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  1. My first was an Akai seperates system, no idea what it was called or where I bought it but it was early 80s. The best part was the cassette deck which was very good so I kept using it until I gave up on cassettes. Actually it only went down the tip a couple of years ago. The turntable went first for a Rotel, the amp was replaced with a Yamaha and the speakers went rapidly through a pair of Tannoy Oxfords (my Dad still has them), Wharfedale Diamonds and something else that escapes me. Still it sounded considerably better than when I played a walkman through a guitar amp... Googled Akai and this looks exactly like mine!! (Mine was cleaner though, honest...).
  2. Madeleine Peyroux - Half the Perfect World, CD. Nice and relaxing before OH gets home and I have to get the dinner on...
  3. Cream - Disraeli Gears. First spin of this, tried a half speed master for the first time, sounds good but I've nothing to compare it with...
  4. I was above average at school, did well in my O level and wanted to carry on at A level but my subjects clashed and something had to go. Mind you I don't think I have the originality of thought to have done anything too worthwhile but it would've been nice to see where it could've gone. So now I just appreciate art, exhibitions, collect and read about it. I think the important thing is to please yourself so if you are producing original pieces that you enjoy then you can't go wrong
  5. Radiohead - The King of Limbs, CD.
  6. My OH's car is an 03 VW Lupo which we've had from new. Very little has ever gone wrong with it albeit it has only done 50k miles. I asked her last year as a few jobs were coming up if she wanted something new but no, she's very happy with it still. So we had the cambelt done and some new tyres, now it needs a new exhaust (still on the original) plus the gear selector needs a bit of attention. Hopefully we can get another 5 or 10 years out of it
  7. I was just reading that one and came to a similar conclusion. The thing is though machines should last longer without needing repairs, I can forsee prices going up on cheaper machines to cover the additional costs of making and supplying parts that inevitably won't get used and will end up being dumped as it will be the labour costs that'll scrap cheap machines. Perhaps a better way forward is to enforce a minimum of a 5 year warranty, that way there'd be an incentive to make them better in the first place.
  8. Carrington

    Test CD ?

    Just ordered one, will give me something to do on a rainy day!
  9. I'm there often too, been a member since the mid 90s. It's certainly changed a lot! Not so sure about the factory experience though, for me much of the charm was in the old oily machinery and the bits and bobs hidden in corners, it's gone a little too professional museum now rather than a preserved site. Still, they usually have a good selection of cakes which keeps my OH and myself happy on a Sunday!
  10. plasticpenguin, have you visited Brooklands Museum? They have some interesting display pieces around Barnes Wallis's work including the dams raid. Well worth a visit if you haven't been. His Stratosphere chamber is really impressive. Also the Clubhouse was where Wallis had his office and still has his bathroom. I have been in there and used the loo...
  11. Feeling great thanks . One week in to a three week holiday. Lovely weather, been to a great gallery today, having a couple of beers now and tomorrow I'm going to be driving a steam engine! Well, some driving, I might be shovelling a fair bit of coal too...