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  1. Hi Dasher Welcome to HiFi Wigwam. It has been a long time since we were on the Linn forum. The Wam Linn forum is a relatively friendly place, so I look forward to your experiences and expertise. Having met you, and knowing the work you do, I can attest that your credentials regarding your above comments are first rate. Happy posting
  2. Now that we have opened the door to more than one song, here are some of my favourites: ‘Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concerto Yes, Close to the Edge, as well as And You and I ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers Ready Made, Especially In Michigan and By the Way Joni Mitchell Roses Blue, and Songs To Aging Children Roxy Music Editions of You
  3. I do have a Netgear 108T that I used for a few years, but currently sits in a drawer. The NetGear 108T is better complemented with a Friwo MMP15 SMPS power supply. The Friwo power supply is much quieter than the standard SMPS that comes with the NetGear, and there is a noticeable improvement in sound quality with it. At the moment I am using a 28 port Cisco switch with it’s own built in power supply, that I plug directly into the wall socket. One of the guys here just bought a $600 switch from one of the audio shops that he says made an improvement in sound quality, over his previous Netgear.
  4. One of my friends purchased a pair of 242’s that were in pristine shape, prior to shipping from Europe. When they arrived the 3K array was badly damaged on one of the speakers. His Linn dealer had the parts to repair it, in house, and replaced some driver parts. They looked and performed like new again. Alternately, the whole intact 3K array modules are easily swapped out with a replacement array, as they plug in to the front and just slide out once you remove the bolts holding the array in place. Slide in the new 3K array, torque the bolts to 1.0 nm, and Bob’s your uncle. If you want to purchase a new measured 3K array module from Linn that would be another story. If I were interested in these speakers, I would negotiate a much better price with the dealer.
  5. Hmmmmm Upgrade path for Akamatsu: 😜 Kandid for LP-12 to make it full Klimax spec REL S5 subwoofer to complement the 530’s Exakt Subbox Vicoustic Extreme bass traps Upgrade 530’s to Akubariks Shunyata Denali power conditioner Shunyata or Audio Sensibilities power cables
  6. NRWatson has a pair of 350’s with an integrated Melodik subwoofer. The servo bass in the 350’s gives them enough bass to literally punch you in the gut when it hits the low frequencies. However, his music system is also a full 5.1 Katalyst Exakt surround system, and he watches a lot of movies 🎥. That is when the benefits of a subwoofer really come to fruition in his system, for those car chases and explosions.
  7. I envision that after your visit to Vancouver, you will be going home with lots of new HiFi you never anticipated. 😛 You are the first one to figure out my motives for travelling around doing Space Optimisation I had an opportunity to really turn up the volume during my visits, under the guise of tuning SO. Yes, I agree that Akubariks don’t need a subwoofer, and am enjoying highly satisfying bass. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you are still enjoying my SO setup. 😊 It would definitely be worth trying SOv2 in your main system You are absolutely correct about Akubariks bass, especially with SO and room acoustic treatment. That said, your B&W’s give a highly satisfying bass as well that is deeper and more punch.
  8. I know that guy in Vancouver as well, with the Katalyst Exakt Akubariks. I recall he lives in a high rise building with a neighbour that lives in the suite underneath him. When he had a subwoofer with his Ninkas a long time ago, his neighbours 2 floors down could hear the bass from the subwoofer. Now he only disturbs his neighbors directly under his suite, without using a subwoofer, so I gues that is a win. 😂 He is very happy with the prodigious bass that his Katalyst Akubariks create, and is often in audio nirvana without a subwoofer. That said, if he lived in a single family home and could turn up the music to levels that would make his ears bleed, I am sure he would integrate a subwoofer or 2, or 3? Having heard many Linn systems, he is confident in stating that a pair of 530’s would benefit from an integrated subwoofer, adding another level of wow factor. He also loves spending Akamatsu’s money on HiFi, however, Akamatsu seems to do a great job of that on his own. . 🤪
  9. Having been to Ben’s home and heard his amazing system, I can confirm that it sounds even better than you imagine. One of the best systems I have heard with vinyl and digital.
  10. I am looking forward to your visit . So many wonderful places to show you, stereos to listen to 🎶, restaurants to explore., and hopefully you get to meet some very cool Linnies 😊🙏
  11. With the 6 REL subwoofers, you could use your home to host some big name music acts!!!
  12. Akamatsu is a great guy. I was talking with him by phone as he drove down to Seattle today, and mentioned he had contacted you to let you know he was heading to Definitive Audio. Glad that you did meet up with him. He had wild anticipation and excitement of his new Woodsong plinth being installed and having his Klimax spec LP-12 tuned up by Ron. Max, hopefully you come up to Vancouver sometime and Akamatsu can show you around the Ramen restaurants, our Linn dealer, and listen to some the of the local Linn owners marvellous Linn systems.
  13. The highly prized unofficial Linn item is the Linn Krystal Bell. When this bell is placed in the listening room, the sound quality become as clear as a bell, and is highly sought after by serious audiophiles. This is an item numbered 1/1 and Sotheby's has named it as priceless , however, you can buy the whole set of items for $500K, but does include shipping costs. Thank you Avalon. What Linn merchandise have you scored?
  14. Here are some pictures of Linn polo shirts and T-shirt. I am especially proud of my green Space Commander polo shirt and my black Exakt polo shirt. You may also notice a picture of a black T-shirt with an exploded view of an LP-12. In addition, note the "Just Listen" embroidered on the back of the Linn polo shirts. Thank you Eldarboy and the Premier Inn Gang.