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    Rega p8
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    Rb808 Apheta 2
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    Roksan Caspian m1 cd
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    Atc scm 11 mk2
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  1. Andywilliams

    Bass gone south

    Hi pomster is your seating against the back wall.
  2. Andywilliams

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    I know but my rooms only 16ftx12ft ChemMans rooms massive and he had problems with bass with the ref 1s that's my problem think I am just going to have to try a few speakers at home and see how it pans out I have room to have the speakers 1 metre out from the wall behind the speakers but only 2ft from the side walls.
  3. Andywilliams

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    I suppose I owe it to myself to have a listen to a pair of special 40s it would mean a round trip of nearly 200 miles and hopefully the dealer would let me have a pair to try at home will be looking in the late summer I will have a budget of around £5000 but if these dynes are really that good I could save some money. At the moment I really don't know what I am going to replace my Atcs scm 11s with I suppose all I can do is demo a few at home and make my mind up from there chemMan did say the special forty sounded great on the end of the Hegel H190 .
  4. Andywilliams

    Spendor D7

    Probably cables 🙉
  5. Andywilliams

    KEF R3

    Pleased for you Chris 😊 same as you say have a play with the positioning you may well get away without using the bungs surprising how much a difference speaker positioning can make as I found out.
  6. Andywilliams

    Rega p8 noise floor

    Yes iam going to spend a bit of time tidying all the cables up try and keep power cables away from the phono ones plus move all the wall warts on a separate mains block I've got one of the tacima ones put them all on that.
  7. Andywilliams

    Rega p8 noise floor

    I've ordered a better one with eight sockets iam just using the belkin surge protected ones at the moment cheap and cheerful don't know how true it is but I have heard these can degrade the sound. I've spent a bit on my gear so don't really mind spending a bit on a better mains block anyway.
  8. Andywilliams

    Rega p8 noise floor

    Yes normal listening levels normal think ill look at tidying up my cables and I've ordered a better mains block from mrcu see how that works out.
  9. Andywilliams

    Rega p8 noise floor

    Hi folks after seeing a few videos on noise floor problems I thought I check my equipment see what it was like. First up I played a CD on the Roksan Caspian paused it and turned the volume full up deathly silence nothing so quite pleased with that when I put the Rega p8 on turned the aria phono on did the same thing this time it was extremely noisy obviously this isn't good I've got the ttpsu quite a way from the turntable and aria phono stage so not much more I can do on that part. I've had a look on the web and suggestions are it may be the wall wart doing this is there another power supply that I can buy to replace the Rega one hopefully cut down on noise. I tried all my other components and the Hegel h190 is totally silent out of all the amps I've owned the Hegel is the only one that has been silent when turned fully up obviously with nothing playing 😃.Thanks Andy.
  10. Andywilliams

    Monitor Audio Platinum 100

    Oh dear iam off too.
  11. Andywilliams

    Monitor Audio Platinum 100

    Sound bad..
  12. Andywilliams

    Monitor Audio Platinum 100

    Think if they did monitor audio would have long bust. I've got a few more hobbies and in everyone you will get haters and lovers of products at the end of the day it's what YOUR happy with that counts.
  13. Andywilliams

    Monitor Audio Platinum 100

    Suppose that's the point there's just too many variables to take in to account system matching room decor and each individuals likes or dislikes that's why in the end you need to try equipment before pulling the trigger. Most good hifi retailers will let you do just that fortunately.
  14. Andywilliams

    Monitor Audio Platinum 100

    A few years back I owned monitor audio silver bookshelf speakers had the front three in a home cinema driven by my harman kardon 8500 high current av amp they to sounded great no bad treble really enjoyed them. I then traded them in for my Miller and kriesel 850 series speakers that's when I had problems with highs being a bit shrill. Think you still need synergy with components that does count for good sound whatever you choose.
  15. Andywilliams

    Monitor Audio Platinum 100

    Your room is quite small. Wheres your seating in the room is it away from the back wall. Martin did point out about room layout being very important as this affects any speakers sounding there best. My room is 16ftx12ft and I had problems with floorstanding speakers being overwhelming bass wise which was me placing them in the wrong positions I've also added room treatments as well. At the moment iam listening to my system and it now sounds better than I've ever heard it. I use Atcs scm 11s they would easily fill your room and are sealed so not to picky about positioning there a good bunch of lads on here ( we'll most are 😂) and helped me sort my problems out hopefully be same for you.