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  1. Thanks Peacelord and David, I think overall that is sound advice, some of the delivery a bit brutal, but honest! Being old kit I realise it's not going to be factory fresh and perhaps of limited lifespan but it was cheap and sounds pretty good. The decision now is whether to add a DS or not, I like the idea of being able to access lots more new music as this is the main area I'm currently lacking. Unless of course I get back into LPs once my TT returns...
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post but could you expand on that, why wouldn't it be worth it?
  3. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Radiohead - In Rainbows, CD.
  4. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bach Violin Concertos, CD. Just need something quiet and relaxing while I consider a siesta...
  5. Cheers for the explanation Mike, that's kind of what I thought. Also thanks very much for the generous loan offer, unfortunately though I'm in London but otherwise that would've been great . Ripping the discs does sound like a lot of work though, I think just using a streaming site sounds more inviting!
  6. Thanks for that Mike, much appreciated. One question that does spring to mind though, what do you do in terms of a back up for all those ripped CDs? It would be a bit of a pain to have to do it again if something broke! Strictly speaking I do have access to a laptop but it is very elderly and unlikely to be of much use, my OH is a writer and uses it just for that. She is looking to replace it though so hopefully I might be able to borrow it occasionally.
  7. Cheers for that, perhaps I should, it would please my OH probably although she is keen to keep the TT despite having probably only used it once or twice this century! One of the things that was putting me off was having to rip my CDs and have some form of network storage. I'll take a look at the two services you suggest .
  8. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Metallica - Metallica, CD (I would've played it on vinyl but my TT is temporarily absent). (Not sure downloading the album cover was worth it...)
  9. I only recently joined the CD age! The Genki was the first I've owned, I used a DVD player before! Just for arguments sake, if I had Majik DS or similar, what else would I need? I don't have a computer just a tablet but reasonably fast internet. Would I need to subscribe to a streaming service? Would it be better sq than listening to my CDs? Is it idiot proof?! I do like the simplicity of putting a record on/cd in a drawer, I know exactly where I am with those.
  10. Thanks for that Nopiano. I don't know why I'm so resistant to streaming, it's a mental block I can't get over
  11. Good evening fellow Linnies I'm very pleased with the sound of my system right now, I bought most of it s/h last year and I think it was a bargain for the performance. Genki, 2x LK85s, active Katans, silver interconnects and LK400. The oldest part is a 1995 LK style Majik integrated (had that from new) which serves as a preamp only. I'm not really interested in streaming so I was wondering how much it would improve the Genki by using an external DAC? I'm not wedded to the Genki if replacing it would be a better bet but having said that I've not had it long and the system looks very neat and tidy being all matching. If a DAC is a good idea, which one? The Chord Qutest seems to be very well rated or would that be overkill for my system? On a seperate note, I assume the Majik is the weak link at the moment, I've seen an Exotik preamp at a reasonable price, would that be a worthwhile upgrade for both the CD and my TT? Cheers!
  12. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Elastica - The Radio One Sessions, CD.
  13. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Went to my local HMV yesterday and was determined not to leave without buying something completely new to me. The choice was quite bewildering, in the past I've known exactly what I've wanted so this was a new experience. Anyway, not sure why exactly but bought Diana Krall - All For You, CD. Occasionally it is a bit too "Jazz Club, nice" but overall I'm rather enjoying it . Relaxing after a busy day cleaning my car.
  14. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Great album, I had this on tape in the 80s but it was stolen with loads of others from my car. Watching some original vinyl on the 'bay now, I think it has to be on vinyl. Thanks for posting