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  1. Is the /0 version just the Chakra 4200 before rebadging to the Akurate range. Is there a 4200/ 2 version? Looking at a used 4200/1, thats why the ask. Thanks
  2. arm

    Trouble at Linn??

    Well, I bought a basic lp12 in 1985, using the bank of Canada’s inflation calculator gets an adjusted for 2019 of $3200 can. Current Canadian list for the Majik lp12 is $4800. Given dealers propensity to discount AND a built in optimism by the BoC ( 2.27% average yearly inflation since 1985, ahem, right) I think Linn price is in line plus the product has improved.
  3. I find I'm in a similar situation. I have an Ecos 1 with Krystal/ Keel and I plan to upgrade my trusty and faithful Vallhalla ( yes I know!) to a Radical / Urika 2. Is it worth it to go Klimax casework or use the $ diff between Kilmax and Akurate casing to upgrade my Majik M140 to a nice pair of A 242 mark 2? Other upgrade issues for me are my pair of M6100, want to go A4200 x2 ( plus a 2200 if I go 242) .
  4. Go for it at this price, and if it’s from the former Linn dealer it think it’s from, you might be able to shave a bit more off, think they have had this Adikt for a while now.
  5. Adikt is a great cartridge FTM, no doubt. One correction is there is current no duty for goods from Scotland thanks to the Duty free trade between Canada and the EU. For now. Exchange rate, well , that’s a different story. BTW, there wasn’t much of a price change when the 18% duty on all EU products was dropped , BUT it seems like ( some) Canadian Linn dealers offer an easily offered 25% off list due to the bigger margin without the duty. Make sure you try for a good discount, it’s technical built into the Canadian market.
  6. Not sure about what your asking. One amp per speaker.
  7. So, I guess the next development is battery powered, solar charged wireless systems? TodAys crazy is tomorrow’s standard.
  8. I have the M140s too. Going on 5 years now. Driving them with an Akurate dsm exact hub, AEbox 10 katalist, two m6100, Along with my LP12. I found they have always been responsive to upstream changes starting with the upgrade bases, going active, all the upgrades to my lp12 and ultimately exact . I know this isn’t my last stop in speakers , thinking the 242,s but before that I would upgrade to A4200’s so curious to hear the m140s with these amps. The Majik 140 remain very capable speakers.
  9. I went from aktiv keilidhs to aktiv M140s and it was a huge leap. Used M140s are trading low these day , at least in Canada . I strongly recommend the upgrade metal bases. It is really remarkable what these hunks of metal did for Bass extension.
  10. Hans, if you mean it’s not convenient to changing to bigger, non Linn boxes, well, that point is mute isn’t it? :)
  11. I would not call that design stupid, Its rather smart (looking) actually. Nice work.