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  1. OP - another thought, if you don't like the fake engine sound, you might be able to reduce it via the menus. Instead of selecting sport select individual. You then get the option of setting the various compononents the way you want them. One of the options controls the fake engine noise, not sure what it's called as mine's a bit older and doesn't have the option, if you can tell which one it is just set it to eco. Or if you get an OBD11 device you can switch it off completely.
  2. They do have their creaks and rattles! Door seals, sun visors, soundaktor mounts and various cables that the factory doesn't fit anti-rattle tape to in error! I think part of the problem is that bodyshells are so much stiffer these days but also corner cutting and manufacturing errors. Having said all that though my GTI is the most reliable car I've ever had so far and I can't think of another car I'd change it for right now.
  3. I can't say that it wouldn't, VW are apparently being very tough on warranty claims now so anything you do that modifies it could be a risk. I am a fairly risk averse person though and I went for it on the basis that it doesn't do anything that a heavy foot could also do therefore to me the chances of it causing an issue is negligible. As I've already said, it doesn't alter the power or the way anything works, it just cuts out the dead travel from the pedal. You can also consider that VW have the same system built in anyway as the sport setting does exactly the same thing just not by as much. I'm in West London, if you are anywhere near I'm sure I could show you it fitted and the difference it makes
  4. No problem, happy if any of my ramblings prove useful. I haven't tried Gummi Pflege myself but I've read it'll do the job but may not last quite as long. I have a DTUK pedalbox on mine. I've had it on the car for two or three years and have had no problems with VW. I just switch it off at service time. It connects to the accelerator pedal, you just unplug the electrics and it goes inbetween the cable you've unplugged and the pedal. On the end is a controller (there are various settings to choose from) which I've placed in the small cubby below the headlights switch. From what I can see there's a similar one in the Arteon. I can't over state how much better the car feels with it on, it just responds with the lightest touch to the pedal, more like carburettered cars used to, so you can enjoy driving it but with finesse rather than a heavy footed hooligan . Mine is a Golf GTI and it feels like you've lost 100kgs of weight from the car, brilliant!
  5. Just a couple of thoughts, the creaks could be the doors. Many cars (including VWs) need the door seals lubricating every year or two (likewise sunroofs) with a specific lubricant called Krytox. Google it, it is very common. It's expensive but lasts ages so a small bottle is fine. The other was just for fun, the throttle response on many drive by wire cars can be poor and VW in particular with a dead zone in the initial travel on the go pedal. I can thoroughly recommend a pedalbox. There are quite a few different ones available and they remove that dead zone and make the response much better. They do not alter the power, just response time. It makes driving much more fun and you don't have to stand on the pedal to get the car to go. I have a VW with one fitted and won't ever take it off, it makes such a difference. The only problem can be insurance companies agreeing to cover them as they don't understand it. Mine was happy at no extra charge but others have been refused by the same company.
  6. Thanks for that, we are thinking of booking tickets so good to get some feedback Tickets booked, July 28th!
  7. Carrington

    What's the point?

    This is one of the reasons I love my old Linn kit, very simple although in fairness it does have a mute button which I do find occasionally useful...
  8. Looks great parcelmonkey, an excellent job to be proud of! I'm a member of a car related model specific forum with a different art related alias where I get involved at a basic level of detailing, never thought when I joined the 'wam there would be the opportunity to do the same!
  9. Gtechniq C2v3 is a very good sealant, really easy to use and will last 6+ months. I also use it on the glass including the windscreen without any problems. If you want a really deep wet gloss look then perhaps a good wax would be better or you can wax over the top of C2v3. If you are going to clay your car then I would recommend using an iron fallout remover first and a tar remover. It doesn't take much longer but you want to clay to the minimum so as to mark the paint as little as possible. Just in case you hadn't considered it, keep an eye on the temperature, some of these products may dry too quickly on your paint if it's hot and cause more problems!
  10. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Radiohead - In Rainbows, CD.
  11. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way, vinyl.
  12. My first gig in years (at least as far as I can remember?) - Garbage supported by Sleeper and Du Blonde at Kew the Music (Kew Gardens) on Saturday. I've not seen any of these live before and hadn't heard of Du Blonde, looks interesting though and should be a great night unless I forget my bottle opener
  13. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Jimi Hendrix Experience - Radio One, vinyl.
  14. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Hozier - Hozier, CD.
  15. Carrington

    What are you listening to right now?

    Garbage - Beautiful Garbage, CD.