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  1. Guzziboy

    Change of amplifier

    The 80i sounds and looks good, but the only UK dealer I can find is 265 miles away. Are there any owners in Yorkshire? And how about the Hegel Rost? Does anyone have one?
  2. And get killed by my wife.. i had the turntable on a Target shelf, and the rest of the kit in a rack, but when we had the room replastered and redecorated she insisted on something less hobbyist, and insisted I drive her to Treske, at Thirsk, to get custom built stuff for the hifi and, in the other alcove, the telly and DVD player. i'll check out Thomas's suggestion. If one of the leads is sufficiently flexible to bend back very close to the plug, the Kore it will be. And does anyone have any comments on the Khan, either as well, or if the Kore turns out to be a no-goer, instead?
  3. Let me illustrate the problem. And yes, the LP12 is trampolined. And though the photo shows the cabinet at a funny angle, the top, the shelves and the doors are actually horizontal
  4. The Lingo 4 control box is smaller than the 2 and 3, but, I believe, longer than the 1. It couldn't fit behind my equipment, which is housed in a cabinet. It could go beside the amp, where the 1is now, but whereas the 1's sockets are side by side, as David says, they are at either end of the 4. The cabinet has a glass door, and the lead at that end would need to be doubled back virtually at the socket. Not a healthy situation.
  5. I've been following this thread with interest. Having sold the Guzzi before Christmas I've a bit of money to play with. The first thing I did was change my MT Harrier SEs for a pair of Shahinian Larcs, this improving music from every source. I'm toying with a new cartridge to replace my rebuilt Lyra Lydian, and getting a new amp (presently a Nait XS/Flatcap). But as vinyl is my favoured source I might spend a little on the LP12. I bought it in 1983, with a Basik arm and cartridge. It's now got an Ittok, Lingo 1 and has been Cirkused. There's not space enough to replace the Lingo, which I've had serviced by Darren to ensure its longevity, so a Radikal, or even a Lingo 4, is out of the question. Possibly a Kore? But no-one here seems to be thinking of a Khan or Karmen, even though some of the reviews dating back to 2014 suggest that this should be a first step. What thought, folks? Where do I go from here? And don't suggest a Keel. That's a step too far if I want to make other improvements to the system and have some money left over.
  6. Guzziboy

    Speaker cover, off or on?

    Does it make any difference whether it's the right or the left speaker that goes commando?
  7. Guzziboy

    What is a DAC for?

    I'm going to expose my ignorance now. I know DACs have been around for a long time now. I know what DAC stands for. But I'm an old-fashioned boy who took a long time getting to CD, and vinyl is still my main source. When DACs came on the scene they were associated with CD players and I wasn't interested, so I didn't read those articles in the hifi press reviewing them. i've been out of the hifi loop for a couple of decades now, just listening to, and occasionally upgrading, what I had. I came to the Wigwam from the Linn forum, but only went on the turntable section of that. While my back was turned DACs seem to have become mainstream. I keep reading about them. But where do they fit in? Can any system benefit from one? To me a system is source, amplifier and speakers.
  8. Maybe I should come clean. I'm not only a retired solicitor, but also (genuinely) descended from Dick Turpin's paternal grandfather. I'm trying to get compensation from the City of York for the way in which they illtreated my wholly innocent relative and have continued to make money by exploiting his name ever since. Mickbald, can I sign you up to the committee?
  9. Guzziboy

    where the wife (finally) drew the line

    I did, and they were. They were bright enough, warm enough, and with a sufficient spread. But the light they give is dead.
  10. Guzziboy

    Hifi Hints and Tips

    Your stylus was trying to tell you something.
  11. Guzziboy

    Buying in Japan

    When I was in Kyoto last summer I wandered into one of the huge multi-storey shops they have there. While my wife wandered round the Uniqlo section I went up to the electrical floor, and was stunned by the displays of televisions, white goods, and in one area, the amazing toilets they have over there (when we checked into our hotel room neither Liz nor I dared go to the toilet -"you go first" "no, you"). Eventually, at the back of the room, I stumbled into the proper hifi section. Great upmarket stuff, including turntables, arms, cartridges and styli. And, unlike the average British hifi store, no pile of unboxed stuff blocking the aisles. If I could only have got one of those toilets in my luggage......
  12. Guzziboy

    where the wife (finally) drew the line

    I sympathise with you on the lights. While my wife and daughter were away for a couple of days last month, I swapped the four 50w halogen bulbs in the kitchen track for their LED equivalent. I made sure I got warm white. The daughter walked into the kitchen first. "What have you done to the lights!" This brought the wife running. "You've ruined the kitchen!" I have to admit that there's something unsatisfactory about LED lighting. It doesn't sparkle. It gives a very dead kind of light (just as some amplifiers give a very dead kind of music). Anyway, it's back to halogen.
  13. If a solicitor is to spend hours working on a case for which he may not be paid, he will require at least a 70% chance of success. He'll not take a risky case on, unless it's a matter of principle or, as with so many of the cases mentioned in the press, it's for publicity, and in such instances the case is usually quietly dropped a few weeks down the line. And success is only possible if the defendant has breached the law. No matter whether it's a moped thief or a health authority, they should not be immune from the consequences of their actions.
  14. Guzziboy

    Change of amplifier

    It's difficult to put into words what it is about the Naim that doesn't quite do it for me. I've tried it with a variety of speakers, and there's just something missing. The Croft is interesting, but because of the room layout and the furniture would have to housed behind a glass door. There's no back to the cabinet, but the wall a couple of inches behind it. I suspect that would preclude a valve amp.
  15. Guzziboy

    2018/19 Football Season

    We can but hope.