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  1. No problem, but the Wakonda is getting a bit long in the tooth compared with the newer versions.
  2. Oak is quite nice - here in Norway. Would preferred to have only covered with thin layer of soap to keep them from darkening.
  3. You obviously has no whatsoever knowledge of programming or or engineering to make the statement in the first paragraph. Having heard the Lejonklou Gailo 2 and their integrated amp, it is not a mater of belief - something which is often the case in the industry. There is knowledge behind the design - as it is not the hifi- sound goblin approach taken by some companies. Regarding speaker length - I have not personally experienced with this but given that the cables represent an impedance and such factors are emphasised for amplifier design, why not? Your own statement of integrated Exakt is hence also contradictory. Data cables - sure there is a difference, but it does not need to cost much (which is a nice surprise). From Linn´s point of view there is a uncommon warning of cable types NOT to use.
  4. A least my local dealer in Oslo have always had passive Akudorik on display, either with singel amp of with Majik Exaktbox 1. After re-opening this autumn they have been demoed with Selekt on permanent display.
  5. Been sold at Harrods since October, Norway since mid December from what I have personally seen. Surely other places as well. I aditioned single and pair in London. For a 1-speaker system: no competition exists for same quality. Naim for example is only a nice sound and nice (subjective) looking box but totally boring from a musical stand point. For a stereo system, Not sure. Was indeed good but would need to listen more closely and compare. Common for both were very good tune, sparkle and interesting to listen to.
  6. I'd go for a Majik LP12 but have a Lingo 4 instead. Very nice combo. Find a 2nd hand MDSM/2 (the ones has Exakt links) as they are better than the earlier ones for all sources. This will be within the budget. Later options allow for adding power amp and LK140.
  7. They were indeed ahead of the game, but they have established themselves as more technology focused than the majority of the competition. Streamers I've heard from example Naim sound nice, but lacks sparkle and engagement, so for Aurender N10 4TB (but that was via MBL electroniks and speakers). For the control point, after I removed all my Apple wifi devices there is no issue except for if I have Kazoo up and running on my phone, leaves the house and re-enter - then I need to close/restart Kazoo on my phone (iphone7) and then the rooms are found. Same also for when I connect at my mountain cottage, it always finds the room and my rooms at home is also visible (but can't be controlled remotely). The new Linn beta-app allows for search across streaming providers and NAS at the same time which is useful but I have started to like Kazoo better than I used to do but suggestions on music etc as in stand-alone apps as Titadl/Spotify is not quite the same... I remember Linn got a lot of bad talk that they did not want to integrate Spotify in the start. From my point of view it was absolutely right as the quality obtained via Spotify is so LoFi that people would end up listening to how a system sounds, not how it plays the music and a Linn system would play music similar as others. It would be completely different from Linn's source first tune etc. In Norway (and apparently Sweeden) we generally have what is called sound-goblin. These people do not understand the principle of source first but always talk of matching a product such that is sounds nice, have a 2000 GBP chartridge on a Rega 3 (or more expensive but similar performance deck as people are richer these days), and having difficulty separating LP12 variants as they sound similar... Even Spotify premium is so rubbish that there is no point in having anything above a Sneaky DS (which by the way easily shows how bad Spotify is compared to Tidal). So back to technology focused, one can also see the same knowledge which has introduced SO V2 (I never heard V1 good and gave up using it) where the sound is more or less the same, but more details in the music is audible and as engaging as before (started using SO V2 on AEDSM, Akurate Exaktbox Kat, A4200 2xLK140 (as one A4200 back at Linn) and Keltik last week). The quality of integration of the streaming into the product and using the phone/PC/mac as a purely control point is also a good one - not forgetting free upgrades of even the first DS's. Øyvind I
  8. Without experience with that specific supplier, my personal experience with the majority of 3rd party suppliers: Why not just buy another turntable as it is different design philosophy.
  9. The Kairn is in my experience the most disappointing pre-amp I have ever had. Bought a ex-demo in 1993, and also upgraded the power supply at at stage but was never involving. Really bad purchase - not quite sure where I was in that process..This eventually resulted in me abandoning Linn amplifiers for a few years. A Roksan Kandy totally embarrasses it for tune, fun and resolution (the LK 100´s I had was interestingly enough still up to date in a bit of rough way by sing the Kandy as a pre). Used it with K18, Klyde, AT OC9 Mk II and checked the phase as well. 4 years ago a Wakonda passed my way and although tuneful not exactly anywhere near a MDSM.
  10. Hi, when I bought my Majik isobaric sometime around 2014, well at least before Exakt, I auditioned the MISO with MDSM, which was not to interesting, but connecting the ADSM into the MDSM was done to show that it was the pre-amp section of the MDSM which was of insufficient quality for the revealing speakers. This was indeed not the MDSM/2 but an earlier version so I guess you should be able to do this as an intermediate step. Regards Øyvind I
  11. Another example of speakers being the least important part in a hifi system (of course staying above a minimum level). Congratulations
  12. Not Akudorik, but my experience with MISO and A2200 over to Majik Exaktbox I and later Akudorik, passive, tri amped and finally Exakt has shown Exakt to be a very good product that has developd significantly since it was introduced. Have also heard Akudorik with Exaktbox and it was very good. I´d stretch to the Akurate Exaktbox 1 as the casing is a lot more rigid (don't know if the upgrade includes new casing). When I had the Majik Exaktbox I discovered this to be very dependent on positioning. Øyvind I
  13. Hi, a convenient factor, at last for keeping the source being the same supplier: user interface is exactly the same and your playlists as you may have generated in Kazoo are available at your other location. This is one benefit of us having a MDSM in our mountain cottage. Sound quality another (and most important factor). With that said, although I find the MDSM a very good product, for price and what it provides at its retail price, adding a power amp and turning off the internal amp makes a big difference in musical performance. When speaking of "sound", there was a bigger change to a A4200 than M6100 (in addition to the usual musical improvements). Øyvind I
  14. Congratulations, also in line with my findings. With the MDSM and MEKbox it was ok, but with AEDSM really engaging and tuenfull (+ the usaual but not as important HiFi stuff like sound stage, air and bla bla ). That comparison was done with my M109. Good choise - and you know your next is going to be Katalyst :-) Øyvind I
  15. Hi, in my daughters room I've got a Sneaky DS connected to a pair of Komponent 104's. It works but experimenting with adding an old Roomamp (first version) improves, and trying a LK140 was also another significant improvement. Obviously in bass performance but noticeable across the range. We're here looking for a low cost system. From what I understand, the Sneaky can be run directly with a Roomamp 2i which can be found quite cheap. Has anyone tried? Regards Øyvind I