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  1. Linns general recommendation is to do arm before cartridge. There is a reason for that. The Krystal is a smashing cartridge and works very well with the SE.
  2. Hi (first a bit on data cable then the LP12 question at the end) I added a Urika II early this year and have found that both this and other signal cables in Exakt system is extremely sensitive to quality. Way more sensitive than what I have experienced with analogue RCA cables and loudspeaker cable which do have difference but most of the time ala a bit clearer or emphasising on certain parts of the presentation. Some also influencing tune and how music flows together. I first used Audioquest Forest CAT 7 as cable between Akurate Exakt DSM and Akurate Exaktbox but upon reading Linn´s advice agains CAT 7 cables in Exakt system, I tried Biltema CAT 5e (cheap car parts shop) at GBP 15 for 10 meter. Clearly better at 1/10 of the price. Following discussion on Lejonklou forum on best sounding LAN cable for DS, I now tried Blue Jeans CAT 6a cable ( First I replaced the cable between the AEDSM and Exaktbox, early better, more tuneful and better separation & details. Same thing with the cable between the router and AEDSM. Significantly more influence than I have experienced with analogue cables related "tune". Now to the LP12 question. My LP12 (Keel, Ekos SE/1, Kandid, Urika II) currently has the same no cost CAT 5e from car shop (which was better than no name stiff CAT 6a which it came with from my dealer). Mate of mine has CORD Epic (which was noticeably better than C-stream but also 10 times price at GBP 460). Has anyone tried the Blue Jeans Cables for Urika II? Øyvind
  3. Not uprising, a lot of components used in manufacturing is import and with the pound loosing strength, the cost is going to increase.
  4. That is odd. Mine does not when placed in Ittok LVII on LP12 Majik sub and recapped Lingo 1. This is through AEDSM, Akurate Exaktbox, 2xA4200 + M6100 (on the bass) and Akubarik. My main deck is Kandid on Ekos SE/1. Sounds like there is something wrong somewhere.
  5. To be fair, item 6 and 7 must be an issue with how the software was installed. Did you follow the instruction on Linn's web site for which programs you need to download? More important, why consider such a expensive when playing via airplay is the target? The musical reproduction quality (not "sound") is so bad compared to the integrated streaming that one is better of with a Sneaky DS (where the same is also totally noticeable) or a cheap Sonos. Øyvind
  6. Have to dissagree with this. I've currently got an Exakt system but mate of mine with analogue integrated active Akubariks went from Akurate Kontrol with Uphorik to Akurate DSM (Kat) and Urika II. The latter is totally superior in every respect. I did not attend the switch but the owner reported increase in performance from Akurate Kontrol to the ADSM (before the Urika II was added) for which I have no reason to doubt. Personally, with my previous system consisting for Akurate DSM/1, A4200 + A2200 and active bass to Majik Isobarik, the pure analogue circuit of the DSM/1 was better than with digital enabled. SO (with digital circuit disabled for that comparison) did not help the musical performance - only "digital" in a dry way - like not heard in live performance. Hence with that technology - analogue was better. Upon upgrading to AEDSM and Majik Exaktbox, there was absolutely no discussion. The latter was way better (unless one likes muddy tube like presentation to name a comparison). Since this I've upgraded further and not looked back.
  7. Thanks for the write up, pitty you did not use the ADSM with line out to compare the Gailo to the built in stage. A Regar P3 (I very biefly had a RP3 with external PSU and Ortophon 2M intended for the cottage) is not close to you old Basik. Gailo to internal in Majik DSM will of course be interesting, not mentioning Slipsik 7. After listening to Gailo 2 through the new Lejonklou integrated amp to Klångedang speaker all fed with the latest Majik LP12 (Jelco arm), I'm impressed.
  8. Got a mate with the same approach. Uses a Sneaky DS through LK85 to Yara 2 speaker. Problem is he listened to the "sound", rather than if you can hear what's going on, clarity and variation in the song etc. Showing him the difference between Spotify Premium and the same song via integrated Tidal was a clear winner. Note that the pre-amp on the DSM is way better than the classic, so no wonder that his CD player sounds better. Have he turned off the power amp module using Konfig?
