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  1. Thank you Mr. Underhill. I am glad you have found it useful, and getting good results.
  2. Craig, I wish you best through this difficult time. KT Tunstall’s album Invisible Empire has a song called “Made of Glass” It was recorded in a single take, the day after her father passed away.
  3. You know Uncle Mephisto!!! He is my mailman's brother's second cousin of great aunt Catherine of Wentworth, before "she" had the sex change operation
  4. I like your sense of fashion style and think you may become a tread setter for all audiophiles. Is this a picture of you I found on line?
  5. You can never have too many tin foil hats. I find they are very helpful when blocking the signals from the mother ship. Glad it is making a difference for you..... 😉
  6. As an experiment, try wrapping your Ethernet cables in several layers aluminum foil from one end to the other. What do you think of the sound quality now? ☺️
  7. Oh sorry, I got your steamer mixed up with your streamer. 🤪😂
  8. Actually, similar testing was done to what I envision, in this Ethernet cable comparison, including ABX testing. I posted this earlier, but I am not sure anyone read the article?
  9. What a wonderful hobby and passion this is. I started with generic Cat6, Cat7 from a computer store that may or may not have been spec, then went to Gary’s custom made Cat6, a Meicord and then Chord Anthem I bought from Sunbeam. Now I am using exclusively, Certicable Cat8 for my whole network, including Exakt Link. I guess the next step is generic Cat5 from the local dollar store?
  10. Thanks John, I feel great today. 😊 I usually only get into the 18 Hz range when I am working on 350’s. For example, my Akubariks have an isobarik bass, and they are currently set at 22.3Hz Fortunately, it is so easy to create a new profile and try new frequencies and see if you like it. If you have Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier, and Lou Reed’s Walk On the Wild Side, they can be very helpful in getting the detail and musical bass fine tuned.
  11. Capten, you will really love the Akudoriks with a subwoofer, and an Exakt Subbox. One of the most pleasing systems I have heard was a pair of Akudoriks with 2 REL S5 subwoofers. They were Space optimized, with room acoustic treatment and gave a sense of listening to a pair of very well setup Katalyst 350’s
  12. Thank you Craigas, great looking room. I just bought a new area rug for my listening room that is made of very thick wool. It acts as a bass trap and really improve the sound quality in my room.. I have the drywall in my home also suspended, between myself and the two walls that I share in common with my neighbours, so they can’t hear my music. My understanding is that cables should cross at 90 degrees, to minimize interference. I would highly recommend separating your power cords from the Cat8, as that should make a very audible improvement in sound quality. 😀
  13. Thank you very much John for your quick response. I have been under the weather the last couple of days, with the flu I have not worked with Kudos Super 20’s , only Kudos Titan 808’s in Sheffield. Looking at the design of the speakers on the Kudos website, I would have guessed that the frequency of custom filter 1 would have been between 22.5-24 Hz Take care
  14. Throw away your kettle’s mains cord and try a Category 8 mains cord?
  15. This thread was created to simulate the transmission of data down an Ethernet cable. The people that have an open mind about Ethernet cables possibly making a difference to sound quality are the “1’s” The people that have a closed mind about it are the “zero’s” If you were to translate the 1’s and zeros in this thread, it would translate to the following message so far: ”Try it, try it, you will see if it makes a difference”. 😉