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  1. A few random thoughts on speaker wires I recall that Linn purposely developed Exakt technology to eliminate speaker cables and keep the music in the digital domain as long as possible , with the DAC’s inside the speakers cabinets, such as your 530’s and my Akubariks. With every speaker wire, interconnects and transmission of electrical signal through the audio chain, there is a loss of signal and introduced distortion. I remember reading that a speaker wire should never be shorter than 3 feet, as a speaker wire too short does not sound as good.
  2. You are walking on eggshells, my fine feathered friend As mentioned in my link above: "Other albumin types include the storage protein ovalbumin in egg white, and different storage albumins in the seeds of some plants, including hemp.[15] Note that the protein "albumin" is spelled with an "i", while "albumen" with an "e", is the white of an egg, which contains (among other things) several dozen types of albumin (with an "i"), mostly ovalbumin." Albumen is just one of the proteins found in egg that are part of the albumin classification of proteins
  3. I don’t know if they have a version of this surge protector with a UKay plug. The pictures I received from the company only show a yanqui plug. I spoke to the company on Friday, and may order one on Monday. Besides the surge protection, I am most interested in it’s ability to eliminate spikes in the 60 cycle sigma wave.and rebuild the wave form.
  4. You need to go into Lumin’s settings and rescan your Minimserver library, and all should work well
  5. I have just received credible information that Linn is planning to release Exakt Space Optimisation v2 by the end of 2019. My understanding from a second source says that a number of engineers have been moved from working on the Linn app, over to Exakt SOv2. The hope is to shore up resources and complete Exakt SOv2 as soon as possible, and that is now targeted by the end of 2019. No word if this will also include Exakt Surround SOv2 No, don’t ask.
  6. Sunbeamgls on this Forum has changed the colour on his Linn cases and speakers. He would be a good source for information on how to do this.
  7. Very funny. You are right, I would definitely put some Gunstigs under the 301/302’s But I would be willing to bet they would sound even better with these under the feet:
  8. I think this device is unlikely to be very effective against a lightening strike. At best, it is targeting low level spikes in an electrical system, and may even degrade sound quality. Here is a device that is the real deal, but is much more expensive from a company called Surge Suppression Inc. S-PIU6C/S-SPIU6C Six Outlet Corded Plug-In Device P.O. Box 15732 Brooksville, FL 34604 Phone: 888-987-8877 Fax: 850-654-3844 The Series S-PIU6C/S-SPIU6C are high performance, industrial grade devices designed to protect critical point of use electronics. These can include computers/servers, copiers, phone systems, security systems, and other mission critical equipment. They will protect against damage due to any level of surge activity ranging from internally generated (category A Oscillatory Ringwaves) to the most severe such as lightning (Category C3 Impulse) and higher. These devices are designed to be compatible with standard wall outlets making installation a breeze. Our products incorporate three stages of fusing - individual component - level fusing, phase level fusing via a non-resetable fuse-link, and a resetable circuit breaker for ultimate safety. The unique design of these devices makes them among the most versatile SPD devices on the market with superior performance specs and a warranty that is second to none. GENERAL Description: Application: Warranty: MECHANICAL Enclosure: Plug-Receptacle Type: Connection Method: Shipping Weight: Dimensions: ELECTRICAL Circuit Design: Protection Modes: Input Power Frequency: Peak Surge Current Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage: Maximum Continuous Operating Current : Circuit Diagnostics: Available Options: Six outlet, point-of-use, AC power Transient Voltage Surge Suppression with encapsulated Optimal Response Network circuitry and optional Enhanced Sinewave Tracking (S-SPIU6 only) for virtual elimination of ringwave type transients. For use on a wide variety of circuits with plug-in connections. NEMA5-15, 120 Vrms circuits feeding sensitive & general purpose loads Twenty-five years Unlimited Free Replacement Plastic, UL 94V-0 125 Volt, 15 Amp NEMA 5-15 socket Direct, 6 receptacle plug-in w/ 6’ cord < 4 lb. 8" L, 4.625" W, 2.75" H Three stage circuitry using local common ground window for AC power (6 outlets) with series wired, parallel connected, hybrid design incorporating discrete, all-mode protection and utilizing our Optimal Response Network design. For maximum performance select models with Enhanced Sinewave Tracking (S-SPIU6C only) circuitry, providing lowest possible let- through-voltages available. All suppression circuits are encapsulated in our high dielectric compound to promote long component life and protection from the environment and/or vibration. All Modes: L-N (normal mode); N-G, L-G (common mode) 50-60 Hz 20 kA per mode / 60 kA total 150 Vrms 15 amps rms, circuit breaker protected LED indicator for power and LED indicator for suppression circuit. R= RJ14 voice type protection (input /output); C= F-Type Coaxial protection (input/output); to be placed at end of model number. Example: S-SPIU6C-C. For specific information regarding these options please see their corresponding spec sheets. PO Box 15732, Brooksville, FL 34604 - Phone: 888-987-8877/850-654-5559, Fax 850-654-3844 ®  2018 SSI Doc # SS05728 . Rev Date 11-6-2018 Page 1 of 3 Surge Protective Device Measured Limiting Voltage Performance Testing A1 Ring Wave 2 kV, 67 A 180 Phase Angle A3 Ring Wave 6 kV, 200 A 90 Phase Angle B3/C1 Impulse Wave 6 kV, 3 kA, 90o Model S-SPIU6C S-PIU6C Circuit Type 120 V, Single Ø (2 wire + ground) 120 V, Single Ø (2 wire + ground) Peak Surge MCOV Current Modes (Amps) per mode 150 L-N 150 20,000 Amps L-G 150 N-G 150 L-N 150 20,000 Amps L-G 150 N-G 37 V (S) 328 V (S) 331 V (S) N/A ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Test Category & C62.45 Test Environment N/A 208 V 211 V 365 V 290 V 267 V 452 V 290 V 267 V 452 V Measured Limiting Voltage (MLV) Test Parameters: Positive polarity, Category A: Voltages are peak (±10%). Measured Limiting Voltages are measured from the insertion point on the to the peak of the surge. In order to duplicate the results, the specified mode of protection must be tested 10 times in all modes and the individual results are averaged together. (Individual mode or shot results may vary by more than 10%. Scope Settings: Time Base = 10 microseconds per division, Sampling Rate = 2.5 Gigasamples/sec, Bandwidth = 400 MHz, Probes: Tektronix P5100/P6015A. These settings help to assure MLV results are accurate.) Actual unit may vary from picture. Doc # SS05728 Page 2 of 3 Represents S-PIU6C as well as S-SPIU6-C (options are not shown in this picture)
  9. Thanks Philbo, that is good news. As these are a brand new speakers and Exakt, I can only assume they work with Space Optimisation V1, as SOV2 does not work for Exakt yet, or does it? Hmmmmm, could this be the first example of SOV2 with an Exakt speaker?
  10. This is no yoke, congratulations to Linn on their new product launch. If these new wireless speakers could integrate with my current Linn system as surround speakers or a centre channel, that would get my attention. I just hope Linn hasn't put all their eggs in one basket. Sorry, I'll get my coat
  11. This should be very interesting topic. I look forward to reading about your story and your LP 12.