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  1. Doing a little bit of detective work, Linn is currently advertising 13 new jobs at the Linn factory. These are mostly high tech positions, many of them involved with development of Linn products, firmware, user interface and so on. One of the positions is for a Senior Audio Engineer, and the posting mentioned that the candidate would be part of a team to help develop the next generation of new speakers from Linn. Philbo would continue to lead that team. We also know from Linn’s latest financials, that their speaker sales are up 17% over the previous year. I think it is fair to suggest that the new speakers may have built in Katalyst, Exakt and who knows, maybe even Class D amplification. I could speculate a replacement for the 109’s with built in amps and an Exakt design, perhaps with a Katalyst option. The 140’s have been around for a long time, and would be a possible candidate for replacement? The wild card could be development of a moderately high end, and/or a very high end Sound bar for watching TV, with Exakt and built in amps, and built in streamer? There was also rumours a while back that Linn was working on a replacement for the 350’s, but put that project on hold. So there you have a bunch of unsubstantiated ideas, rumours and innuendos. . Speculate away
  2. Jazzy, it is never a waste of cash. You are just adding to your long list of experience and expertise in HiFi. 🤪😂 . Seriously, the Furutech looks like a great product with the wire braid shielding, and Red Wave power cable is double shielded, and hopefully provides you with sound quality improvements. 🎶🎵
  3. If you are willing to venture outside of Edinburgh and make it over to Vancouver, I can play some 5.1 music for you. I do think you will be very impressed. 😊🎶🎵
  4. I find the 5.1 surround experience exhilarating , with most of the 5.1 discs I have, but as you mention, not all are equal. With 5 channels of surround, I find there is far more musical detail than in stereo, and have a better sense of the story the musicians are trying to convey. Some of the music was written by the musicians, to purposely create a surround soundscape, such as Bryan Ferry's Boy's and Girls, Flaming Lips Mystics and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Listening to movie sound tracks like Koyanishquatsi in surround is quantumly more interesting to listen to than in stereo I don't listen to the music to necessarilly create a real soundscape, but to be transported into another world, where I can float in an immersion of sound and music. There is also a sense of being much closer to the music, and closer to be on stage with the band or the conductor.
  5. I have no idea if what you are saying is true or scientific, but this is an extraordinarily logical DavidHB post. It might be a good idea to sing your post to the tune of the Supertramp's Logical Song
  6. Sadly, it just reminds me of all the useful information, valuable feedback, discussions, and friendships we have lost. Who ever said that once it is on the web, it is never lost, apparently never tried to retrieve anything from a forum that shutdown. 😔
  7. Thanks Sunbeam. You are correct. The Linn owner here that has Exakted his Keltiks uses a mixture of a 4 channel Bryston amp on the bass drivers, and a pair of Lejonklou Tundras, to drive the mids and highs. The Bryson and Lejonklou have different gains, as you mentioned.
  8. I went Exakt surround a few years ago, and was able to sell off my Classe SSP 800 Surround Processor. This helped fund my Exaktbox. It was a great relief to get rid of one very large and expensive box I spin 5.1 SACD through my OPPO 203, and as far as I know, it is converted to PCM via HDMI into my AEDSM, which processes, then sends out the appropriate digital information via Exakt to each of my surround speakers. Perhaps the new Linn surround processor module just announced will do the trick for you?
  9. Thank you Tendaberry for posting this new thread I am already running Exakt Surround, playing 5.1 SACD's, DVD-Audio discs and BluRay discs through an OPPO 203 plugged into my AEDSM.. I have not upgraded to the HDMI 2.0 board I am not sure how I would benefit from the new surround decoder, as I am already getting incredible sounding music in 5 channels surround, and expandable to 7.1 channels if I added another Exaktbox?
  10. Great to hear you are enjoying the Diamondbacks. By the way, IKEA is well worth the trip. How can you refuse the lingonberry drink with Swedish meatballs? 😉 The Gunstigs are in the kitchen section with the plates and glasses. You will need at least 3-4 of them. Sorry, I can’t help you with Two Against Nature. At least it is not the theme song from Disneyland’s Small World. 😛
  11. Nice job Jail4CEO’s. Do you have some Gunstigs underneath the feet of your electronics, as well as some rubber or silicon under each corner of the Aptitlig ‘s?
  12. Great job Jazzy. It is always wonderful to read about the adventures of a fellow tweaker Good luck with your adventures in HiFi, and may the force be with you. 😊🎶
  13. Hi Paulssurround,

    I have a question regarding SO + I hope you can help me (and maybe others) with.

    When my dealer set up my system and did SO they didn't set any toe-in for the speakers, saying that SO would handle that. I have an Akurate Exakt DSM with Akudorik speakers + an Exaktbox Sub with a Majik 126. I am extremely happy with the sound I'm getting but now i've read a lot of your info I am starting to get ready to experiment and see if I can improve from where I'm at today. 

    So, should I set up toe in for the speakers or not?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.


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    2. Paulssurround


      Hi Peter,

      Here is a picture of one of the guys Akudoriks that I visited in SwedenIMG_6865.thumb.jpg.b38a8d3fa51a070e16b62980c9fe4ad6.jpg

    3. PeterJan


      Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. See a picture of my room below.

      To give some idea of distances:

      The real of the speakers are 20 cm from the wall, but set up to be about 50 as the "ideal" position in SO. I have set the "ideal" position of the Sub between the Akudoriks in SO and am amazed at the result I get after putting them in the practical position in the corner..

      The total width of the room is 6.4 metres and the other dimension is 4.75 metres. My listening position is on a sofa in the middle of the Akudoriks and about 40 cm from the rear wall. Just measured my position from the front of the speakers and it is also 3 metres. I'd be interested in your comments.


    4. Paulssurround


      Very nice room and Linn HiFi system!!!

      Looks like it would sound wonderful.

      I can’t tell from the picture, but does the bottom of your Akudorik’s stands touch the carpet? If so, please raise the stands on the spikes high enough so they have clearance from the carpet. Otherwise it will rob some of the music’s dynamics.

      The Akudoriks appear to be more than 2 meters apart, and would probably benefit from some toe-in, so worth a try. I would also move the Akudoriks further away from the front wall, so they can breathe more. Perhaps 10cm or so, could make a big improvement? Please mark their current position, in case you need to move them back.

      Placing  some silicon pads from IKEA, called Gunstigs would be helpful under each of your electronics, if you have not tried them. You could even try to place Gunstigs under your turntable, and see if that makes an improvement.

      As mentioned in my thread on the Forum, the importance of separating the Ethernet cables away from any power cords, may bring you further improvements.  

      ‘All the best


  14. Nice work Jail4CEOs Environmental Potentials is based out of Nevada, USA, but seems to ship out of Utah when I ordered my kit. I paid $250 US, for each Digiplug, and around $1000 US, for the Environmental Potentials 2460. The Shunyata Venoms at the time were around $120., but then I went to Sidewinders $350, then HC’s, $600, then ultimately to Cobras $1100. There are much newer products, and with each new generation of products from Shunyata, bigger improvements in sound quality. I am at the good enough stage in my system for upgraded power products, for now. 🤪
  15. My understanding is that your whole Exaktbox will have a new 5 year warranty. Nice one Akamatsu With my Akubariks, the modules were supposed to go back to the factory for the Katalyst upgrade. I was present when 2 different guys in London upgraded their 350’s to Katalyst, and the new circuit boards were installed right in the Linn owners homes, by the Linn dealer.