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  1. This one looks like it is turning into Kegworth on Thames! I can’t make it unfortunately but reports and pics from those that do will help soften the blow. Have a great day.
  2. lostwin

    John Wood Amps

    Yes, I had heard he can offer great support, even suggestion of effectively a lifetime warranty to original purchasers. I bought mine s/h so not expecting same level of back up especially as he is a one man operation. Would have been good to have a chat though, i’ll try texting again to see if can find a mutually agreeable time.
  3. lostwin

    John Wood Amps

    That’s his prerogative I guess, but it doesn’t exactly reek of inclusive customer service especially considering there is no other form of contact suggested on his website. i’ll take my amp to my usual engineer instead.
  4. lostwin

    John Wood Amps

    Great, thank you 👍🏻
  5. lostwin

    John Wood Amps

    Well, I still can’t get hold of Mr Wood. Can anyone with knowledge of the KT88 integrated confirm that the pre stage has a pair of 6SN7 valves. That’s what they look like to me but the markings are not clear. I can see that it also has two ECC 82’s. Cheers.
  6. lostwin

    Audio Innovations Series 500 Amplifier

    When I bought mine way back when, Kevin of Definitive recommended using the 4 ohm tap. That is what I stuck with, but you will no harm in trying the other ones and results could well be speaker dependant.
  7. lostwin

    Valve info

    Not the first time that you have shared your knowledge with me on a valve question. Very much appreciated, thank you 👍🏻
  8. lostwin

    Valve info

    Any thoughts or knowledge out there on 6SN7 valves and possible drop in alternatives? Used in pre stage of an integrated amp and currently fitted with Brimars. I understand that these valves have medium gain, are there higher gain options?
  9. lostwin

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    I am interested in this cart as well. Can’t find much variation in selling prices out there, where did you get yours from?
  10. lostwin

    And now for something completely different.

    Starting from scratch, it would be extremely difficult to justify vinyl as a primary source. The cost of building up a reasonable record collection is so prohibitive. I might just have to swallow hard and go digital, but make sure I match it with components that add copious amounts of distorting colouration to compensate. 😀
  11. lostwin

    WTD: iCubes LP Storage

    12 weeks and several reminders to get mine, looks like a theme. Having said that I am contemplating moving them on. Let me have a think and I’ll get back to you (the OP, of course).
  12. lostwin

    Superb Marantz PM-4 Integrated Amp

    Where are you located, pick up would be safer on a vintage amp like this?
  13. lostwin

    John Wood Amps

    Generally positive so far but a bit difficult to judge as I have upgraded phono stage at same time. Speakers are a relatively difficult load and the JW gives me a bit more control but not as much difference as I was expecting compared to my 25W Audio Innovations. Having said that it doesn’t lose out musically to the AI either and the AI is very strong in that regard. Mr Wood is proving hard to get hold of currently as I want to discuss with him thoughts on gain in the pre stage, tube options and possibility of benefits from adding the Border Patrol regulated supply to the amp as I could move it from the AI where it is currently residing. Guess I will keep trying to call / text.
  14. lostwin

    John Wood Amps

    Mark, I am also the owner now of JW KT88 integrated. Would d be interested to know if you have tried any tube rolling. I have seen various suggestions on KT88’s - mine are Gold Lion. What type are the signal valves? have you tried different options on these?
  15. Thanks Graham. I am looking on behalf of a friend, will check with them if they are ready to buy.