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  1. I'm enjoying a solo driven 242 myself. I listened to a lot of 350 systems over the years (active, active Exakt, Exakt plus Solos, passive). Sad to say: The 350 never got it right. If you are into Linn's old school definition of tune as your system suggests, avoid the 350s! What makes me sad is the fact that Linn's todays top notch system (listened to it at Linn's in Scotland and at my elite dealer's shop) does not meet even lower expectations of old school linnies in terms of coherence, musicality and fun, but seem to just represent the new deveopment paradigm of clearness. Sometimes I get the impression that they do even use dynamic compression to gain more of that clearness.
  2. I've got the information. Thx to Tendaberry. The FW.... Number is e.g. the 867 from the board type information PCAS867L1R3, which can be found in Konfig.
  3. Hi guys, For a KlimaxDsmMk2 4.63 seems to be the latest downloadable Firmware http://products.linn.co.uk/VersionInfo/Downloads/Releases/ Higher Davaar Versions seem to be available as e.g. FW.... 4.67 ... Zip files. Does anybody know how the mapping is done? What would be e.g. the 4.67 file for a KlimaxDsmMk2?
  4. For me there is no LP12 upgrade to be discussed any more. Urika II would be an interesting one, but upgrading from Urika I would make my LP12 depend on Linn cloud, which was a weird idea from the beginning and seems to be a bad one after the high-handed shutdown of the forum. I'll stay happy with my analogue one. For the analogue domain everthing is discussed already and many of the old content providers will be too tired to write it all down again here. So, yes, it will stay quiet.
  5. Put any question about Linn systems into some well known WWW search engine and have a look at the promising links within the result's top hits. Almonst every link directs to the old Linn forum. Usually it's half of the first results page. I doubt that anyone of the strong content writers will have the trust to start all over again. No offense, WAM.
  6. LINN's "Music for live" to me always have had the second meaning of reliable long time support. Having been a Linn forum member for 8 years and trusting that platform, Linn felt free to stop the whole forum system overnight. Using Linn cloud connected DS players for 6 years, I now live with the sceptical feeling, Linn might feel free to stop the device overnight. The only relief is, that the core of my system stayed cloud independend so far. LP12 (Urika I), KK, KS, 242. The RKDSM is seen as the odd one out - overnight. Setting on Linn's proprietary Exakt as the core system bus system for the future seems to be the worst idea - overnight. No more effective way to destroy a core brand value overnight.