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  1. You can EQ the highs back in for the slow filter and 44.1kHz material:- B5 G +4.0 F 16.5k Q 2.1 Shelf EQ for 48.0kHz material and above:- B5 G +2.5 F 16.3k Q 1.7 Shelf
  2. Now if you really want to see what the RME can do use HQPlayer to up sample your files to DSD and put the DAC into DSD direct mode!
  3. Wrong! But if that's what you believe then good luck to you!
  4. Over the years the biggest thing I have found with cables that make a difference to sound quality is the shielding, I always look for cables with foil+braid or double braid shielding, I would never use an interconnect with only single braid or just foil... This is even more important if your interconnects cross your power cables...
  5. Yep, I have just picked up an old Cyrus Dacmaster from the mid 90's with the AD1862N R2R dac chip and must say it sounds excellent. Very different from the PCM1795 in my CD transport, at the moment I think I prefer the old Multibit chip! I think I need to look into more modern R2R DAC's!...
  6. These were my best settings:- DA Filter: SD Slow Ref Level: +7 dBu Vol: 0.0 dB Auto Ref Level: Off Unfortunately I had to return my RME DAC as it had a ground loop issue manifesting itself as a buzzing in my speakers.
  7. Great write up, just a pity you did not have an RME ADI-2 DAC to try...
  8. You can get great DAC's for under £1k these days. The RME ADI-2 DAC may be worth a listen. Find a good dealer and see what works in your system.
  9. Have a look for a second hand Cyrus CD Transport (CDXT SE2) rather than a CXC, I found the CXC no better than a normal cd player. Incidentally I have just picked up a CDXT SE2 for £250 for use in another system, and it actually sounds better than my Simaudio Moon 260D CD transport!
  10. Dave S


    Speak to these guys and they will advise what you need:- https://airlinktransformers.com/category/standard-balanced-power-supply Also try loosening the bolt that hold the transformer to the chassis, only about 1/4 turn will be needed...
  11. Dave S


    I bet it's your mains voltage as previously advised, get a reading and purchase a balanced powder supply with the relevant taps to get it down to around 230v...
  12. Well it's not cost me anything, back into the loft for the T32!
  13. Yep. no luck... DAB is quite good on this unit...