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  1. Good point and I recall that Linn developed the Silvers as they needed to due to the high resolution of the Klimax line, think it was a DS, but not sure. I do remember reading it though, it was part of the spec or overall architecture...blacks wouldn't provide all the benefits of the higher resolution.
  2. Impressive Phil, I own the Akudoriks and love them, Katalyst was a game changer as they were a bit too clinical prior to that but assume that's all the "source" in a way as drivers didn't change, etc. Craig
  3. There was room, it was the room that I gravitated to in the audio shop. Had all the right room treatments, and a very simple Linn system. So simple, so elegant and so musical. There were many rooms, and lots to love. Mirage M1, their flagship bi-polar mega-floor stander, Sonus Faber paired with Sonic Frontiers tube gear (OMG), Macintosh, nah, and many more. Always went to the used shelf for what could I afford, not much really, not Linn. So went with buying the used gear and put together a pretty solid system for a 20 something year old. Went with Mirage speakers, such nice mids and female vocals were to die for, but always remembered the Linn, there will be a day. Maybe it was the room, so bought it, took it apart myself when dealer was going home theatre construction and no longer retail. Fast forward to the big move from Vancouver to Toronto (what was I thinking), family, closer to them, yet they were my cause of grief, and reason I loaded up my old Camaro (that's a car) and headed west to Vancouver to begin with, with a bag of pot and extra foam padding for my butt. Across Canada in car, 5 days driving time, sold driving time, its a big country, but I digress. Where was I, oh, Linn. Wait, that was fun, really. Ya, like I was saying until you interrupted me, moved back from Vancouver to Toronto. Had some cash, got that Linn system. Linn Espek, 5103, dual 5103's, active. I should be set, nope...I moved into a loft space in downtown TO, cement isn't supposed to sound like this. Lets move. Took my wife and our two golden retriever "country dogs" to a nice acre space outside of TO, pool, etc. Paradise for sure. Many a good year, good friends, and built-ins. WTF, built-in's, I can't put my speakers in there. Sold them. Dumb. Loved those Espeks. Moved again, downsized...wait, what's that, oh its a Linn Klimax DSM, a what??? Its gorgeous, its top shelf, kill me now, buy it used, oh, what's that, Akudoriks, buy it used, wait, what's that, Katalyst, buy it...we have arrived, nirvana. The end. Wait, what's that?
  4. Love your post, think there is story to tell for most. I'm looking to move to island in the sun, sell me that!
  5. Usually after a few cocktails, late at night, when sad, when happy, when there's a party, when you want to escape the madness.
  6. This question is about Linn members background, everyone has a story to tell. When did you discover Linn, and what transpired thereafter?
  7. Exciting news, just tried an experiment, happened to have my wife's iPhone close to the edge of the tinfoil where the EMF would of loaded up. It started charging phone, holy crap, moreover, it started playing Santana I played an hour ago, spooky, bass was weak but it was there. Awesome results, more then I expected.
  8. Thanks, love the product description "used for paranormal and general EMF detection issues". Lots of that going on here but the ghosts have been quiet lately, wont last
  9. Is there a way to shield cables using common household products such as Aluminum Foil (Tinfoil to some). And if so, how, does it ideally requiring grounding, are there limitations in effectiveness based on distance or techniques used? For example could you cut a 1 ft (30cm) "shield" between a device on the left of a cabinet from one on the right as EMF would have to turn the corner to reach the other device? What about wrapping cables, 100% effective or does it need to be grounded? What exactly is going on with EMF?
  10. Makes me wonder why it isn't addressed in typical cable design as opposed to moving cables as its not the most effective solution. How should they be properly designed, probably a $50, $500, and $5000 solution? Would the $5000 solution require a change to the amp and at the speaker itself?
  11. Then there is the issue of noise, my surrounds speaker wire ran a long way along baseboards, the gauge was import obviously, but it sure "seemed to me" that shielding could of helped??, which begs the question, if needed for a long run is at also beneficial for shorter runs, and if so, how?
  12. If a speaker cannot go below lets say 30Hz and I assume the manual or electronic crossover limits the reproduction of sound below what the speaker is rated at would a SO filter be needed below that frequency?
  13. Of course exactly half the people on the forum don't believe you heard any difference, you just expected to. But the other half know better ;) Good post.
  14. WOW, Beyond the level of most, including me, but thanks for the very in depth analysis. Lots going on and sure hope the engineers got it right or simple improved shielding might have a bigger impact than suspected. Seriously. Thanks for taking the time to post this as you seem very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. Impressive. Do you want a Project Management plan drafted to assist with the objective review run away run away.