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  1. Where do we find this v2.? is it in the Linn config? thxfound it, thx
  2. I read that too and don’t dispute it. As I’ve had to give up all my other vices in life and it was only $1000 for the second one, I bought 2 for the aesthetics 🤪🧠🤡
  3. I’m looking. At first paragraph of page 12, of the operating instructions. You could be right, it seems to instruct connection via the speaker terminals on back of your amplifier. Follow wire instructions carefully so as not to short, it seems is instructed. i connected 2 subs separately so I didn’t use this method. good luck.
  4. The big plug goes into back of sub, its bare leads attach to speaker posts. only one sub per side. Don’t attach to right and left, pick only one.
  5. I connected both my 7ti’s via the supplied Neutrik Speakon cables, directly to the wooferposts on the Akudorics. Which of course are connected to the 8 channels of Akurate exactbox-I. i don’t know the theory of why that’s correct or incorrect but they do sound great.( as do the Akudorics).
  6. I followed the set up directions and matched phase accordingly. It sounds great.
  7. I just added a pair of REL t/7i’s to my Akudorics and it is a very sweet result.
  8. Fester

    Subwoofer advice

    I just purchased and am running in a pair of t/7i’s. I have them hooked to exakted Akudorics. Already sound great. Replaced a Totem Storm, much nicer.
  9. I only know of the config version. What is this online version you speak of? and where does one find it?