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  1. Andywilliams

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    Might be worth a home demo of Hegel integrated amp would be in your price bracket I've read a few times of these being used with maggies possibly the H360 or H190 got plenty of grip on difficult speakers .
  2. Andywilliams

    New Q Acoustics Concept 300

    I've owned the concept 20s they where great little speakers I am looking at upgrading in the summer so.may have a listen to these.also going to home demo B&W 805d3s as well.
  3. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Blue frog audio have used there acoustic panels in many venues for the BBC and other broadcasters I doubt there products are shabby there feed back is excellent from private buyers like myself to very large installations at theatres etc anyways they must have done something right as the sound in my room is very much improved. 😊
  4. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Keith why do you keep on saying foam MY PANELS HAVE NO FOAM IN THEM 🙈.
  5. Andywilliams

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    Hi I was in the same mind as you I am nearing my bus pass age lol and all the technical things are sometimes beyond me but I brought a Hegel H190 with a built in streamer last June this December I decided to have a go at this streaming lark so joined spotty and tidal. spotifys app allows you to work the Hegels built in streamer from your phone or tablet tidal I had to down load a app called upnp you can then access tidal through that on either phone or tablet now my modem is in one of my bedrooms upstairs at the front of the house with a full desktop computer system my lounge is round the back I know its a bit of a faff but I drilled holes through my other 2 bedrooms to the outside wall then pinned the cable to the wall drilled in to my lounge wall to connect the router direct to the amp you only have to do it once and you can't see the cable at all I used white trunking on the white skirting made a really neat job hardwiring is best as WiFi connections can be a pain in the butt all my tv's are hard wired to the modem as well .
  6. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi keith the panels aren't 2" there 5 inches deep filled with an acoustic membrane fibreglass the big panels will absorb bass down to 80hz the smaller panels to 125hz unless bluefrog are advertising lies about there products. Dont know why you thought they were 2 inches of foam.
  7. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    To be honest keith the only place I could have put the bass traps is where they are now after all it is a living room anything on the side walls wouldn't look good at all. From all the research I've done apart from using digital correction there wasn't much else to do and what I have done has made improvements to the sound iam getting now.
  8. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Like I said Keith would have been better to have done what you have said only problem I have is I don't know much about all the technical side or anybody who could have done it for me so had to do the best I could with the help of others on the forums repositioning the speakers helped adding the bass traps even more so. I've got to rely on my ears and for now iam very pleased with the results 😊.
  9. Andywilliams

    leaving a cd player on

    Mines been switched on 9 years 😂 can't say whether it makes a difference to the sound though can't be bothered to reach around the back of the Roksan to turn it off.
  10. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi I brought the panels from blue frog audio takes a couple of weeks for them to be made really pleased think I paid around £270 for all of them and there's plenty of choice what colour you want it was another forum member who recommended blue frog.
  11. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Following on from my original post I think I should be fine as regards bass boom looking at upgrading later on in the year I think positioning the speakers 3ft out from the front wall and toed in 22" from side walls as helped no end now I've added the bass traps I've never heard my system sound so good really pleased the bass traps look good too. I know some people will say I need to measure everything but I am just using my ears and to me everything sounds fantastic looking forwards to trying a few speakers out at home before buying. Thanks for everyone's input its really helped me sought out my problems great forum!!.
  12. Andywilliams

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    I know its not streaming but YouTube have some top quality music videos some of the house music videos sound stunning through optical from the tv in to my hegels on board dac I also subscribe to tidal Hifi and spotify I do like spotifys lay out to tidals though sometimes it can be a bit of a faff still enjoy listening to vinyl and CD think I always will.
  13. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi Mike I didn't get any problems with the atc scm 11s as regards boom very controlled it was the bigger floorstanders I had trouble with. Now with my speakers 3ft from the back wall and spaced further apart it's even better if you look on you tube there's a lot of info on speakers and room problems I have a bit more understanding now how important it is to place your speakers correctly before my speakers where equal distance from both the side wall and wall behind the speakers the worst position I could have possibly chosen I've also ordered some bass traps for the wall behind my sofa they look quite good and with my sofa being very deep if I put a couple of pillows behind my seating position it brings me quite a bit forwards from the back wall so all isn't lost iam sure you will find away to sorting it out. As regards room equalisation i would need somebody to do it for me has iam old and not able to make sense of all the graphs and microphones lol would love to try it though with a decent floorstanding speaker in my room.
  14. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi jooles I've ordered some bass trap panels for the wall behind the sofa from bluefrog audio just to cover the whole back wall I hope it will given the new speaker placements (made a big difference to the sound) and doing this ill be able to upgrade to a good quality bookshelf without any problems.
  15. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi after getting advice from tune I moved my speakers 3ft from the back wall (behind speakers) there now 18 inches from the side walls toed in the speakers are 8ft apart my listening position is roughly 10ft away now so much better than before even though I didn't get bass problems with the Atcs everything now sounds much better would never have believed moving them could alter the sound so much. I am going to put something on the back wall when I get round to it . Thanks Tune.