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  1. Just one other point on self spinning. Not only does it keep spinning for hours with the motor off, I can and have played records with the motor off. I start it on, put the needle in the groove and then shut it off. The motor vibration is now reduced (by touching it for vibration), but the sound is the same. Stopping is easy though. I just put a finger to the side of the platter and apply minimal pressure and it stops. Weird.
  2. No, it does not keep spinning if I turn it by hand. Of course I have never tried turning it really fast (33 RPM). Thanks for the note note on your flutter measures. Mine are pretty much the same, as are my friends high quality TTs. This indicates that the limiting factor is probably the accuracy of the measuring device, not the TT.
  3. I change using the PSU button. It is DC.
  4. Yeah, that is why I am never sure the turntable is an issue. It does make me wonder about others who say they never hear flutter though. Do they only own perfect records, or are they less sensitive to pitch stability? By the way, does anyone else have an issue where their Orbe platter does not stop turning on it’s own when in 33 and a third? When I hit the power button on the motor, it keeps spinning forever until I hand stop it. Oddly, it stops on its own at 45 speed. Is this a known issue on Orbes?
  5. Tried talc and adjusting the springs and isolated the motor by putting a cork mat under it. Flutter dropped a tad to .34%, about the same as my friend's Linn. I still hear flutter on some LP's, but don’t know if it is in the turntable or the vinyl. I am slightly sensitive to it on sustained piano, but even more so on acoustic guitar. Anyone else here tried the RPM app on Apple? It is really cheap, and it would be informative to exchange results on speed and flutter, especially after mods.
  6. Thanks Huwge, Do you just double up the belt on the existing motor pulley, or does it require a special motor pulley system with two grooves?
  7. Thanks for the answers. I will try the talc idea, and it should be easy to use a baby wipe. Does anybody else have the RPM app and have substantially better numbers? For a couple of bucks it seems like something many audiophiles would have. It would be interesting to compare numbers. I have also tried it on a Linn and a Well Tempered and in both cases, the flutter measured around .3. Could I also ask if other Orbe owners have their belt slightly above the midpoint of the platter like mine, or is theirs centered? Is this significant at all? One final question prompted by gwernafield's comment. I always assumed flutter is virtually guaranteed on at least some albums due to any eccentricities or warp in the album. Even with the record clamp, by shining a light directly on the spinning record and seeing the reflection on the wall, it is apparent that the majority of vinyl is grossly imperfect.
  8. First post. I read all the prior discussions and have a similar issue to some of the recent posts on wow and flutter. I have a recently serviced Orbe with the SME IV arm and a new Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge. It sounds amazing. But... I frequently hear some flutter. Honestly I do not know if it is the vinyl or the turntable, but it is common enough that I fear it may involve the latter. Using the iPhone RPM turntable app, the speed is pretty much exact, but the flutter measures a consistent .3 to .4. I tend to hear it on acoustic guitar and piano. My belt is newer (3-4 months old), my oil is newer, bearings were recently replaced, etc. However, I don’t think my springs bounce perfectly in an up and down piston formation. In addition, my belt is not centered perfectly even in the midpoint of the platter. I would estimate that it is about a half inch or so higher than the midpoint of the platter. So, some questions... 1) Do others have the RPM app, and does anyone get better flutter measures than .3 or 4? 2) Would having the belt a tad high be causing problems? 3) Would slight problems with the spring bounce settings lead to flutter? 4) Any other recommendations or ideas? Any input would be extremely welcome. Thanks!
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