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  1. It makes the Olympics and the World Championships pretty pointless though. Still, it'll enable the UK to buy a few more medals, and the American drug cheats to win some more. i lost interest in the Olympics when it stopped being a competition for amateur sportspeople. Yes, the Russian military competitors and the American "students" were professionals in all but name, but they could be ignored and the efforts of true amateurs appreciated. Now, thanks to the National Lottery, we spend an awful lot of money in ensuring we win. Most of the rest of the world can't afford the facilities we give our athletes.
  2. I haven't seen my old friend Fozzy for years, but every time I saw him way back, he always told me about the latest bit of equipment he'd got, but never about the music he played on it.
  3. I'm streaming Van Morrison's Three Chords and Truth.
  4. Would I be the first to take my very old car for service to a new dealership where the mechanics are all factory trained, but have never worked on anything as old as mine in the real world? I think the answer must be "no". If everything turns out to be straightforward, they'd do a good job, but would they know how to deal with an unusual problem. Hopefully, by the time I decide that my LP12 needs anything doing, there'll be a few people posting positive results here.
  5. There's always a risk with wiring. Many years ago we had a toilet and bathroom knocked into one. The cowboy who did it left a wire trailing under the floorboards. On a couple of occasions the shower leaked on to the floor and through the boards, and my wife suffered a slight electric shock.
  6. It's Bill's retirement that caused me to ask the question. If I need any work on the LP12 I'll be reluctant to put it in the hands of someone untried and without any recommendations, so although Otley is close to home, and with parking, it'll have to be a trip to York.
  7. Great little speakers. Mine were ex-demo, well run in when I got them. I simply have them on the carpeted floor. I did try them on granite chopping boards but am happier with the carpet. Have you tried stands? i originally drove them by a Nait XS, so a Supernait will have no trouble. I'm now using a Moon ACE.
  8. Both my wife and I have high blood pressure. We saw the article and we agreed that the first one to visit our GP would discuss it with him.
  9. Guzziboy


    If there is any sort of Advice Centre or help group where you live get in touch with them. Unfortunately the CAB is underfunded, underappreciated and too busy in too many places, and Law Centres have mostly disappeared. And yes, vote Labour.
  10. That was last week. This week I've been told I might need a pacemaker. If so, I need to keep at least 2' between the hob and the pacemaker. I'll not be able to cook. It might yet be back to gas.
  11. Guzziboy

    Old v New

    A new team of designers, using new techniques and components, can change the house sound considerably. A change of management can lead to a change of policy (let's hope).
  12. Free standing or fitted? Whichever it is, get an induction hob. I got one about eight years ago after decades with gas. I'll never go back.