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  1. aha, now I am getting it. I did not read it correctly .. In that case you can also make one long wall, making a combination with the 208" and 141" adding the free standing wall to the one that is attached to the backwall. they are on the same axe. Or ad the free standing wall as an "L" from the right corner.
  2. Is this what you are looking for Zee9? I made this in my phone, so don't look at the dimensions.
  3. Why don't u just model the complete room with corner? u use V2 right?
  4. If I read correct, the bungs are still in? I would take them out. My M140 where bunged, after SO V1/V2, no need for the bungs anyomore. I'm no expert, but something tells me it is better to use a speaker without the bungs. I think it leads to more pressure inside the cabinet making it harder for your amp to drive the drivers.
  5. Aha, then I mis-understood your post in a way. I don't see any on the fly solution.
  6. in V2 via the Linn account you can add a wall feature to a wall. Window Door Other If you choose Window in the top pull-down menu, u can choos between single and double glazed. if you want to change it you can simpley delete the feature and ad a new one.
  7. Pennypacker


    The Akurate exakt DSM or system Hub as it is nowadays called, is the control point for the contemplary Exaktboxes. The DAC's are in the Exaktboxes, every channel will have is own DAC. You can only use this Exaktboxes with speakers that are Exakt capable. If you use a traditional amp, the Akurate Exakt DSM/system Hub is useless. The Akurate DSM (a streamer with pre-amp) can work with the traditional amps. A lot more expensive though.
  8. Pennypacker


    I believe you can use the chakt cards (newer mono ones) on a stereo adapter card, adding another 150,- or so per stereo adapter card. Not the other way around if I read correct.
  9. Pennypacker


    The majik exaktbox was on the price list, but now it is replaced by a Akurate Exaktbox-i. 1. Yes 2. No, the newer "chakra" amps take mono "chakt" cards. Your LK85 holds stereo cards, you can use this cards in LK140, AV5125 (5 channel) and AV2250. The last two share the styling of the MDSM 3. Well I would like to myself
  10. Pennypacker


    Better amps yes, but aktiv vs passive? I don't know to be honest.
  11. Pennypacker


    A s/h ADSM will have a better phono stage then the MDSM if I'm correct. Also the amp in the MDSM will be redundant if you keep your aktiv LK85-Katan combo. I don't know what the price of a Selekt DSM is in your side of the North Sea, but maybe this is a viable option. All the options will add Space Optimisation.
  12. Well, what is massive... it was clearly an improvement, no doubt about that. Well, it is kinda of hard to take so much hours in a home demo for the SO V1 set up. that is why I want to wait until V2 comes for the exaktfilters for another try. it should be more straightforward I hope.The exaktbox was kind of new if I'am correct. If you have some upgrade options, I would like to know. No, I did not think about that option, also: it was when I went back to passive and the dealer got away, I start to realy think things over.
  13. Dunno if this is the right chapter, but here goes, I need to share my thoughts. After hearing aktiv/exakt Linn and other active solutions on the fly a couple of times, I looked forward to demo an Exaktbox-i. I did not bother at first, since I did not have the financial outlay and don't want to hear it unless I could also buy it within a reasonable period in time. So a ring to the dealer led to a home demo! Thumbs up for the service! I need to ad that my set-up normally runs in SO V2 and we needed to switch back to SO V1. The dealer and me took some time to set up V1 and switched some tracks back and forth. Although the difference between the passive MDSM/3 and Akurate Exaktbox-i on my M140's was absolutely clearer, "softer" and more precise it left me a bit underwhelmed. Somehow I had greater expectations. Dont get me wrong, it sounds great, but I can't justify the investment at the moment. I think I'll give it another shot after the release of the Exakt SO V2 because I just can't imagine that the difference would not be bigger between Kat-exakt and passive MDSM then I have heard. The experience did change my perspective a bit on the whole exakt thing. For the cost of the AEBKI?? and eventually a system Hub there are a lot of speakers to connect to the business end of the MDSM/3. Also the M140 are unchanged on the market since 2007, this also playes a part in the decision, quite a big investment on an older model. The competition did not sat dead in the water during this period. I am aware of the non-Linn exakt possibility's, however these are all quite expensive options. So in the meantime I will try to demo some of the usual suspects; Dynaudio, PMC, Kudos, Wilson Benesch.
  14. I want to add that the Chrome OS is not the same as android for a smartphone or tablet. It could be the case that Kazoo in Chrome OS is blocked somehow, but me thinks Kazoo is just not suited for Chrome OS. There are android apps that work in Crome OS, but not all. My 2 cents.