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  1. How much of the "box swapping" side of it is down to obsessiveness...? .. and how much is down to always buying the wrong kit on the basis of dubious advice or assessment criteria ? A greater cynic than I might argue that it's not in the industry's interest for a customer to be truly happy with their system. ...because when we are... the obsessiveness stops and then, in many cases, so does the spending [There are of course many folks with great systems , who truly enjoy them, and continue to upgrade because they're enthused and desire something better still . Music is often the most important thing in their lives aside from family ...and that alone justifies the cost . But for every person like that , there are probably five people going round in circles, spending wedge after wedge in the vain hope of finding something they're even half happy with. It's a shame.]
  2. The shame is that the industry foisted CD on us at the standard format for domestic listening about 25 years before it was really good enough. ... and, sadly, by the time it was up to was borderline obsolete.
  3. FWIW , old school Naim amps used to sound best with RS 10 amp rated IEC leads, terminated with MK 13 amp plugs . The Linn amps seemed to sound at their best with the supplied moulded leads. [I've never to this day really understood how these things can affect the sound...but the differences are clearly audible and in many cases not subtle.]
  4. There are may be lessons in some of these nostalgic memories of the equipment we used when first falling in love with music....whether it was an old radiogram, or a portable record player with cast metal arm and one of those lovely flip over needles . By any true Hi Fi standards, the resolution of this kit was very limited ...yet we learnt to love music listening on it and enjoyed every moment. Our only critique of the kit was whether it had "a good tone" ....and it always did . It sounded "nice". Somewhere along the line a lot [not all] of the people in this industry have forgotten that it doesn't matter what else a system can do ...if it doesn't sound "nice" , we won't enjoy it. This doesn't mean that overly warm or "euphonic" sounding systems are right ....but if real music were as harsh, strident and fatiguing to listen to as many of the fancy systems we play it on...there would be no such thing as music !
  5. One thing to possibly consider when offered a good deal on an Adikt is that it doesn't come from stock that's too old. There were for time a few production issues with cantilever suspensions, allowing the cartridge to ride a bit too low for comfort under normal tracking force. Somebody else might remember better than I exactly when these subsequently sorted issues were surfacing .
  6. A lot of kit that sounded very good 20 & 30 years ago sounds just as good today...but now costs a fraction of the price, What's not to like about that. ? [Some wonderful sounding "heritage" systems can be put together for peanuts ...and will often give the current stuff a decent run for its money ]
  7. Directed effort is maybe what comes after the pissing about ....which initially follows from the germ of an idea, first seen in the bottom of a pint pot.
  8. It's not a criticism David... If they didn't piss about with things... we'd all still have '70s spec LP12s, posting about how fiddly & awkward the 45 adaptor is !
  9. My headphone amp is an old Denon 3 head cassette deck set to Source Monitor Not wonderful... but it drives my old DT911s well enough on the odd nocturnal occasion .
  10. They will have done. They've never been able to resist pissing about with things .
  11. You must all therefore either have very long legs ...or be on the hospital waiting list, with a number of surgical supports currently in the wash !
  12. I always thought that the AT-F3 shared something of what the AT moving magnet line have ... ...a certain "rightness" about how they retrieve and present the music . It's not about tonal balance or all that other Hi Fi stuff's about letting the music do what the musicians intended .
  13. Totally agree ... Now make sure you listen to different brands of mains plugs and/or IEC leads. [ I was pulling your leg ...but I'm not kidding about the mains plugs ]
  14. I heard that a Pangolin just got the new face of Estée Lauder contract
  15. I've always been a big fan of AT cartridges. They aren't perfect and won't float everybody's canoe ...but they tend to get the basics very right. And when the basics are right, it's much easier to forgive the odd cosmetic peccadillo .