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  1. Headphones timster, you need headphones. Congratulations to the leap.
  2. OK. Good. Since it has been working with the other DSM I then propose you give the dealer a call. But before that try to reboot the DSM. Some setting changes requires that.
  3. Is the HDMI ARC set to Visible under the Source tab in Konfig?
  4. Agreed. A mystery. What if you swap cables to the sub, does the other Akudorik go into silence then? That should point at a faulty cable. If not the sub may be faulty on that input.
  5. The behavior you describe seems strange. If correctly connected. Running the sub on one channel will work I think but it is dependent on the mix if all bass information is available in one channel (left or right). So there’s a risk that you are missing something out. Presumptions: You are tri-amping the Akudoriks but the are not running them in active mode. You are daisy chaining the amps. Correct? I see some different pictures on the rear control panel of that sub. But it seems that all of them have the possibility to be used for high level input. Could it be a viable solution to feed the sub via high level inputs instead? If my presumptions are right the bass information should be available at all speaker outputs on your amps. /HansBertil
  6. What kind of sub are you using? /HB
  7. I will not go into polemic here. I’m just trying to justify my behavior . In general I agree with what you are writing. But (there is always a but) a design that in standby exhibit components with high temperature is maybe not a sound design.
  8. I like your approach on this. Upgrade-itis can strike unexpectedly. Good to be prepared. /HB
  9. Had a talk now with a couple of colleagues and they shared my view that it is beneficial to keep electronics switched on, at least when the component temperature difference is great between switched off and on. However, starting at room temperature the difference is maybe not that high up to switched on... But since I don’t have a cosy fireplace in winter time I’ll keep the gear on. I will reconsider in May. /HB
  10. I don’t! At least I have Silver IC and K200. Anyway, the numbers are: 57 / 28 / 12 / 3 if counting current value prices. Most of the kit is however ex-dem with some upgrades on the source.
  11. OK, I think I know what you are after. Those are my preferences as well; big kick drums shall sound big, no high sound pressure levels needed but some information on what’s going on in the deeper register. Maybe a stupid question but I must ask: When SO is turned off do you perceive any boomy bass, i.e., resonances in your room? If you have no bass issues there is really no need for SO. /HB PS. Do you change your picture between every post?
  12. Have you played around with the Optimisation Preferences slider? If not, do. More to the right will give more bass. /HB
  13. Interesting! So you will customize your own filters then for the horns(?) /HansBertil
  14. I agree. If you are just a bit uncertain doing this change it is wise to contact a dealer. Amps or Exaktboxes are at stake here. I found one thread with some pictures on the crossover. Maybe not that informative when coming to the text but at least som pictures (also on removing the woofer). https://www.hifivision.com/threads/my-setup-linn-majik-109-aktiv.65557/ /HansBertil