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  1. Interesting choice of venue. I assume that the corporate boxes will be a little larger than a typical hotel bedroom so might suit a wider variety of kit. I’m tempted.
  2. You all seem to have taken a Bake Off a little too literally! The southern contingent will show you how it’s done at Joolz’s on Sunday . . p.s. I am planning a Victoria sponge, will that be ok with everyone?
  3. Come on guys, where are the pics?! Any standout kit combinations?
  4. I would check out this one in the classifieds- has a good reputation (as does the seller)
  5. Yes, that’s a fair clarification. From my experience, ‘driving’ the bay area directly can lead to issues with booming bass, so ports, drivers etc should not fire directly into that space.
  6. Agree re the bay window. A front ported design may help minimise the impact.
  7. Excellent watch, thanks for the heads up. She was a real trail blazer for female artists. Loved the comment that male vocalists always express the things that they are going to do, female, thing things that have happened to them. So true in many cases and one reason why Betty Davis was so radical.
  8. The energy coming off the stage on this one ! A personal favourite. One man and a borrowed acoustic guitar. Devastating.
  9. There is a Silver one on Facebook Marketplace for £2.5k. Saw it when I was inspired to have a browse after reading the other thread.
  10. lostwin

    Advice please

    Any early impressions of the Transcription?
  11. An interesting experiment at some point would be to say you are changing a cable but actually keep the same one in place. Should be a pretty good insight on how to review results across the whole session.
  12. Managed to have a chat with Wembley Loudspeakers. They didn’t know immediately if they have the required replacement surrounds, would be a question of taking the drivers in and seeing if they have something that looks a good match. I wasn’t getting overwhelmingly positive vibes on an exact match being found though. i did have a look on the web for replacement drivers but as Phil and Ian suggest, the final stocks for these modified SEAS units seem to be very limited and priced accordingly (I think they stopped production nearly 20 years ago). I did however come across this, a Dutch hifi collective that produce their own driver surrounds for hard to source speakers. At just over 20 quid for a pair they look worth a shot, so I have ordered and will take these over to Wembley to compare against anything suitable they have. https://www.repairyourspeakers.com/en/
  13. Interesting news. Mark always seemed reluctant to promote any of his releases, maybe his family estate realise that having records more freely available is the best way to celebrate his legacy. I think I am correct in saying that the family own the master tapes for this recording and hopefully this reissue will have used them directly. I have a copy of the Ba Da Bing reissue and this was rumoured to have come from CD, plus has pressing issues. Still sounds pretty good but even they were reaching well into 3 figures for a copy (you don’t want to ask about the cost of a very limited Polydor first press). Apart from the music itself (which is truly wonderful, albeit some might say ‘challenging’) the recording quality is really special. A true stereo recording- two microphones only, placed in a fixed position in the studio - it has a soundstage that you can pretty well reach out and touch. You can even tell which direction Mark’s head is facing when he is singing. Let’s hope this reissue - and I now see a proposed date of 1st November - can do this justice.
  14. I haven’t managed to keep count, but as pretty much every Wammer south of the Watford Gap seems to be heading your way that is a lot of mouths to feed! perhaps we should try and co-ordinate some food bringing to assist. You can put me down for bringing savoury bits and pieces for around half a dozen if that helps.
  15. I was investigating this and some other options for use with my ultrasonic machine. In the end I felt it just wasn’t worth the bother, the records come out of the cleaner with minimal beaded residue and air dry in less than an hour. If any dust settles then it is easily removed with a standard record brush when dry (not that this seems to be much of an issue either). Remember, you are cleaning in a mix with no detergent so not as if any dried cleaning fluid residue is left behind in the grooves.