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  1. Guzziboy


    No. Maybe I've got cloth ears, but I've not found any of the LP12 "upgrades" particularly worthwhile. I got mine in 1982, to replace a Dual 505. I initially went to the dealer to audition a Rega Planar and an AR. The former cost about £180, the latter around £195 if I remember correctly. Each had strengths and weaknesses. Neither was quite right. My dealer brought in an LP12 and said "I know this is above your budget, but give it a listen". By the end of the first track my wife told me to stop messing about and to buy the Linn, for the tremendous sum of £230. I've added a Lingo 1 and a Cirkus, and replaced the Basik arm with an Ittok (and the Basik cartridge with a number of others, culminating in a Lyra Lydian), but none of the changes have brought as much to my listening pleasure as replacing the Dual with the Sondek. I've been toying with the idea of a Lingo 4 and a Kore, particularly with the offer presently running, but when it comes down to it, I think I'll upgrade my amp to one with a DAC and streamer, and perhaps replace my 28 year old, rebuilt 6 years ago, Lyra.
  2. Guzziboy

    Pet Hates !!

    My wife and myself agree with you.
  3. Guzziboy

    Hi-Fi is out...

  4. Guzziboy

    Floorstanding VS Bookshelf & Subwoofer comparison

    I'm a recent convert to Shahinian speakers, and, like so many converts, am becoming an evangelist. Check out the Shahinian Compasses. Not very tall, easy to position, and they sound really good. The Audio Republic, in Leeds, has a pair of demonstrators for £3250. Out of my price range, or I'd have had them instead of getting the Larcs.
  5. Guzziboy

    Recommended Small Speakers?

    Shahinian Larcs. Astounding little things.
  6. Not only that, but it's a very short run to Devil's Bridge, for a sausage and bacon sandwich to fortify you for the rest of the journey.
  7. Or, given that you probably travel up the M6 frequently, you could drop them off with Dominic at Northwest Analogue at Carnforth.
  8. But what happened to the mouse when the LP12 went for repair? A comfortable home isn't easy to find.
  9. Guzziboy

    I broke my cartridge :(

    I had an AT33EV for a while, replacing a 20 year old Lyra Lydian. With the EV, my vinyl sounded dead. The Lydian went off to Northwest Analogue, and when it came back, the EV disappeared, never to be seen again. and the system woke up and boogied.
  10. Guzziboy

    Shahinian owners club

    I bought some Larcs in December. I'm very happy with them but always looking for an improvement. It the moment they're stood on carpet. I put table mats under them and there was some tightening up, so I'm off to TK Max today to buy a couple of cheap chopping boards to put under them. What material would you advise, wood, slate, marble or glass?
  11. Guzziboy

    The many varied sounds of Miles Davis

    You've not gone quite far enough in listing the genres. Don't forget Doo-Bop, his jazz/rap album, completed by Easy Mo Bee after Miles died. i found KoB first, when I was just browsing in the Bonds record department in Chelmsford. It was 1965, I was 17 years old and a folk music fan. The man behind the counter was a member of The Halliard, the resident band at the Chelmsford Folk Club. Paul Simon, Arlo Guthrie, Martin Carthy and many other then and still famous names played in the upstairs room in a back street pub. I wasn't into jazz and had never heard of Miles Davis, but liked the sleeve, so asked Dave to play it. I was hooked. I've got just about everything he did in my collection, mostly on vinyl.
  12. Guzziboy

    Improving my Larcs

    Posted in wrong place
  13. Have a word with Andrew, at the Audio Republic, on Otley Road. He'll know someone who can help you.
  14. Guzziboy

    NAS Drives

    I've resurrected this thread as I'm considering getting an integrated amplifier/streamer, and am even more clueless than Alanski. At least he has a streamer and has used Spotify. The problem that I have (and that I believe Alanski has) in understanding the replies and advice he's received is that it all comes from people who are familiar with the world of computer audio, and reply at a level that their peers understand. Unfortunately, they lose the clueless. if I buy a NAS and want to store my CDs on it, I presume I rip using my PC, via Windows Media or iTunes with the NAS plugged into one of the USB ports in the PC. My complete innocence in this modern world makes me feel that there is no way I should buy a NAS on line, but should go to a local specialist shop where I can get the advice I need, and go back to when I hit a problem. I would have gone to Maplins had they still been around. I don't trust PC World. So where in West Yorkshire do I go?
  15. Guzziboy

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    Perhaps the OP could have told us where to find Jon Myles' review, what he was reviewing, and why he thinks that that review, and others by Myles, are rubbish. As it stands, he posted a stream of bile, then got upset because someone teased him.