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  1. I hope so. Not too keen on shipping two 530 speakers back to Glasgow.
  2. Very helpful information. Much appreciated. I would be very keen to see a schematic of what is inside a 530 speaker.
  3. Ok. Good to know. Fingers crossed. When Linn offers an upgrade like this, does one place an order and get on a waiting list or is there stock to meet demand from the go at the announcement?
  4. David, thanks for your response. Yup, space opt V2 will be a real enhancement, as my room is somewhat irregular in shape. I bought this system with my wife's approval thinking we would use it in our family room. For various reasons that didn't work out. So I moved them into my office. It replaced a Sony TA E77ES amp and TA E77ESD preamp from the 80's along with B&W 801's also from the 80's, so I went from the golden oldies to leading edge audio gear. The speakers came with the tan or beige cover and last year on a whim, I ordered the new covers. I really like them. And I like not looking at speaker drivers, in a curious way the fabric helps to de-emphasize them. Chip
  5. I've owned my Akurate Hub/530 speakers for use in my study that is 10 by 20 feet since 2016. I think they are great sounding speakers (course I would). I think they are very dialed in to my listening spot. Just the right of amount of bass, but plenty when needed. Very crisp presentation. I like to listen to music and not very motivated to continuously improve my system. I appreciate that I literally can't invest in all kinds of improvements. And I'm convinced active speakers make the most sense for great sound, combined with Space Opt to control the room. But I've read enough to know I'd willingly invest in a Katalyst upgrade for them. I read David's posting that the 530's reside in a gray area regarding are they or not truly Akurate level? Interesting. I always thought they are, but I went back to the web site and I'm clear now that its not clear. While doing that I got confused as I no longer see Katalyst Dac listed in the specs for Akubarik and Akubarik speakers. I'm pretty sure they were listed last fall??? Linn keeps things very close to the vest, so I really appreciate the insights I've gained here. I'm all in on Linn, look forward to experimenting with Space Opt V2 and hopefully the Katalyst upgrade at some point in the future. Otherwise I'm content to listen.
  6. Thanks Paul and Timster, I concur and you made my day! Chip
  7. I'm hoping I'm putting this in the right area. Does anyone know if/when Linn will provide Katalyst DAC upgrades for the 530 speakers?