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  1. I don't think I have a point other than ..wouldn't it be good if the world were a nicer place . But it ain't [We were arguably foolish for not taking the £80 many folks were prepared to pay for those interconnects . We even had one guy who was buying them for £80 but decided he didn't want them for £25 ! Until then they had sounded better than the £90 Audioquest he also borrowed ]
  2. I'm not myself innocent in this. When in the trade I had customers who spent more on cables than components . [The Audioquest range were in those days the ones you could spend a lot of money on if you strayed up the price list.] We also made our own interconnects from a good quality double shielded microphone cable , [with an extra heat shrink skin to make them look fatter & more serious !] When we lent these cables out to people with good systems, saying they were £25 , they tended to come back, with folks going for something more expensive . When we quoted £80 for the same home brew cables , folks wanted to buy them. Only then did we reveal that they were only £25. Go figure
  3. [The little Myst TMA3 amp was rather good . At least a match the popular Arcam Alpha & Creek £200 amps of the day ...and rather more stylish looking too. [After the early ITL branded production anyway] I sold quite a few I still own & use the matching Myst FM tuner .] My introduction to Linn was in about 1980 if my memory is to be trusted. At the time I was using an Ariston RD11S with a SMEIII arm . I had heard & read about the LP12, but there was no local dealer and I didn't drive, so it was a while before I worked up enough motivation to go and hear one . Once heard, that was it . There were plenty of good turntables ...but the Linn was unique in its ability to play music . I started with an LP12 [old Push button PS] with the old S shaped Rega/Lustre arm and a Rega R100 cartridge.
  4. David, Like me, but perhaps for slightly different reasons, I know that you're currently committed to the use of good MM cartridges with affordable "needle" costs . That said, if you would otherwise be keen to go with a Urika , had you considered looking at low cost moving coils from folks such as Audio-Technica ? Replacement costs for those are comparable with stylus costs for the better moving magnets . [ Yes, there's a bit of the Devils Advocate in my question...because for my tastes it takes a very good moving coil to better the musical performance of some moving magnets]
  5. Probably But I've stopped listening to Hi Fi . These days I just play records and enjoy music . Just as there are many avid music lovers who've never become interested "Hi-Fi"....there are lots of "audiophiles" who have no real interest in music. [... present company excepted of course ]
  6. Agree 100% Tin...and that's partly why it's annoying. Many of these expensive cables justify their cost in pure performance terms . [ In many Linn systems for example the introduction of one or two pairs of Silvers could make a nice improvement for a few hundred quid, at a time when any other significant upgrades would cost a lot more , maybe thousands.] And yes ...we don't want to be spending months listening to cables in the hope that we'll find something wonderful for tuppence halfpenny . But makers know all this and it's why the market will stand the prices . Would they not sell a lot more good cables to folks with more modest systems and less deep pockets if they dropped the prices ? ....making just as much money overall, and a lot more people happy .
  7. ...but the noise was fantastic when you were 12 years old .
  8. I take those points Paul ...and Linn are far from the worst offenders here.
  9. I think I remember getting a hovercraft between Swanage and Bournemouth ....but that was nearly 50 years ago when I was a kid . Or is my memory playing tricks ?
  10. Ah. I've been to the Beautiful IOW a number of times on a hovercraft Used to have relatives in Sandown [you could once nip up and down the South Coast quite a bit by hovercraft couldn't you ? ] And systems making themselves easy to listen to shouldn't be undervalued . This industry has a lot of form when it comes to letting the baby out with the bath water . There are some wonderful sounding new systems today ...but there is still lot of very expensive junk too
  11. I've seen all this stuff from the inside . I know about legitimate research, production & marketing costs . I also know where the line is between these justifiable costs ...and taking the p*ss . They're selling a set of these 1.2m interconnects , made from cable that costs a couple of quid per meter, for a price around what some folks earn in a week. However you dress it's at best a little greedy.
  12. I'm not sure whether Mogami 2497 is exactly the same as the Linn Silver cable ...but yes, my point precisely .
  13. Fully agree. I'm not singling Linn out for criticism . Historically there are far worse offenders. The products often justify their cost in terms of performance's just a shame that the inflated mark ups in material terms can price these excellent products beyond the reach of the less well healed amongst us .
  14. Thanks for that very kind offer David... [to which Island do you refer ?] I have heard all the latest kit ...though perhaps not extensively enough to know it inside out. Although its now many years since I left the industry, I remain very good friends with folks still in the game... and do spend a bit of time in their dem rooms when I see them. Can I hear how the modern systems are better than my old kit at home ? Of course I can ...but I don't enjoy music at home any the less for that . [Systems that work cover their tracks very well . That's why I can also still happily listen to my mate's Rega II through his old Nait and a pair of Royd Edens ]
  15. Linn Silvers may in relative terms not be the worst offenders ...and they're great sounding interconnects . But they're being sold for about ten times what they cost to make . They should probably be about £70 for a 1.2m phono pair.