  9. Their web site is in this perspective so bad it makes me sad. Ok, it looks quite good, and under Linn docs there is real quality documentation available which I have not seen anywhere close at any other manufacturer. World class. But the thought behind this is not captured in the design of the other parts of the web page. In order to promote and explain options and possibilities, it is a school example of missed opportunity (remember, as for any company, the purpose is to sell something and earn money). Looking on Systems, for example Majik System: Consists of Majik DSM and M140. There is no info whatsoever on benefits of adding a (or multiple) power amps. The DSM is such a well engineered product that you can turn of the power amp section and hence the power supply only has to serve as a pre-amp, something which is easily heard. On the table at the bottom there is a line mentioning Exakt being possible. 99% of people interested in HI-FI do not understand the benefit. Hence, not focus on something to keep hold of the customer and to explain how an upgrade path exist without having to sell the equipment (as with many competitors). Moving on to streaming. Only focus on controlling stuff and stream anything :-(. Most people do not even know the difference between a streamer (where you cellphone is a visual control unit only) and streaming music via the phone to an apple TV or to the DS(M). Massive performance One could go on. A pitty. The difficulty of finding the System Hub was annoying at first, then When I had my Majik Isobarik, the possibility to go straight to the AEDSM (as it was called then) + Majik Exaktbox-I was a real winner. Opening their front page, it is shown that Space Optimization is the most important reason for selecting a DSM. Bad enough, and then the next point is "control of everything" followed by "stream everything". Nowhere at this visual level is the qualify in music reproduction is presented as a key thing. A Sonos player and Apple TV does all this at a fraction of the cost. Where is the focus? Regards Øyvind I
  10. Hi, it was easy, well a couple of hours with disassembly and assembly. Took them off and managed to get them 98% straight. Sounds marvellous.
  11. I believe you're making it difficult. Similar choice has been there for 30 years. LK 100 in active vs Klout etc. Same vs other brand. For your question for Akurate Exaktbox-I vs the alternative - there is a reason why Linn do not have a internett-shop. Its sold by demo / or explanation from the dealer if not all in stock. With that said, it is obvious that putting all components in one box with one power supply to serve all is not in the same league as the alternative. This was also explained for the majik Exaktbox-I that an upgrade would be: Majik Exaktbox-I + 2xA4200 (shown as example to Majik Isobarik).
  12. No apologies needed. I had the same thoughts when i purchased my speakers 1 year ago. Mate of mine had active Akubariks which I liked very much and I also had heard the passive one, which were nice but not exactly in the same league. As I had an Exakt ecosystem from my Majik Isobarik with Akurate EDSM I vent the route with passive speakers and upgraded with many boxes. That said, the thought have crossed my mind that a rack of boxes and interconnectors (Linn Silver) also was not free of charge. i have seen active 2nd hand active Akubariks as low as approximately 8500-9000 US$ (based on 1$ = 9 NOK). They will be an enormous upgrade over the Kabers (I had biamped Kabers with LK100 25 years ago - bad move, should have gone for Keilith instead as funding at that time was not such that I could afford active Kabers which really need to be active). Mate of mine has as mentioned the active Akubariks and went from Akurate Kontrol to Akurate DSM (with Katalyst). It is a very rewarding system as it is and although the upgrade to Exakt is very very good it comes at a cost and the active speakers are smashing. I would definitely go for it - but remember, they are extremely revealing of pre-amp and source, both which are more important the the speaker.
  13. Yst - agree. Some may like that design - Unit is different though. I somewhat like the design of the DSM in a way showing that cost focus was not on external design but performance. Hence, personally like the design of the DSM but also see that the Naim may have a design that may appeal to general public. Back to topic - the products from Linn have an unrevealed history of upgradeability - but of corse at some stage one need to draw the line. That said, support for any DS product for software I can not see any other manufacturer does. Remember its a product being approximately 10 years old. This is (still) free - that we have to pay for hardware is understable and better economics that to sell a box and buy a new box which most manufacturers does. Hence Katalyst upgradability makes sense.
  14. What puzzles me it the never-ending (by many, and not personal by this quote) writers at forums or FB to not read anything bit about the product at the manufacturers site where it is all presented. Same thing at FB LP12 forum. people ask "should I but a 2000 GBP cartridge on a old banger (1980 LP12)" for best bang for the bucks". (embarrassing copy paste typo on 6 and 10 channel typo) All info on the upgrade is available at Linns web site. I've had Majik Exaktboxes I, Akurate Exaktbox, Akurate Exaktbox with kat, Majik amps and Akurate amps, and based on this experience do not doubt that the upgrade would bing it well into Akurate therothory. What happens at the Majik side of product development on the other hand will be interesting. That said, a Majik DSM is still a very superior product in versitility and performance to for example male at Naim Unit Atom (except for the looks).
  15. Yes, my Akubariks are passive and now run with Akurate Exaktbox (Katalyst), 2xAkurate4200 and 1 Majik 6100 on the super tweeter (to be replaced with Akurate 2200 at a stage). My room is approximately 30m2. Equipment sits on Naim Fraim.