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  1. Just read exaktbox sub manual, for Rel S/5,3 or 2, you use RCA to connect and set output level of sub using Hi-Low Level control to provide the best integration. Assume that is a setting on the sub?? Is this a toggle setting or a volume level control, im not sure. I would assume DSM would be used for adjusting volume and this is a one time setting that is needed. Any insight into this would he really helpful.
  2. Sorry, reading rel sub info, thought it was saying use speaker level (line level) out instead of RCA. Ignore, think I'm out of my element here.
  3. Funny, was just looking at REL subs for my Dorks, trying make sense of which one would integrate well, thinking why do it if it can't go down to 20hz, which I think means the S series, 812 or 510 but I really have no idea. What would be your choice, 7i seems like it's the sweet spot, price to performance wise, down to 30hz? Does this mean I need an exakt box or can I drive it from KDSM directly? Questioning the investment if exaktbox also needed. Thoughts?
  4. Is it just me or was Van Morrison made for Linn, or was it the other way around. Think my first demo the were prominant, I need that...
  5. Update: tried various optimization settings to little effect, then tried a fictitious ideal position a metre from the wall versus practical .69. Brightness lessened, more musical, so good progress I think. Indicates i need to hunt down ideal ideal position and then adjust optimization from there. Anyone have advice on exakt Akudorik ideal distance from wall, tough and variable question I know.
  6. Awesome if you can do it easily. Eldarboy on the forum has done it, and used some special products. Try pinging him, he would be glad to share.
  7. Thanks, sounds like a plan. At first I didn't even want to look at it the wrong way but in retrospect it can be improved. I mentioned this before as well but there may be two different ideals, one for low level listening, and one for higher volume.
  8. Not sure if anyone has written on this subject but think it would be worthwhile. For example, I am trying to understand the following from the manual (flatter frequency response versus shorter decay time). Would this not only impact base but higher frequencies as well, I noticed some music, depending on the recording, can be too high in treble. Detail is off the charts but how can system be tuned to lower the treble. Can someone explain the following in different terms for me, i.e. simply :0? "If the optimisation does not suit your preference, the optimisation preference can be adjusted here: moving the slider toward Flatter Frequency Response will result in an optimisation that takes deeper cuts and applies less decay control at the artificially distorted frequencies; moving the slider toward Shorter Decay Time will result in an optimisation that takes shallower cuts and applies more decay control at the artificially distorted frequencies. Once the optimisation preference has been adjusted, click on the blue Finish button in the bottom navigation pane to recalculate the optimisation.
  9. Its quite easy when "you get it", the UI is consistent. Just drag boarders for measurements then refine using arrow keys. Can't remember if I needed to hold down ctr- key for even finer adjustment but don't think so.
  10. Yes, motivation should be bottled but people be too lazy to buy it. A laser measure sure helped me in cutting down the time requirements, was kind of fun actually due to my room having so many large exits to other rooms, which I ended up modelling as well, which is probably complete overkill.
  11. Thought this was the push David needed but hes holding strong, the world wonders. The world wonders" was a phrase used as security padding in an encrypted message sent from Admiral Chester Nimitz to Admiral William Halsey, Jr. on October 25, 1944, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.[1] The words, intended to be without meaning, were added to hinder Japanese attempts at cryptanalysis, but were mistakenly included in the decoded message given to Halsey. Halsey interpreted the phrase as a harsh and sarcastic rebuke, and as a consequence dropped his pursuit of a Japanese carrier task force in a futile attempt to aid United States forces in the Battle off Samar.[2]