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  1. I've talked quite a bit around here about my experiences over recent months with the K18II . I'm not claiming it to be as good or better than the NOS Arkiv Bs I've used in recent years... but was frankly staggered by just how good and musical it is. The only reason I'm intending to have an Arkiv B rebuilt by Goldring is that the cost is not a lot more than that of a suitable high range AT stylus for the K18. [If the rebuilt Arkiv came back sounding just a little bit better than the K18II currently does, I'd be quite happy. It should of course sound a fair bit better because what I'll get back is effectively a new mark 1 Arkiv. The original Arkiv was a cartridge I truly loved in its day ...more so perhaps than the subsequent Boron. Never had the Arkiva as I left the industry just before it's launch and retired from the fray with a brand new Arkiv B... and a couple more in sealed boxes to keep me going. The last of these ran out of steam last year and that's when the seal was broken on the NOS K18II ]
  2. With regard to the K18 and other AT derived cartridges...I've sometimes thought that, whilst nothing is perfect, there's something about that AT generator/coil system that's inherently musical and right .
  3. OK Paul...enough is enough. Now you've got me thinking we're all loonies. Can we now just go and play some records ?
  4. In HiFi circles down years, many folks have drawn little distinction between a "Linny" and a Loony . At the risk of further cementing this view in some minds ...I'd go so far as to say that many of us develop the knack of instinctively "feeling" when a system plays music better... with very little conscious "listening" involved at all in the process. In order to hear first have to stop listening . [Oh dear...I now sound like one of Paul's monks. ]
  5. I'd been considering the AT VM750SH stylus as a replacement of suitable quality for the K18. [Tapered cantilever, nude mounted Shibata stylus and Audio Technica, with this new range of cartridges, have reduced the compliance somewhat to better suit the sensible medium mas arms as used on the Linn and most other decent decks] Not cheep but potentially very good and maybe worth it for folks like me who seem to prefer the K18 to the Adikt for whatever reason.
  6. Well that's the argument that we Linn fans have been having for forty odd years isn't it. And this forty odd years later there remain too many "audiophiles" who still can't seem to understand the essential purpose of a " Hi Fi system" ....the communication of music to the listener.
  7. If you don't leave it alone... It'll fall off !
  8. It's worth noting that many valve guitar amplifiers have on them a knob called "Presence" which has an effect on the immediacy and forwardness of the sound. This control is actually a pot controlling the amount of negative feedback in the output stage ... tweaking some of the distortions in the signal that negative feedback affects and can help reduce . The context may be different in a HiFI application ..because we're supposed to be after accurate rather than pleasing ...but the concept is the same so you will almost certainly hear something if you play with it.
  9. To be honest David , It's all academic as I wouldn't be able to afford any significant upgrades anyway. That said ... I'm still very happy with the system and the musical enjoyment it whilst ever it remains unbroken...It doesn't need fixing
  10. I don't know what's wrong with me .... I just keep buying and playing records . When will I change something in my system ? When it finally breaks and can't be mended. [ The only thing on my horizon is having one of my old Arkiv Bs rebuilt by David at Goldring when my K18 starts running out of steam. ]
  11. That's logical reasoning but , assuming the plinth to be in good order, support structures & environmental factors vary infinitely more in their form and materials than plinths do.
  12. ...and it's always worth reminding ourselves that a well set up Majik will sound better than a Klimax that isn't carefully and correctly set up
  13. "If it doubt, turn it up " . Linn's twist on that has always been "if in doubt...put the price up " Or maybe they should revert to the old Linn tradition of radical behaviour that shakes up the whole industry ....and appoint Amazon as their sole dealer
  14. The bottom line with the plinths is that whilst they may have slightly differing sonic characteristics...the fitting of the top plate is by far the most important factor when a plinth is changed . I've always believed that when folks report hearing significant differences with a plinth swap or "upgrade" , they're mostly hearing differences in the fitting and overall set up. [ Some old plinths of course are badly warped or have failing changing them will yield performance benefits ] I would add that I've no issue with folks wanting to fit a beautiful custom plinth or changing a plinth to better suite their décor ...something I have done myself .