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  1. Bump, accepting near offers as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Selling an excellent Michell Gyro SE, here's what's in the offer: - Michell Gyro SE in great conditions. According to the label with the new Michell logo it should be one of the latest Gyro SE version. It doesn't have scratches or visible marks. - Original Box not in a perfect shape, but still does its job perfectly - Michell Rega Armplate suitable for RB250, 300, 600 arms and any variants (Origin Live, Moth ) - Michell Rega Tonearm VTA Adjuster suitable for RB250, 300, 600 arms and any variants (Origin Live, Moth ) - Michell Arm Plate Decoupling Kit it looks like it's for SME, don't have such a tonearm to find it out - Ortofon MC15 Super cartridge it was there when I bought it, so you'll get that in the bundle too Why Am I selling it? After dreaming for a Michell Gyro for years and after many researches I finally bought this SE it last week. I set it up and I was super excited but there was something missing. After a couple of days I realised that I did prefer the GyroDec. Shame on me for not realising that before, so luckily I found a GyroDec and I'm putting this one for sale. I would have keep it otherwise. Can I ship it ? Even though there's the official box, I'd rather not shipping it, it's available for pickup in Central London. I'll be away for Christmas time, so if you can pick it up before the 19th of Dec it's yours otherwise I'll be back the 1st of Jan. How much for it ? I'm asking for £ 1000 The rb250 Arm in the pictures is not included
  3. I'm selling my Rega Planar 3 2016 model, bought in April 2017. It doesn't have a single scratch on it and it comes with the original box. You'll find it perfectly packed, as if it was new. I'd say it's very difficult to distinguish from a brand new one. I'm selling it only because I bought a Michell. I'm asking for £ 460 It should be picked up from Central London - WC2H
  4. maxgallo

    Michell Gyro SE + extras!

    Hi, I'm very interested (and super new to the forum) I've got a couple of information to ask: - Do you have the original box ? - In which conditions is the Gyro overall ? Does it have any signs / marks or something any buyer should be aware before buying ? - Does it have an AC or DC motor (maybe it's written somewhere) ? (as far as I know is to identify if it's a MKIV or MKV) Thank you!