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  1. Guzziboy

    Harmen Kardon in BMW or Volvo

    You're looking at a chav car and an old man's car. Get a Jaguar XE with Meridian sound system.
  2. Guzziboy

    Recording vinyl

    I can’t stream to my car entertainment system. I can play music on a usb stick or iPlayer/iPhone.
  3. Guzziboy

    Recording vinyl

    My reason for wanting to be able to record my vinyl is so that I can play them in my car. In the good old days my NAD 3020 allowed me to put my vinyl onto a cassette. It should be simple to transfer them.and CDs, onto a USB stick or IPod/iPhone, directly through an amplifier, without the hassle of adding a computer into the brew.
  4. Guzziboy

    Innuos Zen Mini

    On the Innuos website they refer to the Zen as a "perfect CD player replacement". I know that I'll be playing the rip, rather than the disc, but if it sounds better than my present player, I'll be more than happy.
  5. Guzziboy

    Innuos Zen Mini

    My mind is made up, at least in so far as I've decided to get into streaming, and I'm off to the Audio Republic next week to discuss and listen to my options. One thing that interests me is the idea of replacing my CD player, a Naim CD5X, with an Innuos Zen Mini plus power supply. Has anyone compared a Zen to a CD player? What would I be losing, if anything?
  6. This was my last bike, sold shortly before Christmas. Before that I rode old British, the most recent being a 1954 Velocette MSS. I think I may have given up riding, though I may be tempted by the new Guzzi.
  7. Guzziboy

    Lingo 1 or heed orbit?

    Not so. We keep searching for that huge improvement, but every time we're disappointed.
  8. Guzziboy

    Taking a break from the hifi...

    But Melton Mowbray hosts the Artisan Cheese Fair every spring, and the cheeses there are better than any you can find in France.
  9. Does it only work with records played on a LP12?
  10. Guzziboy


    No. Maybe I've got cloth ears, but I've not found any of the LP12 "upgrades" particularly worthwhile. I got mine in 1982, to replace a Dual 505. I initially went to the dealer to audition a Rega Planar and an AR. The former cost about £180, the latter around £195 if I remember correctly. Each had strengths and weaknesses. Neither was quite right. My dealer brought in an LP12 and said "I know this is above your budget, but give it a listen". By the end of the first track my wife told me to stop messing about and to buy the Linn, for the tremendous sum of £230. I've added a Lingo 1 and a Cirkus, and replaced the Basik arm with an Ittok (and the Basik cartridge with a number of others, culminating in a Lyra Lydian), but none of the changes have brought as much to my listening pleasure as replacing the Dual with the Sondek. I've been toying with the idea of a Lingo 4 and a Kore, particularly with the offer presently running, but when it comes down to it, I think I'll upgrade my amp to one with a DAC and streamer, and perhaps replace my 28 year old, rebuilt 6 years ago, Lyra.
  11. Guzziboy

    Pet Hates !!

    My wife and myself agree with you.
  12. Guzziboy

    Hi-Fi is out...

  13. Guzziboy

    Floorstanding VS Bookshelf & Subwoofer comparison

    I'm a recent convert to Shahinian speakers, and, like so many converts, am becoming an evangelist. Check out the Shahinian Compasses. Not very tall, easy to position, and they sound really good. The Audio Republic, in Leeds, has a pair of demonstrators for £3250. Out of my price range, or I'd have had them instead of getting the Larcs.
  14. Guzziboy

    Recommended Small Speakers?

    Shahinian Larcs. Astounding little things.
  15. Not only that, but it's a very short run to Devil's Bridge, for a sausage and bacon sandwich to fortify you for the rest of the journey.