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  1. Hello Derkali. I too have an ASH and Akurate Exaktbox-I Katalist but I have Exakt Keilidhs. I have Chord Rumour X on all 3 channels. Sounds pretty good to me! In fact, I've not heard Keilidhs sound so controlled and fast, but then I did have LK amps beforehand.. I needed discrete cables to hide them. I had Rumour before and that was good,
  2. Hello Chris. Yes, it is still available & for sale.
  3. Hello Diasy I had a version of one of these Stands Unique racks, with glass shelves and doors for the Linn LK range of electronics. I think I was asking £50, not a bad price I thought. The market thought otherwise so it ended up in the tip. Yours is standard width, I hope yours gets sold. Stu
  4. Hello Nestor, I have news for you, Cymbiosis have them now. They only arrived in store last week they said.
  5. ...and bringing the thread back to subject, anyone interested in buying it?
  6. You could have asked me on Tuesday when you replied to me originally. I got chastised recently for getting confused by telling the world I had an Akurate Systemhub-I
  7. It appears that the Urika2 was clipping when playing 12" singles, according to Linn. The gain set at the factory is slightly high and has been reduced in a software update for the Urika2. A check of mine has resolved the issue.
  8. Hello Nestor, Thank you for your reply. Last evening, I did email Linn helpline but Im still awaiting their reply. Stu
  9. Hmm, helpful David. I asked for help and assistance, not having backhanded insults cast at me. If you said this as a joke, I haven't taken it so Stu
  10. Hello guys, No, the system stands on a fully isolated rack and I noticed it whilst listening via headphones. As I say, on 12" singles with high output, I was wondering if the Radical was being overloaded by the high output from a 12" single. Antibody play 12" singles on an LP12? When there's a strong beat, the front LED dims in time with it I did ask recently about the settings of an Akiva in Konfig but still awaiting any feedback.
  11. Just played some old 12" singles on the LP12 and noticed that the blue front led on the Radikal 'dims' in time with the beat/volume of the track, courtesy of 'Hit me with your rhythm stick' in effect a reverse "peak" meter. Doesn't do it on lp's, is there an overload somewhere?
  12. Guys Anybody done any changes to the default settings in Konfig for the Akiva and Urika2? I have noted that defaults for input resistance is 42 ohm but the recommendations in the instructions it says greater than 50. Changed mine to 70 ohm and I believe it sounds better. Stu
  13. Hello Timster. Just had conversation with the dealer as I read your post. In for a penny I thought. I went round the back of the unit, I heard a couple of "sparking" sounds as I was trying the connections, then Hey presto, blooming thing sprung to life. Appears power lead was in its socket but insufficiently enough to make electrical contact, despite listening to the system yesterday. The joys of intermittent faults!!! Stu