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  1. Well, there has been Aktiv Akubarik, Passive Akubarik and now Exakt Akubarik. The last one is indeed active but has also the Exakt module onboard. The Aktiv Akubarik I believe is discontinued as now recently also the Passive Akubarik.
  2. I'd say it is quite popular in Scandinavian countries. Durable on every day furnitures and not very trendy. A safe choice.
  3. I dropped by my dealer this weekend just to have a quick look of the series 3. I was a bit in a hurry but he insisted to play a tune. He knew what he was doing . I was impressed by the sound, especially the bass.
  4. Some details about the products are found here: https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Sneaky-Sekrit_Products
  5. Thanks David. As I understand some pictures from the great web you feed the outlets with a ring and have the circuit breakers at each consumer. In our system we have all circuit breakers centrally placed in the consumer unit. Each CB feed a number of wall outlets, lamp outlets etc. Usually a CB feed a room or a part of the house, typically rated at 10 A / 230 V. The stove, oven and other high power consumers get a CB of their own and maybe rated at 16 A.
  6. As I live in Sweden I’m not familiar with the ring main system, or more correctly, we don’t use that principle in our houses. So maybe we have less benefit with a dedicated spur. Of course it is always nice to know that with the dedicated spur you have some extra length to crappy noisy electronics.
  7. I made a reinforcement of my back (speaker) wall for a couple of reasons, acoustics was one and while I was at it I installed a separate power outlet for the music system as well. I wired it with roughly twice the standard cable area and put it on a dedicated fuse. Nothing fancy, and I’m not sure it made any difference but it was a feel-good thing to do.
  8. Ahh. Thanks. I’m not into vinyl so those boxes are a bit unfamiliar to me.
  9. Nice setup! I'm trying to identify the boxes in the pictures. C4100 are the ones with silver badges I presume. Radikal is one of the other Akurate boxes, but the last one beats me. Are you using Exakt?
  10. @MauroDo you run your Blumenhofer speakers Exakted? Otherwise there is no need for an Exaktbox sub.
  11. According to this review the Majik DS-I seems able to handle 24/192: https://www.stereophile.com/content/linn-majik-ds-i-da-integrated-amplifier-measurements
  12. Yes, I found that as well now. I stand corrected. So the limitation might be in either of the boxes (or both) in that case.
  13. What I find after a quick search is that S/PDIF (which I assume you are using) only supports bit rates up to 24/96.
  14. Yes. BB1 is right. It is in the Klimax DSM manual I read about it. (Why on earth did I look in that manual?!)