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  1. £3k for a mono speaker.... In that market, if there actually is one, style will come before substance and the devialet wins. I truly hope it does well for Linns sake, but I think this could be way off the mark for them. Taking on devialet is a massive ask as their marketing and retailer network crushes Linns. Linn are going to need to spend a massive amount on marketing to get series 3 off the ground. It'll be interesting to see where they'll be sold. They need to be in John Lewis as a minimum...
  2. ...and that's the fundamental error of all failed business. Cash is king. Ignore your cash flow at your peril! Borrowing is required to bridge the timing gaps in cash flow.
  3. Mine was a two week turnaround from being dispatched by my dealer to Linn and them receiving it back. I'm in the ADSM/3, 109 club too
  4. Yikes! Surely would be better off with bookshelves and sub. Speakers on top of those cabinets are going to do it no favours what so ever. She needs to find a new dealer. I bet she hasn't tried SO Looks like MDS/Majik I/MCD
  5. Forgive me, but doesn't that indicate that your first attempt at SO v2 wasn't optimal. It's not as if the room modes change. Probably the algorithm makes it easier to hit the sweet spot. I for sure couldn't regenerate the sweet spot that I hit following the last version change. Maybe I'll be able to replicate it with this version... here's hoping.
  6. Based on what? I don't think Linn are well known or prestigious enough to forgo an "affordable" gateway line/product. Selekt is too expensive I personally feel to fit introductory that category.
  7. What speakers are you using? While the LK140s are a good amp they're not up to driving modern Linn speakers. They were perfectly fine to match with speakers of their generation, e.g. ninkas, keilidhs etc I thought I would make do for a while and still use my LK140 when I shifted from Keilidhs to 109s. How wrong was I, within a couple of weeks I'd gone out and bought a 4200!
  8. Isn't that what akudoriks are, albeit 17.5x more expensive! I think the only way to get a moderately priced majik exakt inbuilt amp speaker is to go back to 2-way designs. A bookshelf 520 type of speaker, minus the fabric, but then again maybe not... 510s anyone!
  9. Udo, you are clearly experiencing the frustrations that I've had with SO v2. My experience of losing that bass slam is exactly what I had. With my 109s in their ideal position all was present and clear. SO off I found gave a better all round presentation. Due to having to move my speakers to their practical position I lost the bass and several instruments as you have described. Only by adjusting the absorption factors did I finally stumble across the ideal settings. HOWEVER I've as yet been unable to recreate those settings though as SO has changed versions in the meantime, which has clearly effected my ability to recreate and I'm back to square one. Thankfully I have retained and still use my "good" SO calculation. While in some scenarios I'm sure SOv2 is easier to use, but with more complex rooms I don't think it is as clearly you're struggling and I have to. I have all but given up trying to recreate my SOv2 settings as I've got far better things to do and am happy with it as it currently is. Only problem is I can't tweak it to see if I can improve it. The frustrating part for us is that we know the potential is there, it's just getting to it! Good luck is all I can say!
  10. I've used powerline without any issues. However I would recommend placing a network switch between the powerline socket and DS. It was discussed on the old Linn forums many years ago and I can testify that it does make a difference.
  11. With the forum closed, I actually do. It's forced me to use the helpdesk, which I find has been very good with assisting me and me been able to give my feedback in a timely fashion. If we think we've got a true problem we should go to Linn directly for them to resolve and they have that avenue. What's there not to like about that approach? I've shared my finding on here after discussion with Linn which hopefully has helped others and while some of you might be upset with the lack of Linn's direct contribution in a forum they are still there to assist, maybe just not open in a public domain.
  12. Welcome stew! You'll need to use a PC or MAC and download "konfig" That'll allow you to do the firmware updat.
  13. It's the difference at the lower end that I don't like about the 140s. They don't seem to have much control of it even with the stand upgrades and this really distracts from the sound and flow of the music.. Aktiv/exakt I'm sure would control this characteristic (although I've never heard them driven that way), hence I think with 140s there's too much commitment of funds required to get them to a particular level of sound I would be satisfied with. While the speakers themselves are cheap, they don't sound great "out of the box", so a commitment to aktiv/exakt is required from the get go. This turns them from a £1,800 speaker into a £6,180 commitment for the 140s, AEB-1 and upgraded stands. I know they're just not for me. ...and that's where I'm at. I much prefer a natural sounding speaker then what I would consider over-biased bass that many speakers seem to deliver, especially floor standers. For want for a better word I would say I prefer an agile sounding speaker. All the dealers I've dealt with over the years have commented that I've got a preference for more natural sounding systems. Speakers have the hardest job in the system chain. They're the one's that need to interact with the room so we all have personal views about them. The issues I have is that SO does distort this and why if evaluating in no way would I want SO turned on. This is just another variable that will cloud your judgement and could make evaluation even harder. I see SO as that last piece that can help fine tune your system "if" necessary. Personally I would prefer if I didn't have to use SO, but due to practicality issues I have to.
  14. I listened to Exakt when it first came out and I wasn't totally convinced and this was using KDSM into 350s vs solo'd 242s. Admittedly I've never really liked 350s or 242s though and solo'd 242s actually blew me away. I've never really liked Linns speaker range apart from 109s that is. Last Linn speakers I demo'd were 140s about a year ago, having demo'd them many times over the years and I still remain unconvinced as they just don't suit my taste despite several dealers and users raving about them. This is why I've got 805 D3s at the top of my list as they're the one's I've really liked as they get my juices flowing and they look so sexy to boot! I haven't heard passive akudoriks yet so remain open on that front. I too feel the exakt route is a linn lock in and given I'm not overly keen on the linn speaker range it's a route I'll likely continue to avoid. Katalyst update was the best upgrade I've ever done, sound wise and value for money. I still want to explore the passive route more as that's where I see more incremental steps rather than diving into exakt. I like to enjoy the journey each step of the way rather than getting straight to the end goal, if you know what I mean. I'm enjoying the katalyst upgrade a huge amount and given that my system is in a new environment it'll take a while for me to get used to it and get itchy feet. Next step I foresee is a choice between speaker upgrade to 805s or a KCT or even perhaps tundra mono's. Think it'll have to wait until I have a trip back to the UK though as the sole Linn dealer here doesn't carry both Linn and B&W and lejonklou is not even present out here... On a separate note I tried single wiring my 109s and oof, that was not pleasant even with the so called ideal wiring into the tweeter link. Went back to bi-amping and tried the tweeter wiring and again not as good, reverted back to the recommend super and tweeter wiring and it all came back together again. Seemed the changes shifted the timings a bit where the music just didn't flow. I suspect that changing the wiring has unbalanced SO v2. So if I'm going to do the single wired experiment it'll have to be in the ideal speaker position with SO off and then if I prefer that it'll be set-up SO v2 all over again