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  1. I picked up one of these iFi Audio DC Power supplies recently for one of my network switches, about $50 US. I have several more places in my network I need to place these, but I think it is worthwhile. They make them in 4 different voltages, so you can get the noisy supplies out of your house entirely if you so desire. power cord project is going really well, still have a couple to make but early results are sounding really good. I shortened everything to only what was necessary, which cleaned up the back of my rack a lot, another benefit of making your own! JazzyG
  2. I discovered a neat little gadget that makes it super easy to manage cables on your rack, especially if you use a Salamander Synergy. The product is called Gear Tie and they are made by Nite Ize, it is a reusable rubberized twist tie available in a variety of sizes. However, the 18" ones have a ball on the end that happens to fit perfectly in the groove of your Salamander Synergy rack. They are easy to push in/out, but they stay put so you can easily make a loop to route cables through. They are super flexible, come in a lot of sizes, and you certainly could use them for cable management in a variety of situations, but too cool how the bigger size fits in the Synergy rack! JazzyG
  3. FYI, in case anybody reads that I was using Cardas 3455R IEC connector on a Linn Klimax does NOT fit. I am now ordering a Furutech FI-C15 NCF IEC connector as it is 'slimline' and specifically states it will fit Linn and Devialet cases. I am going to use the Furutech FP-TCS21 for the DSM as it looks like a good match for a digital source/preamp w/ SMPS. I found a good sale price on some DH Labs Red Wave power cable, have that on order for the 320A speakers amps, will use the Cardas ends. I ended up making a nice long IEC cord for my Sneaky DSM with the Monster Powerline 200 cable and Cardas IEC end. I previously had to use an extension cord on that component as it is high on a book I don't! The 16' of 14AWG Flextreme heavy-duty cable is now my new garage extension cord w/ Leviton ends...the vacuum cleaner picks up 10% more dirt now--just kidding. Excited to see how this all turns out...I have never used any upgraded power cords and been doing this hobby a long time. Let's just say I was one of those pesky power cord sceptics, but I am ready to be a believer. Hopefully, I didn't just waste my cash... Cheers, JazzyG
  4. Looking very nice Jail4, the way you have it configured you can route your cables really cleanly. What is your floor made out of? If it is really solid, looks like hard flooring, you may not need much more isolation than the boards with cork or felt. But when did reason ever stop an upgrade or tweak? Yeah, I was an early adopter on the Aptitlig board, going back to the original thread on the old Linn forum years ago! I was the guy who used cock rings under my Aptitlig, calling them the Klimax isolation ring. You can't see it in the picture, but I recently changed out my...ahem "rings" for Vibrapods + Vibracones stacked under the Aptitlig. What do you use the Gunstigs for? Yes, I will definitely be on the lookout for a good deal on some nice cable by the meter. Jazzyg
  5. I have been doing a lot of work to my system lately, also focusing on some power products. I picked up aFurman PC-PRO DMC 20 amp power distribution block pretty cheap used, has some nice features. Rack mounts in my Salamander rack, which if very cool, has power conditioning, surge protection and a master switch for everything installed. Oh, and is has lights that pull out. The speakers are Linn 320A, the left one is too far away from the rack so I have it plugged into the MIT outlet pictured, which has conditioning and surge protection built in. Whether you agree with power conditioning is your own choice, but I will not leave my expensive components w/o any surge protection. My next project is to do some experimenting with power cords. I want to build 2 really short cables for the Rotel tuner and DSM, as they only have to go to the Furman in-between them, figure just getting the birds nest of extra power cabling out of there will help with noise contamination! The Plan: I just ordered the following parts in enough quantities to do some experimenting with power cables. Cardas 3455R IEC Cardas 3455R Male AC 1/2" Tinned Copper Braided Sleeving 1/2" Black Fray Resistant PET Braided Sleeving Plan is to build up some cables using various different wire and see what I can come up with. For starters I have a nice piece of Monster 14/3 and a piece of Flextreme 14/3 off a large pump that I got as scrap from work. First experiment is to see if just going from the standard 16AWG cable on the Linn components to a decent, but not exotic, 14AWG cable makes a difference. I also want to use the tinned copper and PET braiding to see if I get much result with more shielding over that cable. The cool thing about the Cardas ends, the wire just clamps into a clam shell design so I can experiment with better wire down the road, maybe I can find a used length of Shunyata or Cardas cable I can try at some point. It appears as though the Cardas 3455R IEC end will fit in the Klimax gear...that is the hope! Most of the other options are those HUGE round ends and I know they will not fit a Klimax case, due to the overhang. Oh, and my wife bought me a turntable for Christmas, look on top of the rack! I went all digital over 10 years ago...we kind of have an ongoing joke about records, everyone seems to always think audiophiles are all into analog.
