over the weekend, it had speakers broadly equivalent to the Magicos and in a really nice sized room. However, there seemed to be an issue with the bass, it wasn't extending at all, just seemed to be all sucked into a peak around 40hz. I am going to try and help with working on speaker positioning and isolation from the suspended floor to try and get them to open out. I think hearing a system with really good extended bass for the first time is very instructive. For me, it was not the physical impact of the bass but the openness of the sound stage that was most striking. If the OP hasn't heard such a system that might be a good starting point as to what he should be aiming for with the Magicos.
  3. I did warn you they would be the size of washing machines. Hope you are incorporating a couple of wash cycles to appease your better half - with all that pipework it shouldn't prove too difficult!
  4. Interesting to see that even 10 years ago the measurements vs ears debate was still raging. Plus ca change!
  5. Thanks Graham. It has been a bit of a journey, but happy that I have found a solution. I think that Angus is on the AOS forum and I am not a member of that. Does he have a website with his contact details?
  6. Time for an update as there have been further developments at my end around the issues of gain through the Vida. it is interesting re-reading the thread to date as i think there is a pattern emerging that also ties up with my own findings. Gain on the MC input of the Vida is 64dB, this is a fairly typical figure for phono stages. However, gain on the MM stage is down at 38dB which is somewhat lower than normal. In practice, this means that provided you are using a medium output MC cart - say in the range 0.4 - 0.7mV (as Baggawire does) - then the output from the Vida will be in the range of 0.7V to 1V. This should be adequate for a wide range of pre-amps. Challenge starts to come when using lower output MC's such as my Ortofon at 0.25mV, which through the Vida's MC circuit would only output 0.4V - below the ideal input sensitivity range of many pre-amps. As the MC gain in the Vida is typical, this is no different to what could be expected from other phonos and use of an SUT or head amp would be needed. This is where the lower gain on the MM input needs to be factored in. Using a 1:20 step up SUT then plugged into the MM input would normally be about right for my cart, but due to the Vida's below average gain this would still result in an output of 0.4V, no better than through the MC stage alone. In fact, what is needed is a 1:40 SUT or a headamp with 32-34dB gain to start to get to a adequate level of output. Of course, what this means is that instead of the typical MM cart output of 5mV being fed to the Vida's MM inputs, the boosted MC is putting around double that amount. Fortunately, the Vida has generous overload margin on the MM input of over 160mV, so even with a 10mV input there is 24dB of headroom (against recommended 18dB). Whist I am quoting specific figures for cart outputs, it is worth bearing in mind that these are only typical outputs at a set frequencies. The actual figure will differ significantly based on the programme material and the record pressing itself. I fact I think it is the latter that has caused me some frustration and is possibly what Speedracer was describing as well. An LP that has been pressed 'hotter' in effect increases the output from the cart and overcomes some of the issues with gain through the Vida - hence, sometimes the system doesn't have the same flatness. So, a bit of a ramble but suffice to say I have now installed a Denon HA1000 head amp set to 32dB gain and the sound has been transformed, the flatness has gone and replaced with real dynamics, without being LP pressing dependent (in fact even LP's that were acceptable previously have benefited). Two takeaways for me for Vida users or prospective users to consider; - I am not convinced that a standard MM cart with 5mV output will be a successful combination with quite a few pre-amps - If using an MC cart below 0.4mV output then do your calculations carefully and don't underestimate the step up gain required to overcome the lower gain of the Vida MM input. Hopefully helpful and IMO, of course.
  7. When you are ready... http://www.true-point.audio/ As the saying goes, the difference ain’t subtle
  8. I had my speakers sat on foam before the platforms yet still got the improvements described. I notice the Gyrodec, have you tried the pylon upgrades? - they are a must have based on my experience.
  9. Not cheap that’s for sure, but I think you will find improvements will be broadly comparable to spending similar on a well chosen component upgrade elsewhere in the chain. Look forward to getting your impressions.
  10. Without wanting to get into a willy waving contest, my speakers are on the large side too...! This pic has the DIY supports in place Having made them once I can give advice on any specs. Getting the correct compression rating on the springs relative to the speaker weight is key.
  11. Make your own! A nice little DIY project which I found gives excellent results. Just seems to help the speaker do everything better - from bass control through to imaging. I haven’t compared mine against the originals but the principle is similar and material cost less than £70... https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/134341-diy-townsend-seismic-speaker-platform/
  12. Yes it is - and thanks for your helpful advice on this thread. Next step will be to investigate some different loading options, hopefully by getting the Denon modified to introduce switchable values.
  13. ...and to answer my own question- the theory was good and in practice this is sounding much more like it ! I bought a Denon HA 1000 head amp which has a 32dB gain option. Plugged it in for the first time tonight and the whole system has woken up. Voltage into the amp from the phono has now double that previously and I am not detecting any overload in the Vida, it is it’s usual liquid self. Promising
  14. Keep a look out for a Puresound A30. This has lots of positive views and looks to have been a decent seller in the last 10 years, so quite a few around as people upgrade.