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  1. Thanks for the very interesting reply, Thomas. You stated that you mounted the Akiva in both arms...the Linn and the AMG. This is where I suspect the issue of incompatible synergy arose...because the Akiva needs a three point mounting system at the head shell, which on the Linn is doable...and not on the AMG headshell! So the question now becomes what were you, the rep and the customer actually hearing, the AMG table against the Linn table, or the Akiva mismatch on the AMG arm and no such mismatch on the Linn arm...hmmm, food for thought! This hobby can so easily lead us down a path that draws us to an incorrect conclusion...or not. The Viella could certainly be less of a table than the LP12 Radikal, but I would be concerned about your cartridge selection and the AMG arm.
  2. So far these are the results with a couple of variables in the system. I started the test with using my large Rowland ss amp directly into the dedicated line and the balance of the gear off the PC, which was plugged into a non dedicated convenience line. (The Rowland draws too much to be an option with the PC!) The result of that was that the system was slightly more dynamic...very slightly more than with the ancillary gear off the non dedicated line and no PC in the system. I was not that impressed at this point with the PC. Next up, I plugged all of the gear into the PC...and the Rowland was out of the system, the amps were now the Jadis tube mono blocks...and the PC was plugged into the dedicated line. I noticed in this set up a slight increase in bass extension and slightly more bass resolution than when everything was plugged into the dedicated line via a power strip..with the tube mono blocks and no PC. I also felt that the overall dynamic envelope was very slightly diminished with all of the tube gear into the PC and then the dedicated line. We are talking very minor differences here.. possibly due to the fact that I am using a dedicated line with upgraded house cabling and all upgrades to the main power transformer at the street. Nonetheless, I am continuing with my experimentation using the PC...all of the above findings were with digital as the front end. Next up is vinyl.
  3. The new AMG Forte looks very promising. Thomas OK, did you hear the AMG is a decent set up? What was the ancillary gear? When i heard it, i thought it was an excellent table, where do you think it falls down compared to the lil' fruit box?
  4. That is correct. I will ship internationally if required.
  5. I have been using my Linn LP12 Radikal D into a power strip and then directly into my 20amp dedicated line, tonight I am going to plug the Radikal into an Audience power conditioner (PC). Into the same PC, I will plug all of my other gear...including tube mono amps, a SACD player and a tube preamp. Should be interesting to see what the results are. The PC will plug into my 20 amp dedicated line. Anyone have thoughts on using the LP12 into a PC? Linn doesn't seem to state much about the quality of the power coming from the wall...what do you think?
  6. I have a Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD) DSP 7000 Mk 3 DAC in excellent condition. Fully functional and able to decode HDCD ( which truly sounds superb!) The unit has the desirable black face and comes with the original box and manual. Asking $650.00 plus ship and PayPal.
  7. I just viewed the very interesting and informative video by MF on AnalogPlanet. While the video is quite long...almost two(2) hours, i found it to be highly informative and well done. The most interesting part was about an hour in, wherein MF interviews the rep for Wilson Benesch about their new SOTA table. This beast really looks to be a 'world beater'! Down to the custom designed stand with draws for easy change out carbon tonearms. Hate to think what the price will be, as this wasn't mentioned in the video, but my guess is if you have to ask! The new AMG Viella also look great...and at $30K may be competitive with others at higher pricing points. However, as the OP pointed out, there are a ton of tables, new and old, that still don't hold muster compared to the sweet little fruit box, LOL!
  8. @Bertox I think you asked some very interesting questions. There is another variable, one that i think makes a much larger difference than between the Ak and Klimax Radikal. That variable is the quality of the phono stage. IME, the Urika and Urika 11 are not anywhere near SOTA. An upstream tube phono stage or ss stage like a D'artzeel or CH1 or similar will bring much greater gains. Albeit, the price of these pieces is multiples of the Urika, the SQ is really in a different league, IMHO.
  9. I think the SFGH’s are perhaps still the best sounding stand mounts in the world. I have never heard a better sounding stand mount.
  10. I found what really makes a significant difference to the Akurate Radikal D is placing some excellent isolation feet under it. Much bigger difference than flipping it upside down! In my system, I use three Harmonix footers under the case and make sure the stock feet don’t touch anything.
  11. Actually you are both right and wrong. I do have to be careful with changing LP’s, although there is a small path to the left of the amps that allows direct access to the table. Otherwise, you are right, could be a wee bit of an issue! System consists of Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage’s, last pair imported into US, a Jadis JA30mk2 mono block with rolled in Telefunken’s, modded CAT SL1 Sig with NOS GE 1963 12ax7’s, A Jeff Rowland model 8ti with custom mods on output and a choke power supply( this is used for when I want a ss back-up, not at the same time as the Jadis), All Nordost Tyr cabling, except for Nordost Frey short speaker runs, two REL T5subs with Signal cable connections running off the amps, Grand Prix Audio stands, for digital..an EAD 7000 mk3 DAC with a modded Philips CD80 used as a transport. Shakti and Real Traps used for room acoustic treatments. The LP12 with Radikal D as front end.
  12. With the Well Tempered Custom ‘Black’ arm and a new Lyra Kleos.
  13. The question becomes, which is more important...the phono stage or the cartridge. Personally, I am not really a fan of the Urika. To me, there is too little to be gained by having a phono stage that is possibly veiled and trying to make that up with a ultra low output cartridge. Even though the cartridge has less windings, and therefore in theory will sound more revealing, I believe you lose all that you have gained (and probably more) with the losses at the phono stage. I really like my all tube phono stage, it sounds better to my ears than any ss stage...or SUT. Only issue is that like all tube phono stages, they get noisy if asked to amplify much more than about 66db of gain. Many of the ultra low output MC’s need on the order of 70db of gain...and sometimes even more. i guess you pays your money and you takes your choice, but for me, a phono stage that robs some of the greatness of the cartridge, makes no sense.YMMV.
  14. Actually, I happen to think that the ultra low output Lyra versions can be problematical. Unless one has a very high gain phono stage, they will elicit too much noise. Most ( perhaps all) high gain phono stages are not tube phono stages...so you are left relying on either an SUT or a ss based stage. Personally, i think you throw too much out with the requirement to use either of these. Tube phono stage and the standard Lyra is the way to go, IME. BTW, the liquid bearing is a design that Well Tempered initiated...it does not use a pivot or gimbal/ball bearing at all. Purely relying on a silicon fluid with a floating paddle to rely on. Absolutely no bearing noise...
  15. I just added a new Lyra Kleos to my LP12 Radikal D....superb match! Not using the Linn arm....Ekos SE-1, but instead an unusual arm called a WTA 'Black'. This arm utilizes a liquid bearing and is ultra light...a great match up for the LP12. Because of the liquid bearing, the Kleos has some amount fo dampening and as a result, the cartridge is able to show off its full potential. Anyone else using a Kleos on their LP 12 platform...??