  6. I have also come across many of the issues with Kazoo that are mentioned in this thread. I finally figured out the "Settings" and "Subnets" thing, but unfortunately it often flips back the wrong one randomly. Then, when I go in to flip it back, it gets stuck waiting for a room and prevents me from accessing the settings. Tired of rebooting to get back in. I have a Zyxel C2100Z and I was unable to locate any setting referred to as IGMP snooping so no luck there, any suggestions would be appreciated. I have been using Bubble DS off and on for years, it is so much more stable and less buggy. Every now and then, Kazoo works great, then the guys in Scotland do an update and it takes them 6 months to fix it again. Bubble DS is well worth the nominal cost, as Kazoo is a joke for the most part. Love Linn, pretty invested in it so would be very hard to move away from the platform, but the app's have never worked right for me dating back to Kinsky and several different generations of Android/Apple devices. My wife and I have the same exact phone, on the same network, and mine will "sit and spin" and her device finds the rooms or vice-versa Cheers, JazzyG
  7. I ended up moving my big system to the great room, Klimax DSM on 320A's w/ JL Audio sub. So, that changed my needs and I bought an exdem pair of Twenty 23's for the smaller room. These will be running Akurate DSM, should get it back soon from upgrading to Katalyst, and 4BSST2. I also ordered some Van Damme speaker cable, the 6mm stuff, to try with the PMC system. Then I am gonna make some new interconnects using Van Damme bulk wire and Neutrik connectors for the big room. Cheers, Jazzyg
  8. That is great news Maddog, mine is on its way to Scotland right now! Excited to hear the difference.
  9. Awesome guys, much appreciate the feedback as it is not always easy to listen to them in person--especially when they are discontinued. I like the suggestion of the PB1i as I somehow missed that model in my research. The PMC line is huge, takes awhile to sort out all the differences in the models and generations. Cheers, JazzyG
  10. Wow, I really like what you are doing here, great stuff! We must have similar tastes, I am a Linn fan and also a PMC fan as well. I bookmarked your blog, Audiophile Musings, read some tonight but lot's more I want to look at. I love the old Linn ads, brochures and stuff! JazzyG
  11. JazzyG

    Bryston Mini T + SUB?

    I have been using Bryston Mini T in the following system. Current setup: Linn Akurate DSM (off being upgraded to Katalyst right now), Bryston 4BSST2, Bryston Mini-T. I am doing some work on the system, was considering a speaker change, but got to thinking maybe adding a sub would be a better option? Has anyone out there used the Bryston Mini T SUB? If so, what did you think? JazzyG
  12. I am a fan of PMC speakers, currently have a pair of TB2+ in a bedroom system. Was kicking around the idea of moving to PMC from Bryston Mini T's in a large great room area. Also looking at maybe adding a sub, see thread in 2-Channel for that. From a purely price standpoint, it seems one can go either a generation newer and size down or a generation older and a size up at a somewhat similar price within PMC lines--give or take on some models of course. So, how much better is the Twenty series than a larger but older I series model? Additionally, how would an I series size up against the even older series before the I series. Basically, how big of a difference is each newer generation speaker advances vs. going one size bigger on an older generation? I found the TB2+ to be a well balanced speaker, very nice bass response, with a well sorted and involving mid-range. For example, how would these stack up, would the newer design or going up the line give you better results? PMC EB1 PMC OB1i PMC Twenty 24 PMC Twenty5 23 Appreciate any advice or opinions based on your listening experiences. JazzyG
  13. I was on the old Pink Fish Media Linn forum, Linn Topica (I downloaded the entire forum when it closed), then Lejonklou, was on Linn forum from the very a WAM member! I was "Frog" on Linn, looks like it was taken already on Wam, but JazzyG is my Audiogon name so figured I would use it. Sounds like Linn was struggling with just managing the forum at this point, I am sure it can be time consuming to moderate. In some ways, I kind of like a non-brand specific forum, not that it held many back but it felt weird to go on the Linn forum and discuss other brands or rant about Kazoo or something. It is a big hobby, lots of other brands and ideas out there, might be good to get some other opinions and not get railroaded by the fan boys if you recommend an alternative brand. The one thing I will miss is when Linn engineers and staff would answer questions directly, felt like I knew some of the blokes there in Scotland just from the forum. I am a fan of Bryston and PMC as well! Cheers, JazzyG