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  1. If you you are planning to use only the DS you can give it's internal volume control a try.
  2. Exakt is not in the 808. You need an exaktbox for that speaker, with (integrated) amplifiers. There is no exakt support from Linn for the T88, but maybe Sunbeamgls can help you with that.
  3. Is it possible that the Exakt DAC-Amp is the same as the 5.1. Amp option and pricing is accordingly?
  4. Just to make sure... Although the amplifiers are not integrated in your speakers, you do have an active system. Also I won't say this is a first time Linn-buy. Anyway, nice system though.
  5. I hope they introduce that in the short term. saves me a windows/apple laptop. In addition, this would be in line with developments IMHO.
  6. I cannot imagine that it is a bug, IMHO balance control has zero added value for headphones.
  7. Silly question perhaps, if a web-Konfig is coming, can the Davaar updates also be done from the browser?
  8. Before my decision to switch from MDSM/3 to Exaktbox-i with systemhub I have considered the 530. Due to the price difference between the 530 and the exact upgrade of my existing M140, I didn't delve into the 530 anymore. The lack of certainty about Katalyst for the 530 also stopped me. However, I still think it's an really interesting system. Technical and visual. I want to add that if I add all the signals, among other things from the other topics to this forum: Series 3 Stopping passive Akubarik and Akudorik. The vacancies that exist at Linn. I am not so gloomy, but I am very curious what the future offers.
  9. Maybe overpriced, but not waaaaaayyyy overpriced IMHO. Purely based on specs. It is not a basic concept: Akubarik Isobaric bass driver. Exakt/aktiv IIRC the tweeter is a more refined and more expensive one then the 2K Special cabinets Fabric, with al it's complications Amps and source is on Akurate level. And yes you pay for the lifestyle feel I think it's to easy just to dismiss them on price.
  10. Aren't these 2 different things? 1) a stable platform with designed an measured suspension. Or, 2) a stable platform, made more or less unstable by adding suspension. If I take a look at the "other" Linn-minded forum and also in the old Linn Forum there was-is a lot of talk about tightening the screws of the units to the cabinets. You would say that this would then even more so pick up the cabinet resonance. Trying to figure this out...
  11. NAS vs Streaming service.. Tidal has been with me for a week now and I am very pleased with the quality. Unfortunately, an artist like Rammstein is not in the library at Tidal. If I want to stream that, I'll have to have a NAS. It depends a little on what your musical taste is if you want to make a choice between one or the other.
  12. With respect, of course. I cannot determine what is significant to you and I cannot say that the Gunstigs have no influence. I only question the principle because it goes against the principle that speakers must be properly fixed. In addition, I wonder how you should determine this in an A-B listening session. In addition, we sometimes talk about speakers of 15,000 each in which the manufacturer has the necessary R&D. Then why doesn't that manufacturer make a silicone layer somewhere when it is such a small cost with such great benefits? Regarding the plinth-heights in SO. In recent years I have read quite a bit about what other people write about placing speakers, with the corresponding claims that people can hear the difference in a change of sometimes centimeters, or a few degrees more toe in. Why should that piece of silicone not be included? especially if multiple layers are used on top of each other? Edit** typo's
  13. People shouldnt be walking when you are listening. I dont think fingers wil point out any differances between gunstig/non-gunstig or extra weight. you need a laser to measure on that scale.
  14. I'm have quite some trouble beleving that you can demo such a small change in your system which is so troublesome to set up. You can't actually A-B the gunstig vs non-gunstig so easy. Even more, if you really are serious you need to change the plint height of the speakers in SO. Furthermore, Gunstig is made of silicone which is flexible. A stack of flexible stuff is kind of counter against getting you speakers as rigid as possible.