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  1. Andywilliams

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    I know its not streaming but YouTube have some top quality music videos some of the house music videos sound stunning through optical from the tv in to my hegels on board dac I also subscribe to tidal Hifi and spotify I do like spotifys lay out to tidals though sometimes it can be a bit of a faff still enjoy listening to vinyl and CD think I always will.
  2. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi Mike I didn't get any problems with the atc scm 11s as regards boom very controlled it was the bigger floorstanders I had trouble with. Now with my speakers 3ft from the back wall and spaced further apart it's even better if you look on you tube there's a lot of info on speakers and room problems I have a bit more understanding now how important it is to place your speakers correctly before my speakers where equal distance from both the side wall and wall behind the speakers the worst position I could have possibly chosen I've also ordered some bass traps for the wall behind my sofa they look quite good and with my sofa being very deep if I put a couple of pillows behind my seating position it brings me quite a bit forwards from the back wall so all isn't lost iam sure you will find away to sorting it out. As regards room equalisation i would need somebody to do it for me has iam old and not able to make sense of all the graphs and microphones lol would love to try it though with a decent floorstanding speaker in my room.
  3. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi jooles I've ordered some bass trap panels for the wall behind the sofa from bluefrog audio just to cover the whole back wall I hope it will given the new speaker placements (made a big difference to the sound) and doing this ill be able to upgrade to a good quality bookshelf without any problems.
  4. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi after getting advice from tune I moved my speakers 3ft from the back wall (behind speakers) there now 18 inches from the side walls toed in the speakers are 8ft apart my listening position is roughly 10ft away now so much better than before even though I didn't get bass problems with the Atcs everything now sounds much better would never have believed moving them could alter the sound so much. I am going to put something on the back wall when I get round to it . Thanks Tune.
  5. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi well reading the above post from tune looks like iam doomed as I can't change where the system is. Maybe I should just stick with what I've got as the Atcs sound good in every respect like I said before though there's hell of a lot of people with systems in worse positions than mine alot with speakers pushed against walls in corners where's mine have a fair bit of space around them. Plus I really do get lost with a lot of the technical side of graphs etc never mind I suppose it's better to know than keep trying speakers that are going to sound bad no matter how much you pay. 😔. Thanks to everyone whose replied.
  6. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi uzzy just on my lunch break I just want to say I have no problems whatsoever with my Atc scm11s they sound fantastic the problem that I've had is when introducing floor standers like the dalis and pmc these where very overblown in the bass department I tryed these speakers well out in to the room without success I thought for £3000 odd they would have blown my little Atcs away but was the total opposite couldn't wait to reconnect them. My dilemma is will I have the same problem again when upgrading I may take flash up on his offer of listening to his active scm 40s then may have to see which way I go. I suppose given that most dealers would let you hear the speakers in your own home before buying you havant much to lose.
  7. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi flash would possibly be the way to go but would have to save for a bit longer to achieve it. Also would have to have them in my own room first to try. what about the active scm 19s.
  8. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi nopiano yes could do that think Rick at musicraft has a pair of scm 40s in black ex demo £2400 might be worth asking him if I could home demo them .
  9. Andywilliams

    New beginnings

    Hi insider9 I had the exact thing happen to me a few years ago so do know what your going through after 20yrs of marriage kids etc then being on your Todd. It does get better over time makes you a stronger person mind I am 56yrs old so now set in my ways it is nice though to have freedom to do any Damn thing you want without asking first I am sure you'll be fine 😊.
  10. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Think now you can see what I mean about the sofa. Picture of system now. Cd looks like its on a slope just the photo everything's dead level done with a spirit level.
  11. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi at the moment I have no problems at all with the sound quality last year I changed the amp and brought the Rega planar 8 with the aria phono stage next year I am going to hopefully upgrade the speakers budget around £4500 I thought the PMC 25-23 would have been fine in my room but sounded noticeably inferior to my atcs as regards bass think all I can do is try at home and see how it works out if I do stay with standmounts may try the Bowers and wilkins 805 d3s I must say they do look stunning but haven't listened to them. Think cheman demoed 30 odd speakers before he found something that ticked all the boxes. Picture of the pmcs before I changed the amp and brought the Rega.
  12. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi uzzy hopefully next year when I look at upgrading the speakers it won't be a problem. Having changed the amp from the Arcam a39 to the Hegel H190 the speaker cables and interconnects to Tellerium q black (I can hear a difference😃) it may not be a problem as I said I've seen loads of systems in rooms with sofas on the back wall my room is furnished with thick carpets heavy curtains the massive sofa oak furniture never had a problem with high frequencies though. I am stuck with the sofa for now as its a huge corner unit I really can't do anything about that when I had the PMC speakers I moved them all over away from any walls and they still boomed I am very critical though with bass it has to be tight and controlled or I can't live with the system.
  13. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    Hi as regards my room I had the back wall where the sofa is soundproofed there's acoustic wadding with acoustic plasterboard there's then a four inch void with a solid partition wall the rest of the walls are all solid (old house) with concrete floors. One of My Hifi dealers stocks the spendor D7 chemman could try a home demo going to have to suck it and see the Atcs do sound good with very tight controlled bass in my room could also try the bigger atcs as Rick at musicraft sells them and his shop is just up the road from me don't really no much about the equalization side with regards 2channel amps .
  14. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    The reason I changed the Arcam for the Hegel h190 was I thought with the Hegels massive damping factor it would drive the atcs better which are a difficult speaker load I do enjoy listening to my system the Hegel was a good upgrade I suppose sometimes it makes you wonder if your happy why meddle but you always get that itch 😃.
  15. Andywilliams

    Where's your sofa

    May be if I try some more floorstanders with my hegel 190 amp back then I was using a Arcam A39 integrated see if its still the same.