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  1. Wonderful!!! Lots of listening enjoyment ahead in your future. 🎶🎵
  2. Hi Gussy, Believe it or not, I have not done SOv2 yet for my system, so have entered no values. I have an Exakt Surround system, so it is a bit more complicated to disconnect things to go back to stereo, then back to surround when I want surround. I have some projects I am working on, and I may wait until they are done. Great news Christian. Perhaps mark the current position of your speakers with masking tape so you can always put them back to the original position if you don’t like it. I know you have a very large room with a big cabinet between the speakers, so you have lots of room to experiment with distance from the front wall and toe-in?
  3. Hi Christian, My Akubariks are set up a bit different from most, as I live in a high rise building and have decoupled the speakers from the floor. My Akubariks are 0.04 m above the floor, as I have each of them placed on a thick rubber mat, then an Aurelex SubDude HT on top of the rubber mat, a Gunstig pad on top of the Subdude, then the spikes go into a set of String Suspension Concept pucks placed on top of the Gunstigs. I recall most people’s Akubariks are in the 0.02 m range, when placed with spikes directly on the floor. I have a friend that writes for an audiophile magazine, and he set up the toe-in for optimal sound stage and imaging. I sit approximately 3 meters from the speakers, he prescribed a distance of 80.5 cm from the front wall for the inside front corner of the speaker and 84.5 cm from the front wall for the outside front corner. Many people use zero toe-in with 3K arrays, but I have found more often than not that toe-in gives a much better presentation and soundstage. Philbo and I discussed this subject a while back and he agrees with using toe-in in many cases with a 3K array.
  4. One of the guys in Seattle, SeeDee12, bought one of the 40th anniversary edition LP-12’s ‘I recall only 40 were made, and they came with the Kandid cartridge, which was difficult to obtain at that time, with a long waiting list. I am not sure where that LP-12 is now, as Martin passed away several years ago. Who knows, maybe someday it may show up on Sotheby’s auction and sell for big money, with the Highland Park scotch. I was at the factory event with the unveiling of the Anniversary edition of the LP-12, and the rollout of Exakt. Everyone in the audience was given a small bottle of 40 year old Highland Park, a Linn vinyl LP, and in some cases a Linn logo polo shirt or T-shirt.
  5. Thanks HansBertil I’ll see if he has gone back and tried again tomorrow.
  6. I am digging into my memory banks, and recall that there were a few upgrades that were done to the 4200 over time. At some point, the 4200 went from being Chakra powered to Dynamik powered. Of course, now they are all Dynamik powered. At some point Linn changed their supplier of mains cords. The current Akurate case was developed which is more rigid and stronger than the previous case, and was a serious development undertaking at Linn. The power button was moved from the rear panel to the front right bottom panel to comply with European legislation. Most 4200’s made in the last 3 years would have circuit boards made on Linn’s newest circuit board machines, which are smaller and more dense compared to their previous counterparts. I don’t know what distinguishes one designation from another.
  7. Thanks Geoff and Gussy ‘My friend’s SOv2 was still calculating through the night, before he gave up this morning. I mentioned Gussy’s post above and he did have an error message regarding the height, but he checked and his numbers entered are correct. He will try again. Perhaps there should be a better warning for people that measurements are not entered properly, so people don’t have to click on details to find out? It also seems that there should be a save button for the values that are entered, as he lost his speaker positions?
  8. Hi Lovro, The reason I mentioned the Melodik sub, was I heard one about a month ago at my friends home with his 212’s driven by a 4200 and Akurate DSM In his passive system, they were stunning, I have rarely heard such musical bass. That said, there are many modern choices on the market that should do a great job. As others have suggested, when the time is right, consider an audition in your home, and see what you think.
  9. I spent a good part of this afternoon getting familiar with SOv2, as it was my first foray into the seedy underbelly of the beast. My friend has a Klimax Renew DS with a McIntosh preamp and amplifier passively driving a pair of Tannoy Berkeley’s. The listening room is very complex, with a number of room alcoves, a floating wall behind the speakers (kitchen on other side of the wall), attached dining room to the left of the left of the left speaker and long hallway to the right of the right speaker. There are a lot of windows, the length of the back wall and left wall, and 2 glass doors to the outside. Learning how to enter the room shapes and then room dimensions was an experience, and not entirely intuitive the first time around. But my friend seemed to grasp the concept quickly. I had premeasired many walls and recorded them on a piece of paper, but it still took us 2 hours to enter everything into the system. The back wall and listening position is at the bottom of the page, and the speakers are directly above that on the short wall in the middle. Guessing the room material construction was relatively straight forward, but a bit confusing, as North American terms for drywall and partition are defined different over here. .Drywall here generally means wood studs in the wall with gypsum board nailed onto the wooden studs, or possible metal studs as I have in my apartment, living in a high rise. We call gypsum board drywall. It is less likely to have plaster these days, but is found in older homes. How does it sound, after all that effort? I have no idea, it was still calculating 4 hours later, with no result, and this was after Europe had gone to sleep, so unlikely that the Linn server was working too hard at that time? My initial impressions regarding this being a simple straightforward process? No, but I was able to fill in some gaps from my experiences with SOv1.
  10. Great advise ‘troll Surprisingly, when you get everything dialed in with Space optimisation, then add in some well placed effective bass traps, instead of reduced bass, you will find asignificant increase in deeper, more detailed, melodic bass Perhaps if Stuart were to draw a detailed floor plan of his room layout with all the dimensions accurately measured and placed on the floor plan, someone with expertise could do a TeamViewer session with him and enter everything into SOv2 for him, and walk him through the process. Peter57 recently did this for setting up my NAS, him being in London and myself in Vancouver.
  11. All sounds good. Looking forward to hear how you make out with your system and integrate the Akudoriks If you can find the Melodik on the used market well worth it. Each room situation is different, and there are many possibilities of where to place a subwoofer(s) for best results, so it is really trial and error. If you do get a subwoofer, Wigwam will be here to help you place them. One subwoofer is probably enough, unless you are a total bass head. You would also need an Exakt Subbox to integrate the subwoofer into your Exakt system. Enjoy your new setup!!
  12. BB1’s suggested JL subwoofers are a great choice, and the top brand sold here at the HiFi shops I visit here. I have heard the Melodik sub, and REL S5’s with Akudoriks with astonishing results. The Sizmiks are a nice addition as well and used by my friend here with Akudoriks. As always, an audition in your home would be ideal. Placement of the subwoofer(s) in the room is key to getting optimal results, and bass traps can take it to a higher level again.
  13. Quick update on my new NAS I have now processed most of my music through SongKong, with the latest batch taking 72 hours Of number crunching, to get the album art and check all the meta data. As it stands, there are 9966 albums, and more than 138,000 songs, with more to come. With 4GB of RAM, searching for music is now almost instantaneous. It feels really good to have my music much better organized and easier to access. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and help. 😊🎵 A special thank you to Peter57 for the many hours he spent working on my computer using TeamViewer and getting everything up and running so well.
  14. I had that conversation with Philbo as well, and you are correct. Many systems require toe-in to get best results Each room and circumstance is different, and I have mine toed-in by at least 15 degrees
  15. I checked this with my Linn dealer yesterday, and he laughed me out of the store, and said no way José.