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  1. I heard M140s passive at a dealers early this year with a Linn amp but cannot remember the model. Boy, they sounded dull! I had 3 x LK amps aktivly powering Keilidhs and in comparison, bopped along much better. Have since upgraded to Akurate Systemhub with Exactbox Katalist and boy, do my Keilidhs sing now! Deep, powerful bass, stunning stereo, and clear top end via 38/2 tweeters. I can only await Kudos speakers.. To answer the Neils question, get Katalist first, then review the amps before swapping any speakers, BUT, going Exakt with a Systemhub-I (Katalist now built into it as standard and with amps built in) is also a very serious route which will convert your Keilidhs to Aktiv Exact, thereby trade in your 5125. it will be again great improvement. Just consider where you want to be and what you need. Keilidhs are good at highlighting improvements made further back up the system..
  2. Glad you've managed to sort things out. Hope you enjoy your new toy when you've got it set up. Stu
  3. I hope your dealer helps with this John. I strongly believe that the Line Out on the last LK should be "live" all the time with a signal from the Selekt. If it is, then a headphone amp will work, as long as the speakers can be turned to "0" or muted you'll still have a headphone amp that works independently of speaker volume. Let us know how you get on!
  4. Hello John From what you say, your Selekt is a pre amp only, no power amp included? Looking at the Linn site specifications on the Selekt and their back panels, there is only one pair of "pre outs" on the rear panels of the pre amp SDMS only. The issue is you'll need this pair to feed the first LK85, then daisy chain to the second LK85 "Line In" into power the Katans Now, I cannot remember if the Line Out sockets on an LK85 are Live "all the time", ie if you mute the Kollector speakers the line outs still provide a signal to the Line Out phono sockets of the power amps. If they are live, you could plug phono cables into a pair of output and use them to feed a headphone amp that way. I hope I am correct! I thought I heard when the Selekt was released, a headphone "cartridge" was in development to allow headphones to be connected. More expense! I use an Akurate Systemhub and had to buy a DAC with built in headphone amp just to listen to my headphones! A cheeky footnote, I have a Rega Ear Mk1 lying around somewhere doing nothing since buying the DAC/amp!
  5. Found a nice Technics 55w receiver on Facebook marketplace earlier
  6. Hello guys. I'm glad you've mentioned this thread. I have Keilidhs from the early 90's that I have changed the tweeters to the 3 bar type. I used to power them tri amp Aktiv with 3 LK amps, The tweeters made a total change to the sound but I'm lucky to have upgraded the LK/Wakonda to a Akurate Systemhub and a new Katalised Exacted Akurate Exactbox-I. The Keilidhs are now really alive. The speed, dynamism, soundstage and bass produced is really amazing. They really do justice to modern, digital high quality signals. I wont part exchange them for a while. My only issue is that doing a tune dem on Exacted Keilidhs with S.O is going to be awkward and again, expensive. One day, a dealer visit may be necessary...
  7. Hello Derkali. I too have an ASH and Akurate Exaktbox-I Katalist but I have Exakt Keilidhs. I have Chord Rumour X on all 3 channels. Sounds pretty good to me! In fact, I've not heard Keilidhs sound so controlled and fast, but then I did have LK amps beforehand.. I needed discrete cables to hide them. I had Rumour before and that was good,
  8. Hello Chris. Yes, it is still available & for sale.
  9. Hello Diasy I had a version of one of these Stands Unique racks, with glass shelves and doors for the Linn LK range of electronics. I think I was asking £50, not a bad price I thought. The market thought otherwise so it ended up in the tip. Yours is standard width, I hope yours gets sold. Stu
  10. Hello Nestor, I have news for you, Cymbiosis have them now. They only arrived in store last week they said.
  11. ...and bringing the thread back to subject, anyone interested in buying it?
  12. You could have asked me on Tuesday when you replied to me originally. I got chastised recently for getting confused by telling the world I had an Akurate Systemhub-I
  13. It appears that the Urika2 was clipping when playing 12" singles, according to Linn. The gain set at the factory is slightly high and has been reduced in a software update for the Urika2. A check of mine has resolved the issue.
  14. Hello Nestor, Thank you for your reply. Last evening, I did email Linn helpline but Im still awaiting their reply. Stu