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  1. Thanks, you’re right. He told me over the phone and I’m sure the time, distance medium skewed things. Not to mention my inexperience.
  2. Yes, correct.. passive akudoriks, triamped. So no speaker connections available for sub. My dealer connected the 4100 to the dsm, there is a linn rca running from 2 of the audio outs. I assume part of the dsm connections. When i connect an rca to a remaking unused out, it feeds the subwoofer fine and both akudorics are fed a signal. When I connect another rca to a remaining out on another channel, one akudoric loses its signal. Mysterious.
  3. Question regarding the above..... I have my DSM connected to my Majik 4100 via pre-outs to audio ins channel 1 and 2. I want to connect subwoofer via the audio outs on 4100. When. I ran rca’s from channel 1 and 2 to sub, the signal to my left Akudoric was cut off. I pulled one rca out, restored speakers. is it sufficient to run 1 rca from channel two audio out , to the subwoofer? I have no speaker terminals unused as I have the 4 channels on 4100 driving mids and lows on Akudoriks, 2 channels from dsm driving the tweeters. thanks
  4. I must stand corrected..The first partner I spoke to at my dealer believes he referred me to this solution to the problem. I may have misunderstood him to have referred to a gain adjustment, physically on rear plate of dsm. Which of course I couldn’t find.
  5. Thanks again. My dealer didn’t have this knowledge.
  6. Interesting.....I did as suggested and setting it to 1, worsened the problem. Using amazing intuitive queues I reverse logic’d It and set it to 4. seems to have corrected the problem.. Thank you Tendaberry and Timster. Proof of the great value of the forum. scotty
  7. I don’t know how or where to do that, but I’m open to try. Please advise, thanks.
  8. I should that I have played the corresponding passages via streaming and the distortion is not there.
  9. I had a Cambridge 851c previously connected via analog 1.... no distortion. i upgraded to a Unico CD primo, same connection, same CDs. I now have slight distortion on higher volume passages in various spots on various CDs. i connected the player to another system and the distortion does not occur, leading me to guess it’s somehow caused in the relationship of the player and DSM.. could the player be electronically mismatched? Occurs thru speakers and headphones, so not external. Changed cables to analog 2 site, continues. Any ideas, theoris? Thanks.
  10. A testament to my computer capabilities. A usual error.